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Love can't be taught, but it can be unlearned. #newrelease #romance @evernightpub @PumpkinSpiceU2

Love can't be taught, but it can be unlearned. When Associate Professor Stella Greene lost her mentor on Valentine's Day, she also lost her way both professionally and romantically. Her academic career, and her desire to love again, stagnated. Pete Hart’s doctorate degree in cinema and art history gives him an eye for detail and an appreciation for beauty. When Pete and Stella’s paths cross, they realize there’s nothing academic about their attraction to one another. But can even the patience and persistence of Dr. Hart withstand the distance Stella’s pain places between them? Can love be relearned? Or will Pete have to take matters into his own hands to claim Stella’s heart?
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About The Author
Mary Billiter, Writing as Pumpkin Spice, For Evernight Publishing:

Mary Billiter is the author of seven works of fiction, including four under the pen name, “Pumpkin Spice.” Pumpkin Spice's debut novel — Scarlett Hood & the Hunter — was an Editor’s Pick and nominated by readers as a finalist in the 2015 Third Annual Evernight Readers' Choice Awards. Her Amāre Tales is her fairy tale line & her favorite place to write about! It’s based in Amāre, where love isn’t just the town’s namesake, it’s a way of life. Add in a little spice & you've got a good romance and new way of telling a classic tale!

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We barely set foot in his apartment before shoes were kicked off, coats peeled away, his sweater was shed, and I think he was almost out of his jeans when he realized that maybe things were moving too fast. In a white cotton t-shirt and his button fly jeans open, his gray-blue eyes shone in the moonlight.
His gaze then held mine as he walked toward me and started to unbutton my silk blouse. It slid off my shoulders and dropped to the floor. Pete waited while I unzipped my jeans, and then we both stepped out of our jeans together. I stood before him in a black lace bra and pink cotton low-rise panties that had “Wednesday” stamped on the fabric.
He raised an eyebrow.
I shrugged. “I’m kind of into days of the week.”
He tried not to laugh.
I lightly whacked him on the shoulder. “Hey! It keeps me on track.”
“And clearly that’s important.”
“Well, it can be.” I crossed my arms over my chest and suddenly felt very naked.
Pete moved toward me. And I moved away in equal measure.
“I think it’s cute.”
I held up a finger. “I’ll have you know that days of the week panties are not easy to find.” As soon as the words came out of my mouth I cringed.
“There may be a good reason for that,” Pete said and burst out laughing.
I bit the inside of my mouth to stop from laughing, but it didn’t work. I started giggling.
“Come here,” Pete waved me toward him. “Come here, Wednesday.”
“Oh, har-har.”
I stepped back from him, keeping my eyes firmly on his. The excitement glittering back at me intensified my desire.
“If you think Wednesday looks good, you should see Thursday…” I tried to sound seductive when really there wasn’t anything sexy about cotton panties or the days of the week stamped on them, but I only had so much to work with. Then I saw the movies posters in his front room, and I instantly knew what do to.
Stripper Gypsy Rose Lee had less to work, but made more with what she had. She was the woman that literally put the “tease” in “striptease”. Gypsy was one movie I knew Pete would have seen and one role I knew I could pull off.
“And Friday … oh you should see Friday’s panties…” I slowly glided my bra off my shoulders with my fingertips without revealing anything significant.
Pete’s eyes roamed my body, and I savored the seduction. I turned my back and unclasped my bra, exposing my bare back to him. Sliding the bra off, I covered my breasts with one hand and faced him. With my other hand, I twirled my bra on my index finger. Pete was my captive audience.
I dropped my hand that held my breasts, pulled back the elastic band on my bra and aimed it like a slingshot.
“Saturday’s panty is pretty saucy, too. It has lace.” I released the bra. It lobbed in the air and then fell, missing my mark.
Pete reached up and grabbed my wrist. He pulled me toward him. “You talk too much.”
My breasts playfully bounced and pressed against his firm chest. He wrapped his other arm around the small of my back, his fingertips grazing my skin. The force between us electrified, always simmering below the surface, too powerful to deny when we collided. His lips commandeered mine, and my need for him built and screamed for release.
He grabbed my arm and led me to his bedroom. He braced my fall when he leaned us down onto his bed. His unshaven cheek grazed against my neck in an oddly rough, yet subtly seductive way. Everything Pete did, was, and said created a fiery passion in me so strong I had to dig my nails into his back just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Our bodies brushed, and our breathing grew heavier.
He rocked back to pull off his t-shirt, and I deeply inhaled the cologne I sensed he sprayed in the center of his chest. I pulled him down and crushed him against my taut nipples. Hell, yeah.
His lips kissed and bit my neck. My body waited. Anticipation grew for what I craved now more than ever. He pulled my panties to the side and looked at me.
Damn. His eyes always got to me. They flashed with a mixture of mischievousness and caution as they drank me in. Without uttering a word, his eyes waited for permission. I had the control.
I coyly grinned and opened myself to him.
He reached into the drawer of his nightstand. He ripped the condom packet open with his teeth, slid the sheath over his cock, and dove into me. I moaned and tried to remember how to breathe all at the same time. God, he feels good. His pace and intensity slowed. He waited for me to catch up to him. I need more. His hands caressed my thighs.
I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him deeper into me.
A low groan rose from his throat. “Stella…” Powerful gray-blue eyes locked onto mine. “I’m not going to last long if you keep doing that.”
But I wasn’t even close to being ready. I slowed down my pace and looked up at him. “Then let’s play around the world.”
He looked at me, trying to make sense of the sudden shift.

“You know, a trip around our bodies exploring all the different spots.”

Consenting Hearts by .SexyMuffyWilson #giveaway tour #erotica @SexyMuffyWilson

Consenting Hearts
Muffy Wilson

Just as we cannot live without dreams, we cannot live without love. Love is not found, for love is truly blind. Lovers do not meet for they dwell inside of one another until the moment a whisper ignites the heart and a kiss touches the soul. And we call that the beginning...of life with love.

So on Valentine's Day, what better way to lay tribute to love and lovers than with a love story that just happens
not on purpose, not by design, not by any other intention than to live life and love without boundaries? To fly limitless into the arms of someone who completes your soul gives one wings.

Nothing can stop the power of love between a man and a woman.

This is a story about a professional woman, unlucky in love and tired of all things testosterone, who is erotically tempted by a female piano bar player and torch singer. Her intended tryst is derailed when she meets a Navy Seal in the lounge enjoying the sweet temptations of a Southern Comfort Manhattan. 

How does the night unfold for the strangers above the jeweled colored sparkling lights strewn like a bed in the valley below? Perhaps a twosome or maybe a threesome. Or...

Perhaps forever is only for a night.

She told him what she had done to herself in the ladies’ room, the slight smell of vodka and lemons on her breath escaping from full, ruby lips as he watched them move with each word and syllable. He was getting hard again; she could see the bulge in his pants. She described in detail exactly what she had done, how she felt and how it had made her feel when she emerged from the ladies’ room: strong, powerful, in control—hot. She leaned in closer and whispered into his ear.
“I am so tempted to guide your hand up to the wet desire you caused between my thighs.”
His bulge was quite obviously rock hard, as he no doubt remembered when she’d returned from the ladies’ room but in earnest at her seductive suggestion…
“I would be less than an officer and a gentleman if I didn’t oblige. I must confess,” Dylan said, “I thought I smelled the fragrance of sex on you, and you made me hard as steel—Navy steel hard…Jesus, Sailie…” Ordinarily, a comment like that would have brought some chuckles but the two of them were dead serious, staring into one another’s hungry eyes.
 “Last call for alcohol. You don’t hafta go home; you just gotta go. You can’t stay here,” the bartender hollered interrupting their locked gaze.
People started to shuffle around them gathering their things, collecting their coats and umbrellas, leaving. Sailie and Dylan had just gotten fresh drinks, so they had a few minutes to whisper and touch before they would have to join the others and leave. Shortly, the bartender started turning on lights and flashing them dim to high. That was the universal message that before too long, they would stay on. Sailie and Dylan were unconcerned. They had nothing but one another in their shared look. And Sailie thought of the torch singer.
The piano player stood, looked at Sailie and blew out the candle on her piano. In the flicker of the burning light, Sailie saw the invitation.
Dylan broke his gaze, stood and took Sailie’s elbow. “We’d better leave before they have us arrested,” he said. And they smiled, knowingly, at one another. Sailie was hoping there would be better reasons ahead to get them both arrested.
“Wait. Do you mind if I give my friend, Meesa, a ride home?”
“Meesa?” Disappointment hung on his voice.
“The piano player.”
“Oh…no, of course not. But, I have a small car.”
“No problem. I mean, would you like to have a nightcap at my house? I’ll ride with you and Meesa can bring my car when she is finished here. She doesn’t have one. You don’t mind, do you?” What could he say sporting that hard-on?
“No, I mean yes! I would love to come have a drink at your house and no, I don’t mind if she brings your car. I didn’t realize you were friends.”
“Well, yes, we’ve been friends for a little while. I’ll explain later. Let me give her the keys.”
As they rose to go, Sailie broke away from the man who had held her attention the entire night to the woman that held it now. She bent to the young woman’s ear as she slipped a twenty into the bountiful brandy snifter and inhaled the lavender fragrance she remembered so swell. Her aroma sent an electric bolt to the moist center of Sailie’s desire.
“Come to my house when you are finished, won’t you?”
“Yes, of course, I will. I’ve been watching you all night, both of you, but then you knew that,” the long-legged blond with the soft fingertips answered matter-of-factly.
“Here are my keys. We’ll have a drink. You will come, promise? Do you remember how to get there?”
“Of course, I said I will, Sailie. I’ll be here awhile cleaning up, but I should be there in about an hour. And yes, I remember how to get there. It hasn’t been that long—just last night.”
“You don’t mind him, too, do you?”
“Mind? Oh, lord Sailie, no. Are you fucking kidding? He’s gorgeous. And you look absolutely radiant. Is that an iridescent blush on your cheeks? You look beautiful.”
“Thank you, sugar. No, it’s not blush but excitement and a little bit of cum. See ya at my house.”
Sailie kissed her ear, the twenty safely tucked in the snifter, sucked her earlobe into her mouth with a little flick of her tongue and turned to the man that had her mojo melting.
“Come on, Dylan. Are you ready to go? I’ll ride with you to my house.”
“Ah, sure, Sailie. You, ah…you, ah, you kissed her…?”
“Yes,” Sailie turned and wiggled a wave to Meesa. “We’re close.”
“Oh, well, then…”

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Yay release day and #MWTease for sizzling #PNR #eroticromance 'Deep Dream' @HotInkBooks #vampire


He gazed into her eyes.

Anna soaked up the sight of him. His eyes so blue, fringed with dark lashes, the planes of his handsome face and the perfectly kissable lips were such a lethally gorgeous combination the pleasure of looking at him was almost painful. She sighed with the need to touch him, kiss him, feel his hands on her, and even to her ears, her sigh sounded desperate. She lifted his hand to press it to her breast.
Ethan flicked his gaze to their clasped hands on her body. When he brought his eyes back to look into hers, his expression had changed.

The sexual heat in his darkened eyes sent a melting sensation from her stomach to her knees. Anna wanted Ethan so badly the words simply spilled from her lips as she moistened them with the tip of her tongue.
“Come home with me.”

Ethan’s nod was so slight she nearly didn’t catch it, but then his arm was around her and she was floating toward the club exit.

They were on the street. The bright lights glittered hot pink, white, and amber along the sidewalk from the late-night clubs and bars. They passed a coffee shop and Ethan hailed a cab that was about to pull away from the curb.
“My place is nearby. Will you come home with me?” He opened the back door of the cab.

Anna nodded, unable to speak as he bent close to kiss her neck.

©Elodie Parkes Hot Ink Press 2016

Available on all Amazon sites

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Trying not to fall in love #teaserTuesday #PNR upcoming release

Releasing FEB 10 Deep Dream from Hot Ink Press
Gorgeous Ethan Ross believes he’s immune to love. He’s a lead member of, Deep Dream, a rock band that often plays at StarZ, an up-market, and mysterious, New Orleans rock club. He’s never short of romantic offers, so, he reasons, why bring love into the equation? He also works in StarZ as a bartender, which is great cover for what he really is and gives the ladies the opportunity to flock to him. He’s seen some strange things there, but Ethan isn’t easily shocked, after all, he’s been around a long time.

When music magazine journalist, Anna Prideaux visits StarZ to interview his band, she’s drawn to Ethan in a way she’s never experienced before. As she returns to the club time and again in the hope he will ask her out, she slowly becomes aware that the club holds real mystery. Who are the beautiful people that frequent the club and what really happens in clouds, the private upstairs bar?

Dark Days, Blood Canticles #newrelease from @naomi_jay and @evernightpub #FF #eroticromance

Thanks for having me here on your blog today! I'm really delighted to be here to share a teaser from my new novel, DARK DAYS, the sequel to BLOOD WITCH. One of things I most enjoyed about writing this book was sprinkling in a few more details about Tristesse's home world, Gehenna, and the other creatures that inhabit it. I pulled on some of my favourite bits of English folklore as inspiration for one particular creature - the hell hounds. I don't want to give too much away, but think Black Shuck, barghests, and devil dogs! As this series gets bigger and deeper, I expect to be introducing a lot more monsters, but in the mean time, how about a quick look at the hell hounds?


Lola shushed her, holding her breath. In the silence of the cottage, she heard it again, louder this time. Fear tripped through her. "Someone scratching at the door," she whispered.
"You got foxes around here?" Imani asked.
"Maybe." That was a nice explanation, one that made her jangling nerves seem childish. "Sure, maybe. There are chicken bones in the trash..."
They both shrieked as a blood-curdling howl boomed outside. Imani reached for her and Lola snatched her hand gladly, heart in her throat.
"That's not a fox," Imani said, her voice unnaturally high.
Lola couldn't find her tongue. It wasn't quite the same as the baying she'd heard last night, but it echoed down in her bones in the same chilling way. The scratching came again, louder and more frantic this time, and Lola felt as though the house was shrinking around her, caved in by the noise and whatever creature lurked out there.
"Maybe—” Imani began, only to be drowned out by another howl. She dropped Lola's hand, covering her ears and cringing. "What is it?"
Lola shook her head, trying to gather her scattered wits. Whatever was out there, she didn't want to know what it was. She just wanted it to stay outside.
A flare of light caught her eye and she spun to see the stones on the windowsill crackling and sparkling. The resinous scent of frankincense filled the air. The image of algiz flashed into her mind and she grabbed Imani again. "I don't think it can get in."
Imani's eyes widened. "You don't think it can? Not very reassuring, Lola."
"Turn out the lights," Lola said, rushing to the window. A second howl crashed in the night just as the lights went out, leaving the flickers from the stones as the only faint illumination. Lola pressed her face to the window, staring out into the garden. Street lights cast long shadows across the yard and fog rolled everywhere, increasing her sense of claustrophobia. But she saw nothing. Even the lights from her neighbors' houses seemed extinguished.
The howl rang out a third time, and this time something thudded into the front door. Imani screamed, then clapped her hand over her mouth to silence herself. Lola reached for her again and they clung together in the dark, waiting for the next howl, the next thud at the door.
When it did, Lola swore she heard wood crack under the weight of whatever was out there. Dread slammed into her, and she was sure she could smell smoke. She swallowed, trying to push down her fear. "Come on," she said, tugging Imani along.
"Are you crazy?" Imani let her drag her into the hall despite her words, and Lola took strength from that. As the creature outside howled again and the smell of smoke thickened, she needed all the strength she could get.
The creature threw itself at the door again. A halo of blood-red light exploded from the wood and the creature cried out in pain this time. Lola ran to the door, pressing her hand to the wood. It was hot to the touch. When the light faded, there were scorch marks in the wood, forming the straight, stern shape of algiz.
"What the fuck?" Imani touched it and pulled her fingers back with a hiss. "Is this keeping it out?"
"For now." Lola listened, but there was no sound outside now. She couldn't relax though. A thick, thrumming fear filled the whole house. The stink of smoke pressed down on her, urging her to throw the door open and let cool, clean air sweep in.
A resounding crack shot from the kitchen. Panicked, Lola ran back with Imani right behind her. She had visions of a shadowy monster smashing in the window, bringing fire and smoke in its wake.

Another angry howl rang out, followed by the desperate shrieking scrabble of claws on glass.

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About the Author
Naomi likes writing, perfume, fancy tea, and unfathomable monsters from the dark spaces between the stars, not necessarily in that order. She has been writing stories ever since she learned how to write, but is still trying to master the art of biography writing. When she's not dealing with werewolves, demons, or sea monsters, she's hanging out with her cat and probably watching a documentary about Bigfoot. If the cat isn't available, she's with her fiancé watching cookery shows and silently plotting her next book.

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Twitter - @naomi_jay

Haven't read BLOOD WITCH yet? Find it here at Evernight!

For the very popular Sunday #meme #SexySnippets #PNR soon to be released from @HotInkBooks

Gorgeous Ethan Ross believes he’s immune to love. He’s a lead member of, Deep Dream, a rock band that often plays at StarZ, an up-market, and mysterious, New Orleans rock club. He’s never short of romantic offers, so, he reasons, why bring love into the equation? He also works in StarZ as a bartender, which is great cover for what he really is and gives the ladies the opportunity to flock to him. He’s seen some strange things there, but Ethan isn’t easily shocked, after all, he’s been around a long time.

When music magazine journalist, Anna Prideaux visits StarZ to interview his band, she’s drawn to Ethan in a way she’s never experienced before. As she returns to the club time and again in the hope he will ask her out, she slowly becomes aware that the club holds real mystery. Who are the beautiful people that frequent the club and what really happens in clouds, the private upstairs bar?

Anna is ready to give up the idea of ever gaining Ethan’s attention when handsome Remy Dubois hits on her.

Sparks start to fly as Ethan feels...what...not a twinge of jealousy, surely?

Who will win Anna’s heart and how low will the two men stoop to do it?
Sexy Snippets are seven sentences, taken from a work in progress, or published book, brought to you every Sunday.

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She sighed inwardly over the sexy angle of his jaw, his elegance that overlaid his muscular physique and inadvertently she ran the tip of her tongue over her lips. “I will if you tell me your name.”

Remy’s expression was pure joy as he told her. “Remy Dubois—and you?” He held out his hand.

Katie slipped her hand into his and every cell in her body tingled with anticipation at the feel of his skin. “Katie Davis pleased to meet you.”

A thrill of pleasure ran over her as Remy clasped her hand and bent to place a kiss on the inside of her wrist. 
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