Two of Them the hot new erotic romance from Elodie Parkes Sample Sunday preview here : released Wednesday August 1, on Kindle

Two of Them, Elodie Parkes

This is a contemporary romance, a mystery, a quirky tale of life and the things people do for love, erotic but character driven. It is for 18+ only and contains explicit sex in the love scenes. Romance for men and for women in this story told about the brothers and their love lives.

Two brothers alike in a crucial way and not alike at all in others, both looking for love. Named after characters in one of their grandfather’s gritty spy novels, Jet and Falcon wonder if their often absent father is a spy.
Kind hearted Jet feels trapped in a job he doesn’t like.
Dynamic, creative Falcon loves his work.

Jet longs for something different in his life. When he meets Emma, he thinks that after their night of delightful lovemaking he has found it. He longs to see her after that night. Does she feel the same?

Jet begins to change his life, but it’s worrying and time consuming. His luck is about to change when Annabel kisses him in the local pub garden. Her sexual advances at first shock Jet until he lets himself relax into her passionate ways.

Jet has inherited a cottage from his grandfather, and as he clears out the garden shed what he finds there turns his ideas about his own family upside down.
Jet along with his brother Falcon decide to find out the secrets that have been hidden from them. Was their father a spy after all?
As Jet and Falcon start to unravel the secret life of their father, they realize that love is more important to them than they could have imagined, and Falcon at last finds what he is looking for.

Excerpt (adult content)

Tobi sighed against his lips and began to unbutton his shirt. She ran her hands across his chest and Falcon felt himself harden against her. He pressed closer and moved a hand to hold her face so that he kissed her softly, gently, and then as she began to unzip his jeans, he deepened the kiss feeling swept away with the need to bury himself into her.

“Let’s just go to bed Falcon”, Tobi whispered, and she trailed her fingertips across his stomach so that Falcon’s muscles clenched in anticipation.

He could only whisper, “Yes let’s”, against her lips.

Tobi took him to her bedroom, and stood in front of him to pull her short, lacy T-shirt dress over her head. Her hair fell around her shoulders and sheer black bra. Falcon took the step to her and clasped her close to him. He kissed down her neck and over her breasts as he unfastened the bra and took it away from her breasts. He licked her nipples one by one and pushed her underwear down. Tobi dragged his shirt down his arms and Falcon stopped tracing the curve of her bottom to take his shirt off. 

They kissed each other, Falcon moving his tongue against hers, and then as he smiled and moved her legs apart gently with his knee, Tobi kissed down his throat to his shoulder and bit gently.
 Falcon felt her dampness with his fingertips. 
He dropped to his knees and Tobi arched to his tongue as he found her bud. He swirled his tongue around her, and put first one finger into her, and then another just to hear her throaty sounds of pleasure as he licked her and moved his fingers to heighten the sensation.

Tobi whispered his name, “Falcon........... please”.

 He took his tongue and fingers from her gently and they moved to the bed.

They were kissing as Tobi sat down and Falcon stood between Tobi’s legs as she pulled down his jeans and he stepped out of them. He smiled at her, as he took hold of her hips, laid her down, and raised her to push gently into her before Tobi thrust towards him, and he started to move with long slow strokes. Falcon moved to cover her, their stomachs touched and they couldn’t kiss each other enough as their hips worked to drive each other to a shattering release.

 Tobi moaned softly and Falcon whispered against her lips. “I have never felt anything like that before”.

Tobi kissed him and whispered back. “Me neither, we fit together well”.

They rolled onto their sides. They couldn’t stop kissing each other nor giving little thrusts of their hips as the sensations continued to come in little waves.

“I still want you”, he whispered. “It’s not stopping”. His tongue found hers and they shuddered a little against each other needing more.
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(If you want more right now read an excerpt on the tab at the top of the page which features Jet, Falcon's brother).

Hot couples in Fiction Friday and I welcome Amelia James to the blog

Amelia James started reading steamy romance novels in junior high, but her mom took them away from her, so she started daydreaming instead. After she got married, she wrote some of her naughtier daydreams down and sent them to Playgirl magazine. Two of them got published.  She kept daydreaming and writing stories until her dirty stories turned into trashy books.
She lives in Colorado, but she’ll always be a loyal Wisconsin Cheesehead. When she’s not lusting after her next bad boy hero, she looks for inspiration in Sci-Fi and action movies, football players, bloodsucking lawyers, muscle cars, and kick-butt chicks.

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The Book: Tell Me You Want Me

“I can give you exactly what you’re asking for, Janie, and I can give it to you all night long.” 
Their first kiss is impulsive, fun, a little wicked—everything Jane Elliot isn’t looking for in a man—but desperately needs.  Their second kiss is slow, deliberate, an instant connection—everything Austin Sinclair never had with a woman—and doesn’t want.
Jane isn’t the easy conquest Austin’s used to.  She’s a stubborn-as-hell bookworm who’s more interested in studying than dating.  She needs a little—no—a lot of fun in her life, and Austin’s just the guy who can give it to her.  Too bad she thinks love should be easy. Too bad Austin knows it isn’t. 
Everybody told her to stay away from the heart breaker, but Jane knows there’s more to Austin than full-body contact kisses and bad boy charm.  All he ever promised her was a good time and wow, does he ever deliver….
 The hot couple 

Austin's a bad boy, and Jane wants to be a bad girl. They meet while he's with someone else... intimately. He can't believe she turns him down. But the only reason she says no is because... what was it again? Oh, right. He calls her sweetheart and baby. She can't be serious about a guy like that, but he's persistent and charming so she agrees to go out with him only if he finds out her name. Austin can't resist a challenge. Jane hopes he succeeds because the bad girl hiding inside her is hard to ignore. But once they overcome that obstacle, they find out it takes more than a romp in his bed (and her kitchen) to keep them together.
The Excerpt: 

He pulled her down and kissed her, wrapping his arms around her, his hands in her hair. Her tongue played with his, teasing and chasing, pulling away and following.
Jane sat still on top of him, and he didn't move either. Kissing him like that felt nice, but there had to be more to it. She broke their kiss and sat up. "Now what?"
"What do we do now?" She had him where she wanted him, but wasn't exactly sure what to do with him.
"Do whatever you want, Janie. You're in charge." He laced his fingers behind his head and got comfortable.
Oh boy. She'd never been in that position before—literally—and caught herself biting her lip. No. No need to be nervous.
"Janie." He pushed his hands under her bottom and lifted her. "Ride me." He slid up into her then pulled her down with him. "Hard."
The man could do wicked things to her with just a few simple words. She copied his movements.
"That's it. You're in control."
If she wanted it faster, she would have to ride him faster. If she wanted it harder, she would have to take him harder. She moved slowly but deliberately, grinding down on him until he groaned. She picked up the pace, watching him gasp, then she slowed down again, making him writhe beneath her. A slow burn started between her legs, spreading though her body.
She suddenly realized she controlled the power to pleasure them both, and that knowledge pleased her most of all.
"Having fun?" Austin groaned.
"Oh hell yes!" She slid up, squeezing him tight inside her, then thrust down on him, taking her breath away. Oh that's fun. She slammed against him, driving him in deep. Wow that felt good. Let's do that again. And again and again.
Austin snarled and grabbed her hair, pulling her down for a hard kiss but leaving her hips under her control. He wrapped his arms around her waist to steady her, and she sat up. His eyes glazed over and he seemed to be just barely hanging on to reality.
She couldn't let him dangle like that. She had the power to push him over the edge along with her. Knowing that made her bold. "Do you like the way I ride you?"
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Welcoming guest author Amanda Bretz to the blog for Sample Sunday

Amanda Bretz is the contemporary romance author of 'Finding Justus' and 'Love in Greener Pastures'. She is currently hard at work on her third book, with the working title of "Love, Simplified."
She holds a degree in communication from Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Florida, and has worked as a journalist in both print and online news media.
When not writing, Amanda can be found whipping up something delectable in her kitchen, spending time in nature or getting lost in a good book.
Amanda resides in the Midwest with her husband, Brandon.

'Love in Greener Pastures':

Recent college graduate Gabby Richards has big plans for her life. At the top of those plans is landing a job for a major magazine in Chicago. While Gabby is busy mapping out her career as a journalist, her father gets seriously injured. Upon hearing of his accident, Gabby drops everything, including her career plans, and heads home to her small, rural town of Clear Lake, but vows to return to Chicago as soon as her father is well.
Suddenly Gabby is catching up with old friends, dealing with small town gossip and facing parts of her past she’d rather forget. Luckily, she meets the town’s hunky mechanic, Jake Harrison, who helps Gabby confront her past and tries to help her see she can have a career in Clear Lake. Will Gabby realize she can be a successful journalist anywhere? Or will she leave Clear Lake in pursuit of life in greener pastures?

 Read an excerpt from 'Love in Greener Pastures'

“What’s wrong city girl, can’t keep up?”
The two of them, plus Smudge, were enjoying a Wednesday evening run. Gabby was beginning to feel a slight stitch in her side, she hadn’t ran this far in years, but she’d be damned if she let Jake know. Determined to push through it, she gritted her teeth and kept running.
“I can…keep…up,” she said breathlessly.
Jake spoke a soft command to Smudge and slowed to a brisk walk.
“Oh well, I guess we’ll have to just walk the rest of the way. Look at Smudge, she’s worn out. She can’t keep up with you, you know?” Jake said to Gabby.
“Weakling,” Gabby said around a gasp as she bent at the waist and held her right side.
“That’s no way to talk about yourself, Gabby. You’re just out of practice,” Jake said with a wink.
“I was joking about your dog, and you know it,” she told him as she gave him a playful shove. “Thanks for the confidence builder anyway.”
“I was being truthful. I could tell you’ve had a stitch for the last few blocks, but you’re too proud to say anything. You can’t fool me.”
Gabby, who was still panting for air, decided it was foolish to pretend she was anything but out of breath and tired. She made a bee line for a soft patch of grass and collapsed on the ground in a heap. As she stared up at the mass of branches she recited one of her favorite lines from Frost’s poem Birches. The line about swinging on tree limbs always reminded her of childhood.
 “I love Robert Frost,” Jake said as he reclined on his elbows beside her.
“You read Frost?” Gabby asked, looking at him puzzled.
“Yes, you seem surprised. He was my mom’s favorite poet, she used to read his poetry to me a lot growing up,” he said quietly. “Birches is one of my favorites.”
“Mine too,” she said with a whisper. “There’s something about that poem that can always take me back to a more carefree time in my life. I know that sounds kind of cheesy.”
“It’s whimsical,” he said matter-of-factly.
“Yes, it is. It’s more than that though. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always been drawn to that poem ever since I first read it in high school.”
“You know what I’m drawn to?” Jake asked as he rolled onto his side to face her. “You and those luscious lips,” he said just before he planted several sensuous kisses on her mouth. He reluctantly released his hold on her mouth and lightly stroked her jaw as he gazed into her eyes.
As she stared back into his blue gaze, she could swear she felt her heartbeat get erratic. She remembered why she had plopped down in the grass in the first place and she realized the stitch in her side had gone away. Gabby had caught her breath and was rested enough to begin walking again, but she didn’t dare say anything. She didn’t want to ruin this amazing moment with Jake. A part of her thought she could lie in this spot with him forever.


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Hot Couples in fiction Friday and we welcome author Vallory Vance

Vallory Vance is the wife of a Louisiana Frenchman and mom to three quirky children and is a verifiable food snob. She firmly believes that Creole cooking should be done in Louisiana; Tex-Mex should be done in Texas, and never the two shall meet. Her passion lies in writing about those first moments of falling in love, when nothing else in the world matters. Her romances are sweet with a lot of sizzle.

The Book
When Amber Grayson meets Kevin Miller, the handsome renovator, it's as if the cowboy from her fantasies has materialized. The ever practical Amber banishes any thought of acting on her fantasy from her mind. Kevin is her employee and she is still reeling from her broken engagement.
Kevin was not thrilled to meet the pushy project manager on a Friday afternoon until he saw the towering beauty in her conservative black suit. He made a date with her for that evening and wound up with a peek down her blouse and a yearning that only she could satisfy.
Caught up in the moment, Amber succumbs to Kevin's advances and he far exceeds any fantasy that she could have created.

The Hot Couple

Amber Grayson is a very practical woman and an efficient office manager for a law firm. Since her failed engagement, she has become involved in a satisfying ménage affair with her elliptical machine and her vibrator. All is wonderful in her self-ordered world until she meets Kevin Miller.
Kevin is brash and handsome and looks like he just stepped off a movie set for a cowboy film. His attraction to the conservative Amber is immediate. These two light up the pages and manage to fall in love in the process.

The Excerpt

“Thinking about me?”
She popped her eyes open, fearful that she would ask him to touch again if she permitted herself to speak. He made it very difficult to maintain her composure.
“I’ve been thinking about you, too.” Kevin dropped down onto the lounger facing her with a wide grin and brushed her back from her shoulder.
Even though the night air was hot and muggy, she shivered beneath his touch and inched as far away as she could. They should discuss the ramifications of an encounter between the two of them. “Kevin...,” she started.
“We’re not working.” His fingers circled languidly over her shoulder up to her neck. “So you call me Kev, like my friends do, and I’ll call you…”
His fingers trailed over her chin to her lips, brushing over them until her mouth opened. “Sweetpea”, he whispered before placing a brief kiss at the corner of her mouth.
“Don’t call me Sweetpea.” She lifted her chin wanting him to kiss her liked he’d done earlier; instead he peppered small kisses over her cheek. Her mouth opened and closed, waiting. She curled around him, turning her face and twisting her body, so that her mouth would be the next place that his lips touched.
Kevin eluded her and began a trail of kisses down her chin to the hollow of her throat. “Kiss me.” Her voice was just a whisper that passed through her lips, dry from the quick breaths that blew across them.
“Please?” He grinned, lifting his dark eyes to hers and hooking his thumbs into the straps of her sundress.
“Please.” Her breath quickened as Kevin kissed her.
His kiss was as glorious as it had been that afternoon, his tongue gliding deliciously across hers in a slow, sweet dance. She moaned against his mouth, lightheaded and wanting more.
Amber pressed forward and then eased back, moving under the direction of his hands as they slid down her arms. Her skin tingled under the scrape of his nails over her elbows and she pulled her head back, suddenly aware of what he doing.
“Kevin, we’re outside,” she gasped.
“No one can see, Sweetpea.” He pushed her back onto the lounger and pulled the cup of her sundress the rest of the way down.
“And if you’re quiet, no one will know what I’m doing to you.” He dropped his head and sucked her nipple into his mouth, grazing the delicate skin with his teeth.
She was shivering and sweating and generally lost in the sensations that Kevin caused to course through her. She couldn’t do this. Not out here. “Kevin…Kev…we should go inside,” said perhaps the last vestige of her rational self. Even as the words were leaving her mouth, her hands were tightening around his head, steadying him as he kissed and licked over breast.
Kevin pulled out of her arms and sat up quickly.
Dazed at his abrupt retreat, she fumbled to grasp the straps of her dress.
“Leave it.” He was grinning, his eyes dark and wild.
“Aren’t we going in?” Her voice was almost a whine.
“I told you nobody can see us.” He dropped to his knees beside the chair and slid his hand up the short sundress to her panties.

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Rainy Day Surprise, free short story featuring Amber and Kevin available on Smashwords: and Barnes and Noble:

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Welcome to featured author Kristy Centeno

As a child, Kristy used to lose herself in an imaginary world by the means of a good book. Now that she’s all grown up, she gets to create her own fictional realms and make them come to life in ways that most readers might not expect.
 Writing has always been a passion of hers but she never had the opportunity do so until now. After trying out numerous options, she realized that writing was what she loved the most and so she decided to give it a shot. As it turns out, her very active imagination helped her achieve her goals of creating believable plots with some ordinary, and some not so ordinary characters that move the stories along in one way or another.
As she keeps achieving her dreams of becoming a published author, she divides her time in between four children and a very understanding husband.

Call of the Wolf

When desire battles with the forbidden and passion overrules obligation, at the end of the night, which will win?

Victoria Bonvalet, a purebred werewolf, has no desire to mate to an alpha not of her choosing and after a one of a kind encounter with the mysterious blood lord Tristan Garland rattles her existence, she knows that she could never share any part of herself without love being the number one incentive.
Tristan, a vampire of over a thousand years, no longer cares much for the world or the creatures inhabiting it. But when he meets the beautiful she-wolf invading his deep woods territory, he realizes that it’s never too late to find your perfect match, even if she belongs to the opposite branch of all mythological beings. But even as they begin to explore their in-depth feelings for each other, can they find a way to be together without starting a war between two enemy species?

Read an excerpt from Call of the Wolf

Even as she took several steps towards her car, Victoria could still sense it getting closer. The scent emanating from this being wasn’t one she was used too. It was different, unique somehow. It was not unpleasant by any means, just different. The incredibly fast speed in which it traveled was another clear indication of its supernatural origins. No human on earth could move that fast. Victoria was certain of two things, this being wasn’t human and neither was it a werewolf. Then what could it be?

Victoria refused to be afraid even though she did not comprehend the nature of this being. It was different from what she was used to. All she had to do was identify what it was. Normally, she would rely on her keen sense of smell for that, but since she didn’t recognize this scent, it was nearly impossible to pinpoint what it was. The only supernatural creatures she was familiar with were her own kind, werewolves. But this thing hiding back there was no werewolf, of that she was absolutely sure.

Once Victoria was close enough to her vehicle, she stopped and turned to face the woods. It was dark out but she could see her surroundings very clearly. A slight breeze picked up, bringing this unknown being’s aroma in to fill her nostrils. It was strong and male, very male. If this being were a werewolf he would most certainly be an alpha, a powerful one at that. But this was no huge puppy, this was something else.

Victoria surveyed the area with her eyes. So far she detected no movement which meant this thing was still too far away to see. But it was getting closer by the second. The speed in which it traveled made her slightly uneasy. Werewolves were known to move fast but this thing moved faster still. She could sense it moving, gliding through the forest as if it was flying. She was utterly amazed by it and she hadn’t even seen it/him yet.

Victoria waited, her eyes focusing in on her surroundings. Her she-wolf abilities ready to strike if this thing presented itself to be a threat. She gripped her car keys tightly in anticipation of what would happen next. She waited patiently for it to show itself. She wasn’t looking for a fight, she didn’t want to ruin her outfit, but if push came to shove she wouldn’t hesitate. She was a she-wolf, therefore she was a fighter. She could defend herself quite readily. She didn’t need the pack to protect her despite her father’s beliefs.

Victoria’s eyes narrowed when she caught movement up ahead. At first, it seemed like one big blur moving from one side to another but then it started to get closer. The woods seemed to disappear as all she could see was this black and white mass moving towards her. She couldn’t make out any features because of the speed in which it traveled. Her entire body tensed as she readied herself for a fight. If this thing attacked her she would fight back. There would be no hesitation at all to use all her armor, and she was well packed.

Soon, the white mist finally appeared before her, a tall figure was now clearly identifiable. Victoria gasped as she caught sight of a man standing not twenty feet from her. She blinked several times to make sure her eyes weren’t playing any tricks on her. She noted, after opening and closing her eyes for like the tenth time, that there really was a man standing nearby. He didn’t move. He just stared at her with as much intensity as she was gazing back at him.

Even in the darkness encasing them both, she took in every distinctive feature of his. He was tall, as tall as the trackers from the pack usually were. Shoulder length hair as white as a hand full of snow framed the sides of his face. His eyes were a shade of blue so pale, they appeared almost translucent. Unusually whitish skin and a lean and well-muscled figure finished his physical description.

His inhuman eyes assessed her in much the same manner she did him. Victoria watched as the breeze toyed with his hair, bringing a few stray locks to caress his right cheek. Werewolves tended to have unique features but this being was unique even for her. His white hair, pale skin, and clear eyes made him look like a marble statue. Had it not been for the few strands of hair being tossed around his shoulders by the light breeze, she could have easily mistaken him for one.

“Who are you?” She managed to ask at last. “What are you?”

His eyes narrowed as she spoke but he said nothing.

“What do you want?” She asked angrily when she noted he refused to answer.

The man took several steps towards her then stopped. He cocked his head to one side as if he was having trouble hearing her. Victoria did not flinch or move as he approached. There was no need for her to back away like a frightened kitten. She refused to show any form of fear. Not that she feared him; she was more intrigued than anything else.

“I was once known as Tristan Garland,” His voice startled her; it sounded so deep and gruff that she couldn’t help but think that perhaps he used it very little.


He nodded.

“Why are you following me?” She dared to ask.

The being now known as Tristan eyed her with curiosity.

“I do not follow you.” His eyes narrowed as he glared at her. “You invade and hunt in my territory.” He stated simply. She couldn’t tell whether he was angry or not. His passive face revealed nothing of what he was thinking. “You are the one trespassing, not I.”

Copyright Kristy Centeno 2012 all rights reserved. 


Welcoming author Shiralyn J Lee to the blog with her Lesbian romance Pink Crush

Hi Shiralyn, 
Thank you for being the guest author on the blog today.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I was born in England and I emigrated to Canada with my wife in 2007.
I met Janice in Torquay, England, through my job. After being in a heterosexual marriage (and very miserable) for 20 years I suddenly realized that I'd just met the love of my life. Eighteen months later I am divorced, and remarried to Janice, and living in Canada, where she is from. 

That's how I got my idea for my first book Loving the Pink Kiss. It's about an immigration scam where the character Sarah Niles has drunkenly agreed to marry a stranger so that they can stay in the country. She has assumed that Robbie (the stranger) is a man. She meets Robbie on the day of the ceremony, everything had been arranged through a work colleague and this why Sarah was oblivious.
 It's a fun comedy where a once straight girl falls in love with the woman she married. 

I have written several short stories since and each one getting more daring than the last and now I have delved into the world of BDSM. This has really opened my eyes up wide! 

 Some of my work is light romance with steamy sex scenes and others are quite explicit. I do emphasis this on Amazon where I sell them. I love writing sex scenes too, this is the fun part of my job.

My second book Pink Crush, is based on Danny Cooper, a female fire-fighter and a lesbian. She has fallen for a girl who just happened to breeze into her life one night. But this girl has hidden agendas and uses Danny for her own selfish reasons. 
Danny is distraught but after a round of self-loathing she meets a sweet girl.

BUY it at,

Shiralyn is currently working on a lesbian football themed story, and so she has had to learn the sport, not that she didn't know some of it, but technical terms and rules were hard to understand, Shiralyn tells us. 

Excerpt from Pink CrushPlease note that this book excerpt contains adult content and is suitable for 18+ only

          This is a story about a 24 year old female fire fighter; Danny Cooper. She hasn’t had a serious relationship in the last five years and tends to have the odd one night stands whenever she feels the need to fill the void.
         This story begins with Danny setting her sights on a new girl in town and before long she finds herself questioning why she can’t get this girl out of her head.

By Shiralyn J Lee

Mystery Girl

         It was five years ago and I still remember those harsh words we spat at each other... words that would stay with me for a long time.
“I don’t think I can do this anymore Sam! You don’t know the meaning of being faithful do you. I just want us to remain being friends, we seem to be good at that part anyway.” I stood there watching her trying to squirm her way out of this but no matter what excuse she came up with I knew we could never go back to what we once had.
“But Danny... I love you. I feel awful that I’ve hurt you. I can’t help it if I find other women attractive. They mean nothing to me! Please don’t break up with me. I’ll try harder I promise.” She pleaded her case but it was all falling on deaf ears at this point.
“No Sam it’s over. I need you to move out immediately!” It was over between us and I couldn’t cope with the humiliation of her deceitfulness anymore.
           It only took her an hour to pack her belongings into her suitcase and with a loud slam of the door she was gone. After that I couldn’t bring myself to get involved in any more serious relationships, and one night stands seemed to be the answer to that problem, which brings us to where we are today: Five years of trust and respect; of truth and no secrets; a friendship with no lies. She was my wing man and I hers, and now I watch her cheat on every girl whose heart she captures right before moving on to her next victim. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for some of these naive bimbos as she would call them. None of us like to experience heartache, especially when deep down each one of us has the same thought. That she’ll be the one who can break Sam’s infidelity.
         She’d monitor her next victim for hours, usually spotting them for the first time in the pool hall parading around and showing off their prize booty. She’d play it cool but all the time making sure that they would notice her every move. She’d even ask me if they were looking at her so that she could pose in certain ways to make herself look even more irresistible. I just don’t know how she did it.
           Me, I was useful to her right up until she had her target where she wanted her. Then I’d be dropped as fast as two cups of crazy. But our friendship had a strong bond and we understood each other. What I did in my bed was my business, what she did in her bed was everyone’s business. She loved to brag. One thing about Sam that I’ll be grateful for is that she taught me how to be good in the sack. I must have been a big disappointment on our first shag, but soon after I was the one in control, and bringing Sam to orgasm was like opening a can of beer; as soon as it was opened there’d always be a gushing fizz.
           The types of girls I sought to pick up had the same usual trend with each other; big tits, a nice ass and usually so drunk that any dyke (that means me) would do. My opening chat up line would be; I’m not interested in a relationship and we probably won’t see each other again after tonight but do you want to shag anyway? The answer would usually be ok. Sometimes I’d get a piss off love you’re just not my type, but that just made the hunt more interesting. Seeking out my next conquest was easy; I’d just keep plying her with beer until she was too pissed to care. But the best line I used was the fact that I was a firefighter, which is true by the way. What dyke couldn’t resist a heroine in uniform? The tables would be turned and they’d be buying drinks for me. Putty in my hands!
          It was Friday night and the pool hall was buzzing with potential talent. One girl caught Sam’s attention when she walked in by herself. She didn’t look as though she wanted to be there, and appeared a little nervous as she searched around like she was looking for someone. I did notice that she had made one vital mistake, she had entered dykesville unescorted, fresh meat up for grabs in anyone’s book.                                                                                    
“Hey Danny I’ve just spotted my next potential shag, what do you think?” She said as she held the pool cue upright and supported her chin on the end of it; her body totally relaxed but her eyes keen and focused on her unsuspecting project.
          I felt an uneasy twist of jealousy hit me in the stomach as she spoke those words. It was hard to hide my feelings from her as this was not part of my character as I don’t do the envious concealed feelings. I could tell Sam anything without there being any consequences but something was stopping me from saying: Not this one Sam. Instead I felt compelled to make insults about the girl and ridicule her awful drab dress sense.
“Look how she dresses, I bet that’s her mother’s outfit, and I bet she’s a virgin and a straight one at that! She’s a cock tease you can see it a mile away. I think you’d be wasting your time with that one.” It was as if I had just double crossed her; stepped on her territory, but I knew I had to do it. My effort to persuade her from making a move paid off, and I was able to distract her lustful thoughts for this girl by pointing out a few little hotties that were sitting at the bar and making it obvious that they were up for anything.
“Yeah maybe you’re right; she does look like a bit of a good girl. I’d probably be better off sticking to the tartier stock they’re a guaranteed fuck. There’s a cute blonde sitting at the end of the bar, she’s been there a while and I don’t think she’s with anyone. Cover me Danny I’m going in.” She slipped away casually leaving me standing alone with a half finished pool game still in play.
 Copyright 2012 Shiralyn J Lee all rights reserved.

Hot little snippet to celebrate Millie Reinvented being available on kindle

From 'Millie Reinvented', 
Inside the place was warm and cozy. August found them a booth and they ordered coffee. He moved close to her after the waiter left their table, and Millie let herself stare at him. She looked at his dark blue eyes fringed with long lashes and thought how some girls would envy those. She looked at his lips and decided they were meant for kissing. They invited kisses, and she leaned slightly so that their heads were closer.

August stared back at her. He looked at her lips and thought how if he didn’t kiss her soon he wouldn’t be able to breathe. He looked at her long hair, tangled slightly at the front from the wind and rain they had just run through, and wanted it in his hands. He looked into her blue eyes, a paler shade of blue than his own, and right then full of longing.

August put a hand up to hold her face and brought his lips to hers. They kissed each other gently and then hungrily. When they realized that they had been kissing each other for quite a long time, they drew apart and smiled at each other. The coffee was brought to the table and trying to think of normal things to say Millie asked August how he liked the company.

“It’s interesting Millie. I like my work. I’m really pleased with it”. He looked at her mouth.

They tried to make small talk but eventually August told her. “I’ve thought about you often since the party. I’ve thought about kissing you and about undressing you”.

Millie swallowed. “August are you married too?”

He shook his head. “No Millie there’s no one in my life right now”.

Millie was thankful and smiled in relief.

August had finished his coffee.

“Maybe we can have dinner one night soon”, he suggested, and Millie nodded.

“I’d really like that”.

They went out into the cold night and stood by Millie’s car. August moved to hold her and closed his eyes as he put his forehead to hers.

“Come and sit in my car or I’ll get in yours. I’m desperate to kiss you”.

Millie took her car key out of her coat pocket and unlocked her car.They got in the back seat, Millie having opened the back door in invitation.
 August held her face to his and kissed her. He whispered things to her between kisses about what he would like to do to her. Undress her. Kiss her all over. Suck her nipples. Lick her and put his fingers into her until she wanted him desperately. It made the kisses even more exotic than ever and when they stopped for breath, Millie felt herself damp with need and her nipples hard. Her stomach almost clenched with craving at every kiss, and she put her face against his.

“I need you so much August”, she told him, and he opened his eyes. He nodded slightly.

“I want you too”. He had his hands in her hair and was caressing the strands slowly.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2012 All rights reserved

Starting a special blog feature 'Hot couples in fiction'

This special feature will usually post each Friday but today we are kicking off with a post for Sample Sunday.

Today's hot couple feature comes from author, and fellow blogger, Tessa Stokes, and her book Drew Ruthin and the Blood of Changes: Volume two of The Ruthin Trilogy.

Tessa writes character driven stories, which are a genre blend of urban fantasy, paranormal romance and real life. Her books are heavily romantic. Tessa likes to write erotic and paranormal romance as well as contemporary fantasy as she says this gives her more scope for happy endings, which she thinks we all crave.

Drew Ruthin and The Blood of Changes, Volume two, is the surprising follow up to Volume one of The Ruthin Trilogy. 
 Adult romantic suspense/ paranormal romance this book is suitable for eighteen years and up only, and contains sex scenes, supernatural themes, and adult themes.
Who are the Ruthins? Or should that be what are they? Are we about to find out?
Set in Britain, we meet new characters in this second volume, and one in particular who is to have an impact on the lives of everyone.
Balthazar Crane is an ancient, and lives alone in the same town as Drew. He often watches the vampire Greta, and we begin to wonder if he has some secret feelings for her.
As we get to know Balathazar we realize that he is passionate and skilled in magic. When he falls deeply in love with one of the other magical beings in the community where Devon lives sparks fly.
Marguerite and Devon Ruthin receive a surprise, which changes their view of the magical community of beings they live amongst forever, and the feeling grows that they are far more dangerous and have more secrets than was revealed in volume one.
The book is heavily romantic, with a number of sensual love scenes. There is intrigue, and fun with the vampire community as usual and their opinions of their former leader Drew Ruthin.
Drew meanwhile is taken on his own life journey, which surprises him and everyone around him.
Danger is on the horizon for someone but it will be a surprise to readers just who is in danger this time.
The book is an epic love story, enticing and sensual.
The hot couple are Drew Ruthin and Elise. 

In the first book of The Ruthin Trilogy, we meet Drew, a vampire who fell in love with Elise many years ago. She loved him too, but circumstances, and Drew’s vampire nature split them up.
In more than twenty years, Elise never loved anyone else. She is a magical being, and virtually immortal, so when Drew who is in pursuit of his brother discovers Elise still lives he attempts to capture her.
In this second book, we find Drew a changing character who is desperate for Elise to love him. He seeks her out, and although Elise is wary she is still in love with Drew.
They begin their relationship all over again, and Elise begins to distance herself from her family and community in order to be with Drew. Their love scenes are sexy, fun, and romantic.

Excerpt from Drew Ruthin and The Blood of Changes

Then he got up carefully and went downstairs, he was hungry and took some blood from the fridge to feed. He replaced it with a couple of bags from the freezer and sat down with the blood in a glass. He didn't spend long downstairs and went to clean his teeth quietly before he lay back down beside Elise. He took his T-shirt off, and was about to throw it in the laundry hamper when a scent hit him coming from the items in there. It was a foreign scent not Elise, or her friends he had come across so far, and it was strong.
He picked up the things in the hamper, and knew it was the dress. He put the clothes in the hamper. Something about the scent told him it was male because not only did it reek of adrenalin, there was a top note of some disgusting after shave human men often wore. So a man had touched his dear Elise at the dinner party had he? Who, and why? Drew thought.
He had a quick shower after that with the soap Elise had given him, and went to bed with damp hair.
Elise although asleep, felt his renewed presence and reached out to hold him.
Drew was instantly turned on by her, and longed to kiss her, but he did not want to wake her. He lay there with her arm over his waist and imagined making love to her when she woke up.
Elise actually woke before he did as he fell asleep just as dawn came. That was usual for Drew now, and he might sleep for a few hours then. She found she was draped over him, her leg over his and her arm around his chest. She snuggled up to him, and kissed up his shoulder to his chin, and then up his cheek closing her eyes with her face against his. Drew's eyes flew open and he turned his face to hers.
“Elise” he whispered her name, and began to kiss her. He moved down her throat to kiss her breasts and trail his fingers over her stomach. He felt her little intake of breath as he did this, and lifted his head to kiss her lips. He murmured how much he loved her against her lips as he felt her already damp and needing him when his fingers brushed between her legs.
Elise clung to him and kissed him deeply, she moved against his hand craving him. Drew smiled against her lips and moved to lie between her legs. She wrapped them around his waist and held him to her as he eased into her with a sigh of pleasure.
“I’ve been wanting you all night”, he whispered, as he began to move in her and she thrust her hips to him in answer.
“Wake me up next time”, she whispered, and they kissed each other as Drew lifted her hips a little and heard her gasp as he pushed deeper into her.
“Drew”, she whispered, “that's delicious”.
Later as they were lying still in each other's arms Drew asked Elise about the dinner party.
He lifted a strand of her hair from her cheek, and kissed where it had been, then asked, “Elise what was the dinner like with Balthazar and the others?”
Elise held his face to hers and kissed his mouth before she answered.
“Pretty grim they had arranged for me to sit next to some poor guy in the hopes we would hit it off, but then they don't know I am in love with you do they?” She kissed him again and Drew sighed.
“Ah so that’s why your dress reeks. Did he touch you?”
Elise was stroking his body up the side, and then along his chest and down to his stomach as she looked into his eyes and answered.
“He put an arm around me to kind of lead me into the house, you know courtesy stuff, and he kissed my cheek goodbye”. She pulled Drew closer, her arm around his waist and kissed his mouth, her tongue tracing along the seam of his lips so that he opened his mouth, and touched his tongue to hers before he shivered in pleasure, and kissed her more deeply.
“I'm so in love with you I don’t think I can stand that”, he told her when he moved his face away from her a little.
“He means nothing to me”, she said, but Drew looked pained.
“I know but he kissed you. Which cheek was it?” he asked.
Elise had to think. “My right one” she finally answered and Drew kissed her there a few times.
“There that’s got rid of it now”, he told her, and Elise smiled.
“What about his arm around my shoulders?” she asked and grinned.
Drew's eyes sparkled and he turned her over. He kissed, and licked all the way along her shoulders, and along her backbone as he put his hand down, and under between her thighs to find her needing him again. He gently pulled her onto her side to face him and kissed her lips.
“Shall I make love to you again Elise because I think I am going to die unless I do?” It was a strange phrase to use considering that Drew had died, more than once, but Elise knew what he meant because she wanted him again too, and she moved her hands down his stomach to hold his hard length as she found his lips again with her tongue.
Copyright 2012 Tessa Stokes All rights reserved.

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Drew Ruthin and the Blood of Changes: Volume two of The Ruthin Trilogy