Hot Couples in fiction Friday and we welcome author Vallory Vance

Vallory Vance is the wife of a Louisiana Frenchman and mom to three quirky children and is a verifiable food snob. She firmly believes that Creole cooking should be done in Louisiana; Tex-Mex should be done in Texas, and never the two shall meet. Her passion lies in writing about those first moments of falling in love, when nothing else in the world matters. Her romances are sweet with a lot of sizzle.

The Book
When Amber Grayson meets Kevin Miller, the handsome renovator, it's as if the cowboy from her fantasies has materialized. The ever practical Amber banishes any thought of acting on her fantasy from her mind. Kevin is her employee and she is still reeling from her broken engagement.
Kevin was not thrilled to meet the pushy project manager on a Friday afternoon until he saw the towering beauty in her conservative black suit. He made a date with her for that evening and wound up with a peek down her blouse and a yearning that only she could satisfy.
Caught up in the moment, Amber succumbs to Kevin's advances and he far exceeds any fantasy that she could have created.

The Hot Couple

Amber Grayson is a very practical woman and an efficient office manager for a law firm. Since her failed engagement, she has become involved in a satisfying ménage affair with her elliptical machine and her vibrator. All is wonderful in her self-ordered world until she meets Kevin Miller.
Kevin is brash and handsome and looks like he just stepped off a movie set for a cowboy film. His attraction to the conservative Amber is immediate. These two light up the pages and manage to fall in love in the process.

The Excerpt

“Thinking about me?”
She popped her eyes open, fearful that she would ask him to touch again if she permitted herself to speak. He made it very difficult to maintain her composure.
“I’ve been thinking about you, too.” Kevin dropped down onto the lounger facing her with a wide grin and brushed her back from her shoulder.
Even though the night air was hot and muggy, she shivered beneath his touch and inched as far away as she could. They should discuss the ramifications of an encounter between the two of them. “Kevin...,” she started.
“We’re not working.” His fingers circled languidly over her shoulder up to her neck. “So you call me Kev, like my friends do, and I’ll call you…”
His fingers trailed over her chin to her lips, brushing over them until her mouth opened. “Sweetpea”, he whispered before placing a brief kiss at the corner of her mouth.
“Don’t call me Sweetpea.” She lifted her chin wanting him to kiss her liked he’d done earlier; instead he peppered small kisses over her cheek. Her mouth opened and closed, waiting. She curled around him, turning her face and twisting her body, so that her mouth would be the next place that his lips touched.
Kevin eluded her and began a trail of kisses down her chin to the hollow of her throat. “Kiss me.” Her voice was just a whisper that passed through her lips, dry from the quick breaths that blew across them.
“Please?” He grinned, lifting his dark eyes to hers and hooking his thumbs into the straps of her sundress.
“Please.” Her breath quickened as Kevin kissed her.
His kiss was as glorious as it had been that afternoon, his tongue gliding deliciously across hers in a slow, sweet dance. She moaned against his mouth, lightheaded and wanting more.
Amber pressed forward and then eased back, moving under the direction of his hands as they slid down her arms. Her skin tingled under the scrape of his nails over her elbows and she pulled her head back, suddenly aware of what he doing.
“Kevin, we’re outside,” she gasped.
“No one can see, Sweetpea.” He pushed her back onto the lounger and pulled the cup of her sundress the rest of the way down.
“And if you’re quiet, no one will know what I’m doing to you.” He dropped his head and sucked her nipple into his mouth, grazing the delicate skin with his teeth.
She was shivering and sweating and generally lost in the sensations that Kevin caused to course through her. She couldn’t do this. Not out here. “Kevin…Kev…we should go inside,” said perhaps the last vestige of her rational self. Even as the words were leaving her mouth, her hands were tightening around his head, steadying him as he kissed and licked over breast.
Kevin pulled out of her arms and sat up quickly.
Dazed at his abrupt retreat, she fumbled to grasp the straps of her dress.
“Leave it.” He was grinning, his eyes dark and wild.
“Aren’t we going in?” Her voice was almost a whine.
“I told you nobody can see us.” He dropped to his knees beside the chair and slid his hand up the short sundress to her panties.

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