Hot little snippet to celebrate Millie Reinvented being available on kindle

From 'Millie Reinvented', 
Inside the place was warm and cozy. August found them a booth and they ordered coffee. He moved close to her after the waiter left their table, and Millie let herself stare at him. She looked at his dark blue eyes fringed with long lashes and thought how some girls would envy those. She looked at his lips and decided they were meant for kissing. They invited kisses, and she leaned slightly so that their heads were closer.

August stared back at her. He looked at her lips and thought how if he didn’t kiss her soon he wouldn’t be able to breathe. He looked at her long hair, tangled slightly at the front from the wind and rain they had just run through, and wanted it in his hands. He looked into her blue eyes, a paler shade of blue than his own, and right then full of longing.

August put a hand up to hold her face and brought his lips to hers. They kissed each other gently and then hungrily. When they realized that they had been kissing each other for quite a long time, they drew apart and smiled at each other. The coffee was brought to the table and trying to think of normal things to say Millie asked August how he liked the company.

“It’s interesting Millie. I like my work. I’m really pleased with it”. He looked at her mouth.

They tried to make small talk but eventually August told her. “I’ve thought about you often since the party. I’ve thought about kissing you and about undressing you”.

Millie swallowed. “August are you married too?”

He shook his head. “No Millie there’s no one in my life right now”.

Millie was thankful and smiled in relief.

August had finished his coffee.

“Maybe we can have dinner one night soon”, he suggested, and Millie nodded.

“I’d really like that”.

They went out into the cold night and stood by Millie’s car. August moved to hold her and closed his eyes as he put his forehead to hers.

“Come and sit in my car or I’ll get in yours. I’m desperate to kiss you”.

Millie took her car key out of her coat pocket and unlocked her car.They got in the back seat, Millie having opened the back door in invitation.
 August held her face to his and kissed her. He whispered things to her between kisses about what he would like to do to her. Undress her. Kiss her all over. Suck her nipples. Lick her and put his fingers into her until she wanted him desperately. It made the kisses even more exotic than ever and when they stopped for breath, Millie felt herself damp with need and her nipples hard. Her stomach almost clenched with craving at every kiss, and she put her face against his.

“I need you so much August”, she told him, and he opened his eyes. He nodded slightly.

“I want you too”. He had his hands in her hair and was caressing the strands slowly.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2012 All rights reserved

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