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Today's hot couple feature comes from author, and fellow blogger, Tessa Stokes, and her book Drew Ruthin and the Blood of Changes: Volume two of The Ruthin Trilogy.

Tessa writes character driven stories, which are a genre blend of urban fantasy, paranormal romance and real life. Her books are heavily romantic. Tessa likes to write erotic and paranormal romance as well as contemporary fantasy as she says this gives her more scope for happy endings, which she thinks we all crave.

Drew Ruthin and The Blood of Changes, Volume two, is the surprising follow up to Volume one of The Ruthin Trilogy. 
 Adult romantic suspense/ paranormal romance this book is suitable for eighteen years and up only, and contains sex scenes, supernatural themes, and adult themes.
Who are the Ruthins? Or should that be what are they? Are we about to find out?
Set in Britain, we meet new characters in this second volume, and one in particular who is to have an impact on the lives of everyone.
Balthazar Crane is an ancient, and lives alone in the same town as Drew. He often watches the vampire Greta, and we begin to wonder if he has some secret feelings for her.
As we get to know Balathazar we realize that he is passionate and skilled in magic. When he falls deeply in love with one of the other magical beings in the community where Devon lives sparks fly.
Marguerite and Devon Ruthin receive a surprise, which changes their view of the magical community of beings they live amongst forever, and the feeling grows that they are far more dangerous and have more secrets than was revealed in volume one.
The book is heavily romantic, with a number of sensual love scenes. There is intrigue, and fun with the vampire community as usual and their opinions of their former leader Drew Ruthin.
Drew meanwhile is taken on his own life journey, which surprises him and everyone around him.
Danger is on the horizon for someone but it will be a surprise to readers just who is in danger this time.
The book is an epic love story, enticing and sensual.
The hot couple are Drew Ruthin and Elise. 

In the first book of The Ruthin Trilogy, we meet Drew, a vampire who fell in love with Elise many years ago. She loved him too, but circumstances, and Drew’s vampire nature split them up.
In more than twenty years, Elise never loved anyone else. She is a magical being, and virtually immortal, so when Drew who is in pursuit of his brother discovers Elise still lives he attempts to capture her.
In this second book, we find Drew a changing character who is desperate for Elise to love him. He seeks her out, and although Elise is wary she is still in love with Drew.
They begin their relationship all over again, and Elise begins to distance herself from her family and community in order to be with Drew. Their love scenes are sexy, fun, and romantic.

Excerpt from Drew Ruthin and The Blood of Changes

Then he got up carefully and went downstairs, he was hungry and took some blood from the fridge to feed. He replaced it with a couple of bags from the freezer and sat down with the blood in a glass. He didn't spend long downstairs and went to clean his teeth quietly before he lay back down beside Elise. He took his T-shirt off, and was about to throw it in the laundry hamper when a scent hit him coming from the items in there. It was a foreign scent not Elise, or her friends he had come across so far, and it was strong.
He picked up the things in the hamper, and knew it was the dress. He put the clothes in the hamper. Something about the scent told him it was male because not only did it reek of adrenalin, there was a top note of some disgusting after shave human men often wore. So a man had touched his dear Elise at the dinner party had he? Who, and why? Drew thought.
He had a quick shower after that with the soap Elise had given him, and went to bed with damp hair.
Elise although asleep, felt his renewed presence and reached out to hold him.
Drew was instantly turned on by her, and longed to kiss her, but he did not want to wake her. He lay there with her arm over his waist and imagined making love to her when she woke up.
Elise actually woke before he did as he fell asleep just as dawn came. That was usual for Drew now, and he might sleep for a few hours then. She found she was draped over him, her leg over his and her arm around his chest. She snuggled up to him, and kissed up his shoulder to his chin, and then up his cheek closing her eyes with her face against his. Drew's eyes flew open and he turned his face to hers.
“Elise” he whispered her name, and began to kiss her. He moved down her throat to kiss her breasts and trail his fingers over her stomach. He felt her little intake of breath as he did this, and lifted his head to kiss her lips. He murmured how much he loved her against her lips as he felt her already damp and needing him when his fingers brushed between her legs.
Elise clung to him and kissed him deeply, she moved against his hand craving him. Drew smiled against her lips and moved to lie between her legs. She wrapped them around his waist and held him to her as he eased into her with a sigh of pleasure.
“I’ve been wanting you all night”, he whispered, as he began to move in her and she thrust her hips to him in answer.
“Wake me up next time”, she whispered, and they kissed each other as Drew lifted her hips a little and heard her gasp as he pushed deeper into her.
“Drew”, she whispered, “that's delicious”.
Later as they were lying still in each other's arms Drew asked Elise about the dinner party.
He lifted a strand of her hair from her cheek, and kissed where it had been, then asked, “Elise what was the dinner like with Balthazar and the others?”
Elise held his face to hers and kissed his mouth before she answered.
“Pretty grim they had arranged for me to sit next to some poor guy in the hopes we would hit it off, but then they don't know I am in love with you do they?” She kissed him again and Drew sighed.
“Ah so that’s why your dress reeks. Did he touch you?”
Elise was stroking his body up the side, and then along his chest and down to his stomach as she looked into his eyes and answered.
“He put an arm around me to kind of lead me into the house, you know courtesy stuff, and he kissed my cheek goodbye”. She pulled Drew closer, her arm around his waist and kissed his mouth, her tongue tracing along the seam of his lips so that he opened his mouth, and touched his tongue to hers before he shivered in pleasure, and kissed her more deeply.
“I'm so in love with you I don’t think I can stand that”, he told her when he moved his face away from her a little.
“He means nothing to me”, she said, but Drew looked pained.
“I know but he kissed you. Which cheek was it?” he asked.
Elise had to think. “My right one” she finally answered and Drew kissed her there a few times.
“There that’s got rid of it now”, he told her, and Elise smiled.
“What about his arm around my shoulders?” she asked and grinned.
Drew's eyes sparkled and he turned her over. He kissed, and licked all the way along her shoulders, and along her backbone as he put his hand down, and under between her thighs to find her needing him again. He gently pulled her onto her side to face him and kissed her lips.
“Shall I make love to you again Elise because I think I am going to die unless I do?” It was a strange phrase to use considering that Drew had died, more than once, but Elise knew what he meant because she wanted him again too, and she moved her hands down his stomach to hold his hard length as she found his lips again with her tongue.
Copyright 2012 Tessa Stokes All rights reserved.

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Drew Ruthin and the Blood of Changes: Volume two of The Ruthin Trilogy

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