Welcoming author Shiralyn J Lee to the blog with her Lesbian romance Pink Crush

Hi Shiralyn, 
Thank you for being the guest author on the blog today.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I was born in England and I emigrated to Canada with my wife in 2007.
I met Janice in Torquay, England, through my job. After being in a heterosexual marriage (and very miserable) for 20 years I suddenly realized that I'd just met the love of my life. Eighteen months later I am divorced, and remarried to Janice, and living in Canada, where she is from. 

That's how I got my idea for my first book Loving the Pink Kiss. It's about an immigration scam where the character Sarah Niles has drunkenly agreed to marry a stranger so that they can stay in the country. She has assumed that Robbie (the stranger) is a man. She meets Robbie on the day of the ceremony, everything had been arranged through a work colleague and this why Sarah was oblivious.
 It's a fun comedy where a once straight girl falls in love with the woman she married. 

I have written several short stories since and each one getting more daring than the last and now I have delved into the world of BDSM. This has really opened my eyes up wide! 

 Some of my work is light romance with steamy sex scenes and others are quite explicit. I do emphasis this on Amazon where I sell them. I love writing sex scenes too, this is the fun part of my job.

My second book Pink Crush, is based on Danny Cooper, a female fire-fighter and a lesbian. She has fallen for a girl who just happened to breeze into her life one night. But this girl has hidden agendas and uses Danny for her own selfish reasons. 
Danny is distraught but after a round of self-loathing she meets a sweet girl.

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Shiralyn is currently working on a lesbian football themed story, and so she has had to learn the sport, not that she didn't know some of it, but technical terms and rules were hard to understand, Shiralyn tells us. 

Excerpt from Pink CrushPlease note that this book excerpt contains adult content and is suitable for 18+ only

          This is a story about a 24 year old female fire fighter; Danny Cooper. She hasn’t had a serious relationship in the last five years and tends to have the odd one night stands whenever she feels the need to fill the void.
         This story begins with Danny setting her sights on a new girl in town and before long she finds herself questioning why she can’t get this girl out of her head.

By Shiralyn J Lee

Mystery Girl

         It was five years ago and I still remember those harsh words we spat at each other... words that would stay with me for a long time.
“I don’t think I can do this anymore Sam! You don’t know the meaning of being faithful do you. I just want us to remain being friends, we seem to be good at that part anyway.” I stood there watching her trying to squirm her way out of this but no matter what excuse she came up with I knew we could never go back to what we once had.
“But Danny... I love you. I feel awful that I’ve hurt you. I can’t help it if I find other women attractive. They mean nothing to me! Please don’t break up with me. I’ll try harder I promise.” She pleaded her case but it was all falling on deaf ears at this point.
“No Sam it’s over. I need you to move out immediately!” It was over between us and I couldn’t cope with the humiliation of her deceitfulness anymore.
           It only took her an hour to pack her belongings into her suitcase and with a loud slam of the door she was gone. After that I couldn’t bring myself to get involved in any more serious relationships, and one night stands seemed to be the answer to that problem, which brings us to where we are today: Five years of trust and respect; of truth and no secrets; a friendship with no lies. She was my wing man and I hers, and now I watch her cheat on every girl whose heart she captures right before moving on to her next victim. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for some of these naive bimbos as she would call them. None of us like to experience heartache, especially when deep down each one of us has the same thought. That she’ll be the one who can break Sam’s infidelity.
         She’d monitor her next victim for hours, usually spotting them for the first time in the pool hall parading around and showing off their prize booty. She’d play it cool but all the time making sure that they would notice her every move. She’d even ask me if they were looking at her so that she could pose in certain ways to make herself look even more irresistible. I just don’t know how she did it.
           Me, I was useful to her right up until she had her target where she wanted her. Then I’d be dropped as fast as two cups of crazy. But our friendship had a strong bond and we understood each other. What I did in my bed was my business, what she did in her bed was everyone’s business. She loved to brag. One thing about Sam that I’ll be grateful for is that she taught me how to be good in the sack. I must have been a big disappointment on our first shag, but soon after I was the one in control, and bringing Sam to orgasm was like opening a can of beer; as soon as it was opened there’d always be a gushing fizz.
           The types of girls I sought to pick up had the same usual trend with each other; big tits, a nice ass and usually so drunk that any dyke (that means me) would do. My opening chat up line would be; I’m not interested in a relationship and we probably won’t see each other again after tonight but do you want to shag anyway? The answer would usually be ok. Sometimes I’d get a piss off love you’re just not my type, but that just made the hunt more interesting. Seeking out my next conquest was easy; I’d just keep plying her with beer until she was too pissed to care. But the best line I used was the fact that I was a firefighter, which is true by the way. What dyke couldn’t resist a heroine in uniform? The tables would be turned and they’d be buying drinks for me. Putty in my hands!
          It was Friday night and the pool hall was buzzing with potential talent. One girl caught Sam’s attention when she walked in by herself. She didn’t look as though she wanted to be there, and appeared a little nervous as she searched around like she was looking for someone. I did notice that she had made one vital mistake, she had entered dykesville unescorted, fresh meat up for grabs in anyone’s book.                                                                                    
“Hey Danny I’ve just spotted my next potential shag, what do you think?” She said as she held the pool cue upright and supported her chin on the end of it; her body totally relaxed but her eyes keen and focused on her unsuspecting project.
          I felt an uneasy twist of jealousy hit me in the stomach as she spoke those words. It was hard to hide my feelings from her as this was not part of my character as I don’t do the envious concealed feelings. I could tell Sam anything without there being any consequences but something was stopping me from saying: Not this one Sam. Instead I felt compelled to make insults about the girl and ridicule her awful drab dress sense.
“Look how she dresses, I bet that’s her mother’s outfit, and I bet she’s a virgin and a straight one at that! She’s a cock tease you can see it a mile away. I think you’d be wasting your time with that one.” It was as if I had just double crossed her; stepped on her territory, but I knew I had to do it. My effort to persuade her from making a move paid off, and I was able to distract her lustful thoughts for this girl by pointing out a few little hotties that were sitting at the bar and making it obvious that they were up for anything.
“Yeah maybe you’re right; she does look like a bit of a good girl. I’d probably be better off sticking to the tartier stock they’re a guaranteed fuck. There’s a cute blonde sitting at the end of the bar, she’s been there a while and I don’t think she’s with anyone. Cover me Danny I’m going in.” She slipped away casually leaving me standing alone with a half finished pool game still in play.
 Copyright 2012 Shiralyn J Lee all rights reserved.

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