Announcing 'Two of Them' now available on kindle

Two of Them is now available on kindle:

Enjoy this snippet, 

Emma held her hair away from her back and Jet unzipped her dress, following it down her back with kisses on her satiny skin. He pushed the dress down her arms and hips, and turned her around to kiss her breasts, the tops of which swelled a little in her pretty, lemon colored, lacy bra. 

Emma gasped as she felt his delicious wet kisses on her breasts and found the fastening of his jeans to open.

When Emma unzipped Jet’s jeans and pushed her cool fingers into his boxer shorts to curl them around his already thickening length, Jet caught hold of her face and kissed her mouth until they were both dazed with desire.

They finished undressing quietly with little smiles and kisses until they lay against each other on Jet’s bed, skin to skin, and lips to lips. 

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