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A big welcome to Lucy Francis. 
Tell us a little about yourself Lucy.

Hi, I'm Lucy, and I write romances.

 Why? Because there's nothing quite as fun and satisfying as creating two people who are perfect for each other, dropping them into each other's lives, and watching them fall in love.

I've lived all across the United States, from New York to California, but Utah, with its incredibly varied terrain and vast stretches of gorgeous wild country, is home. 

I live with my hero, our five children, and a pet menagerie. I love horses, fixing broken things, Doctor Who and tending the urban forest I planted in my yard.

 I'm currently working on the third book in my contemporary romance series and the first book in a paranormal romance series.

Lucy is sharing from her book 'Finding Refuge'

When you're barely keeping your head above the surface, and your life is a mess, you don't go looking for love--but it might find you anyway.

Travis Holt's life is pulling him under and he's fighting it. He's trying to save his addict brother and dealing with reminders of his failures. When a woman with a soul-warming smile throws him a lifeline, can he take hold? Andromeda Miller needs a new start to her messy life. When she meets a good man whose touch she craves, will she let him into her life? Or are his personal demons too much?

Note: Finding Refuge is the second book in the loosely linked Heart's Redemption series. It can be read as a stand alone novel.


Travis went up the wide, lavishly milled, curving stairs, meaning to give the house a look from the top floor down. His intentions flew out the nearest window when he walked into the master suite and found himself staring up at the most perfectly curved rear-end he’d ever seen poured into faded denim. Sweetly rounded below a narrow waist, it was the sort of ass that women were forever trying to work off even though men begged for more.

He refocused, shaking off the buzz of appreciation zipping straight to his groin, and forced himself to take in the whole picture. The woman stood too far up for safety on a six-foot ladder, facing the opposite wall. She twisted a light bulb into the pewter fixture on the coved ten-foot ceiling. His gaze wandered up to dark brown, wavy hair. Pulled into a ponytail at the nape of her neck, the waves cascaded down the length of her red t-shirt, swaying at the top of her hips. He’d expected to find Rachel Garrett, his electrician. This tiny, curvy thing was definitely not Rachel.

“Who are you?” he asked.

She didn’t respond. He stepped forward. “Are you here with Rachel?” He reached out and tapped the heel of her red tennis shoe. “Hello?”

She jumped at his touch, turning toward him as she took a hasty step down.

Her foot missed the ladder rung.

Travis reacted instantly, catching her as she fell, stepping back so she didn’t hit the ladder.

A surge of fire blew through his system on the heels of the adrenaline rush, the heat pulsing through his chest as he held her, as his mind identified where he ended and she began. One arm held her around her waist, the other wrapped across her legs below her hips. For a moment, she stayed where she’d landed, half over his right shoulder, then she straightened. That position brought her breasts to eye-level. Her t-shirt, caught between them, molded against her, making it damn near impossible for Travis to swallow.

Heart pounding, Travis forced his gaze upward, meeting her dark brown eyes. The confusion in them threw ice water on his hormones. Small hands pressed against his shoulders and he loosened his hold on her, trying to ignore his physical interest as she slid down his frame to the floor.

She backed away a step, her gaze on her feet, her cheeks dusted pink, and pulled earbuds from her ears. The music blared through them. Ah. She hadn’t heard him.

“Hey, sorry I startled you,” he said. The rest of his words died in his throat when her gaze lifted and she smiled. A sweet, welcoming smile that lit up her entire self. It slid down inside him, stunning him and leaving a trail of light. No one he’d ever known had a smile like that.

“It’s okay. Thanks for catching me before I hurt myself.” She hitched her thumb over her shoulder at the ladder. “Guess I should have taken the ‘do not stand on this step’ warning seriously, huh?” Her voice was low, with a slight whiskey-rasp.

It was a punch to the gut after anticipating that she’d sound like a little girl to match her small size. She couldn’t be more than, what, five-two? A grin spread across his face, he couldn’t help it. “Pretty sure the warning is there for a reason. Are you here with Rachel?”

“Yeah, I’m visiting her, and attempting to help, though I clearly have no clue what I’m doing.” She shrugged. Her smile faded and the part of Travis that had revived inside because of her smile died again, too. It stung. How could he fix that?

“You were doing great, I messed you up.” He held out a hand. “I’m Travis Holt.”

Her handshake was surprisingly firm. “Andri Miller.”

“Andri? Interesting name.”

“Short for Andromeda. I know, I know, my mother is Greek, so I come by it honestly,” she added hastily as his smile widened.

“No, it’s a beautiful name.” The sweet blush colored her cheeks again and his stomach flip-flopped. 

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