Hot Couples in fiction Friday and the couple are Miguel and Justus

The Book
Finding Justus
Justus Kendall is an interior designer from St. Louis who aspires to start her own design firm and when she lands her biggest job to date, remodeling a prestigious old hotel in downtown St. Louis, she is on top of the world. However, while touring the hotel, her happiness is cut short when she finds her fiancé Alex Williams tumbling out of one of the hotel suites, a naked blonde wrapped in a bed sheet tangled in his arms. Justus is stunned, furious and hurt when she finds Alex cheating on her a month before her wedding.
As a way to get over him, and as a chance to have fun and clear her head, Justus convinces her best friend Krystal to accompany her on her honeymoon cruise. While on the cruise Justus meets a handsome Latin dance instructor named Miguel Amores from Miami.
The pair quickly find they have red hot chemistry on the dance floor and off of it.
This book contains mild language, sensual/sexual content.

The hot couple
Justus Kendall is a savvy twenty-something woman from the Midwest who is not looking for love, but a fling may be just what she needs after ending a bad relationship. Miguel Amores is a focused aspiring entrepreneur who hails from the sexy city of Miami. The two meet on a cruise ship where Justus is a passenger looking for fun, and a little passion, and Miguel is part of the ship’s entertainment.
These two may seem to have nothing in common on the surface, but opposites attract in more ways than one. There’s plenty of physical attraction, compatibility and sexual chemistry between Miguel and Justus. This is never more apparent than when the two of them are on the dance floor, whether they’re dancing to a slow grinding rhythm or displaying the showmanship and bravado required of the traditional Latin ballroom dances. Miguel and Justus never fail to bring the heat.

The Excerpt

“Mind if I put some lotion on you?” Miguel asked. Justus started at the sound of his voice. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” he said into her ear.  He didn’t wait for her to respond to him, he was already kneeling beside her, rubbing lotion into his hands. When they reached her back, it was all she could do not to moan with satisfaction. It was the most intimate contact his hands had had with her body thus far. Why did every move this man made have to feel so damned erotic? She wondered if and when she would find the answer to that question. 

“Thanks, but you didn’t really scare me, I just had my back to you, so I didn’t see you.”
His hands rubbed lower, until they were at the top of her bikini bottom. Miguel stroked her back while his eyes appreciated her very round, full and delicious ass. When he was finished she rolled over.
“So, when are you going to show me around?”
“Whenever you want.”
“Let’s go,” he said as he offered her his hand and helped her up. They continued to walk hand in hand up the beach.

She looked out into the water and asked, “Do you see Krystal and Michelle out there? They rented wave runners and it would be just like Krystal to get out there and end up in the middle of the ocean, lost and out of gas.”
“I don’t know. It’s hard to make out who’s who, but I know they are given a boundary as to how far they can go with the ship’s wave runners. Hopefully they listened.”
“Yeah, I think Krystal will since she’s with Michelle. She’s seems to be a by the book person.”
“Here, let’s go this way,” Miguel told her as he pulled her away from the ocean and toward some trees.
“Sure, as long as there aren’t any restless natives in these trees, or scary animals.”

Miguel laughed and shook his head. “No, nothing like that I assure you, the island is completely safe. I’ve searched it many, many times. Actually, the crew frowns upon people getting off the beach and coming back here. Lucky for them, not many people are as adventurous as I am.”
After hiking up a few sand dunes and sea grape beds, Justus heard the unmistakable sound of water. It was getting louder and louder with each step. 

Suddenly they stepped through a small clearing and there it was in front of them.
“Oh my God, a waterfall!” She looked at Miguel with sheer delight.
There was a small group of rocks, no more than ten feet high, and in the middle was a miniature waterfall and a lagoon the size of a small swimming pool.
“Oh, it’s so perfect, and beautiful, too!”
“Ready to get in?”
Without waiting for her to reply, he took off his sandals and T-shirt and jumped into the water.
“How deep is it?” Justus asked cautiously.
“Not very. Look, I’m standing,” he said, showing her the water hit him mid-chest meaning it would be about shoulder deep for her. Without hesitating Justus kicked off her flip-flops and got in. The water was surprisingly cool and felt very refreshing against her suntanned skin.
“There aren’t snakes or anything like that in here, is there?” She asked as she made her way toward him.
“Not that I’ve ever seen,” Miguel said as his hand grabbed her calve.
She cried out and splashed water in his face. He laughed and splashed back and soon there was an all-out war. They tired of playing soon enough and Miguel wasted no time.

“Come here,” he said urgently as he seized both of her hands.
He planted a kiss on her full lips as he sunk his hands into her hair. He tilted her head back farther, so he could reach the deeper recesses of her sweet tasting mouth. Miguel kissed her more thoroughly than she had ever been kissed before.
When at last he released her, he told her breathlessly, “Let’s check out the waterfall.”
They waded over together, hand in hand. Justus was first to test out the waterfall, she stuck her head under the spray and enjoyed the feel of the cool water swishing around her head. Miguel followed suit, and then shook his head, spraying Justus with water.

She squealed with laughter and pretended to be upset by it. However, once she looked into his green eyes, she forgot all about horseplay and was once again overcome by desire. This time she took the initiative, and moved closer and started kissing Miguel.

She placed her hands on his chest, and pushed him back, out of the spray and against the flat rocks that made a wall behind the waterfall. This was the first time she had displayed this type of aggression. Her lips found Miguel’s and she began to suck on them softly, as if she were trying to extract all of the sweet nectar she tasted out of his lips. She moaned.
As the kiss deepened, it became clear to both of them it simply wasn’t enough. Miguel broke the suction of her mouth and slowly trailed his lips down her jaw line. He worked his way down to her neck and collarbone. Justus rolled her head around her shoulders, and her hands moved up and down his hard, bare chest.
A soft moan escaped his lips and Justus matched it with a sigh of pleasure. His lips began to move further south; her hands followed the same track on his body. When his mouth reached the top curve of her breast, he paused briefly. Justus was virtually panting at this point, and he took that as a sign to continue. Miguel slowly walked the two of them toward the waterfall again. Her hands were hovering above the waistband of his shorts, gently massaging his navel. She felt herself getting lost while massaging the hair that grew in a swirling pattern around it.
While his lips were busily nibbling on her chest, Miguel nudged her tankini top apart with his nose. It took some time, but he finally managed to set one breast free. His mouth began a slow rhythmic sucking. His lips and tongue were mere inches from her nipple. He stopped to admire her and take in her beauty. It was obvious that Justus was aroused. Her nipple was bright pink, flushed, and hard. Justus was becoming restless with desire. She shoved her hands into the back of Miguel’s shorts and squeezed his taut cheeks.
He grunted with pleasure and pushed one cup of her bathing suit top completely aside with his hand, and then he moved the other cup to one side as well. Miguel stared at both breasts. His eyes were full of admiration and desire. Her nipples were taut and swollen.
He locked eyes with Justus before taking one into his mouth, the other in his hand. That nearly sent Justus over the edge. She moaned with delight, and released her hold on his buttocks. She wrapped her legs around him and began moving against him out of sheer instinct. She felt him through their thin bathing suits. He was large, thick and very hard.
Suddenly, Miguel moved them back farther, so they were both under the spray. Water was pouring down her face and spilling onto her bare breasts, which was exactly Miguel’s plan.
Justus didn’t realize the water was having an effect on her body.  All she could focus on was what Miguel was doing to her, and the ecstasy he was causing her to feel. After feeling the spray on her chest for a few moments she understood why Miguel had placed them directly under the water.
The rushing liquid was cold enough to solicit a response from her nipples, he watched with fascination as they became even harder. His eyes took on a mysterious, mischievous color, green and gold, shining like a cat’s. He looked her in the eyes, leaned down, and took her breasts into his mouth again.
He continued to stare at her, as his mouth worked its sweet torment on her. The difference between the temperature of the water and his mouth alone was enough to drive Justus crazy. The way he continued to look her in the eyes as he touched her did something to her.
No one had ever looked at her like that before, and no one had ever made her feel such an illicit craving. She felt more alive than she could remember and with a sudden realization she knew. She knew she could trust this man with her secrets and with her soul. Justus had never wanted anyone more in her entire life as she did Miguel at this very moment.

Copyright 2011 Amanda Bretz.  All rights reserved.
Amanda Bretz is the contemporary romance author of Finding Justus and Love in Greener Pastures. She is currently hard at work on her third book, with the working title of "Love, Simplified."
She holds a degree in communication from Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Florida and has worked as a journalist in both print and online news media.
When not writing, Amanda can be found whipping up something delectable in her kitchen, spending time in nature or getting lost in a good book.
Amanda resides in the Midwest with her husband, Brandon.

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