Welcome to author Marie Stephens

A big welcome to guest author Marie Stephens with her book Pack Law
My name is Marie Stephens. I have just recently found my second passion in life. I am a Registered Respiratory Therapist in a hospital by day and a writer by night. I have an alter ego while I write my books. I deal in real life everyday with my job but through my books I can escape to a place that I have created with my characters. Writing has always come easy to me but it is just recently that it has took the forefront in my life. I pour myself into my books and characters wanting people to see them as I do. They are the vessels for which I write. I want everyone to see them as I do. I have published another book through a publisher. I am an indie writer with this book. I am a mother of three wonderful children and have a very supportive husband. I love my husband very much and want to make my male characters as sexy as I see my husband. My husband is my inspiration for my wolfmen. I wanted to work my profession into my story due to the fact that we get no recognition for the work we do.

My main characters in this book are Ava a Respiratory Therapist, Tristan the alpha of the Black Mountain pack, and Michael of the Appalachian Pack based here in North Carolina. Every book has to have the good guys and the villains. My book has every element and a great sexual chemistry between Ava and Tristan.

Poor Ava has no idea that while working one night she would get caught up in a war between two rival Werewolf Packs. The alpha of the Black Mountain Pack, Tristan wants to keep order and peace among his kind and keep the humans unaware of their presence. The alpha of the Appalachian Pack, Michael wants to expose the werewolves to the human population and use the humans for his own personal gain breaking pack law. 

Wounds like yours do not heal overnight”, replied Ava. I am a very fast healer Ava. I was not able to heal myself with the silver in my body. Our bodies see silver as a toxin to our blood streams and that is why our health declines the longer it stays in our bodies. My body began the healing process the minute you removed the bullets from my body and now I am completely healed Ava. “Is everyone crazy around here? Strange things have been happening ever since I met you. Are you trying to tell me that you are not human? Is this some big joke being played on me or do I have brain damage from the bump on my head”, replied Ava? “I am what you would call a shape shifter. I maintain my human form but I also turn into a werewolf. I am the alpha or leader of our group here at the compound. It is my job to take care of everyone in my pack”, he replied. “I think what you are is fucking crazy. I really need to get the hell out of here before something else happens and I find myself hurt or worse”, screamed Ava. I jump off the bed and head to the door and I hear this growl from behind me. I turn around and there is this two hundred and fifty something pound wolf standing there in front of me. He has blondish brown fur and black eyes. He walks toward me and I back up against the door until I cannot move. He lies on his belly at my feet and licks on my toes until I reach down to rub his fur. He is so soft to the touch that you would not think that he would feel like that.  He inches away from me and then I see his bones reshaping and realigning until all of the fur has receded off of his bones. It is Tristan standing in front of me like he had never been a wolf the moment before. I am in complete and utter shock that I collapse to the floor where I was standing. I just look and him and shake my head and keep saying that it can’t be true. Then reality sets in and I know that I am never going to leave her alive and I pass out from shock.


It feels like we have been driving for hours. My arms are sore and I am so uncomfortable from lying in this same position. I need to stretch my legs out but I can’t due to all the stuff in this car. I know how a sardine feels now. I feel the car stop and hear the car doors open. Someone comes over to my side of the car and opens the door then drags me out of the seat by my hair. The one holding me up pulls the pillow case off of my head. It is night time now and it is hard to make out all of the faces around me. Welcome Ava, it is nice to finally meet the mate of our enemy, my name is Michael. Your mate is holding up progress for our kind. We have different views of how things should work. I believe that we as werewolves are superior and should not hide in the shadows like dogs at the feet of humans. I believe that humans should fear us and we should turn more humans to wolves for our cause. Tristan says that will go against Pack law. “We are pack law”, he replied. “I am not mated to Tristan,” replied Ava. No, but he has given you the mating mark and that is as good as mated in my book. He will come looking for you and when he does we will be waiting. How do you know all of this Michael? We have our spies everywhere. Out the corner of my eye I see someone walking closer to me. It is Tara, that bitch is a traitor. Tristan is going to kill you Tara. “He is not half the wolf that Michael is. Tristan is weak to choose a human as his mate. He ruins our line with weak human trash,” replied Tara. “That’s funny considering you were just telling him that you were going to be his mate,” replied Ava. Tara walks over and slaps Ava in the face. We must all play the game Ava. She reaches over and grabs Michael’s cock and starts stroking it there in front of everyone. He grabs her hand and tells her that this is not the time or place for this. She giggles and saunters off into the shadows of the night. I am in so much trouble and I don’t know how to fix it. Michael grabs me by my arm and drags me into a cabin not far from where we are standing.

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