Hot couples in fiction Friday and time to meet Annabel and Jet

The Book

 This is a contemporary erotic romance, a mystery, a quirky tale of life and the things people do for love, erotic but character driven. It is for 18+ only and contains explicit sex in the love scenes. Romance for men and for women in this story told about the brothers and their love lives.

Two brothers alike in a crucial way and not alike at all in others, both looking for love. Named after characters in one of their grandfather’s gritty spy novels, Jet and Falcon wonder if their often absent father is a spy.
Kind hearted Jet feels trapped in a job he doesn’t like.
Dynamic, creative Falcon loves his work.

Jet longs for something different in his life. When he meets Emma, he thinks that after their night of delightful lovemaking he has found it. He longs to see her after that night. Does she feel the same?

Jet begins to change his life, but it’s worrying and time consuming. His luck is about to change when Annabel kisses him in the local pub garden. Her sexual advances at first shock Jet until he lets himself relax into her passionate ways.

Jet has inherited a cottage from his grandfather, and as he clears out the garden shed what he finds there turns his ideas about his own family upside down.
Jet along with his brother Falcon decide to find out the secrets that have been hidden from them. Was their father a spy after all?
As Jet and Falcon start to unravel the secret life of their father, they realize that love is more important to them than they could have imagined, and Falcon finds what he wants.

The Couple
Jet Alexander is twenty five and has just found out he wants love, or at least sex. He is named after a character in one of his grandfather's gritty spy novels. He and his brother used to think they were a bit weedy, but now unknown to both of them they had grown up to be complete hunks. Dark haired and blue-eyed, they are twins that turn girls heads and yet neither of them have women in their lives. 

(They walked side by side to the car park. Two very attractive dark haired men, they were identical since they had cut their hair in the same style. Their blue eyes were filled with emotion, and they were both sporting a couple of day’s growth from not shaving. They were both dressed in jeans and shirts, neither shirt was completely buttoned and hanging out of their hip skimming jeans. It was obvious from the way the shirts hung that they had the kind of muscled torsos which sent female hearts racing. Falcon had taken to wearing open flip-flop shoes and his feet were brown. Although neither of them noticed, several women looked at them both admiringly as they got through the terminals, passed the bus stops, and then finally arrived at Jet’s car.)

Jet has just had an encounter with Emma Parker who can only be described as a man eater and is wondering why after their deliciously sexy nigh together she hasn't called him. He's looking for someone and Annabel is about to find him.

Annabel is new to the town. She is the same age as Jet. She's not long qualified as a vet, and has joined the local practice. She's lonely and out on her own, used to her circle of university friends and their way of relaxing, she approaches Jet in an unconventional way, and it's the start of a hot romance. Annabel is smart, sexy and has her own personal power. She is realistic, works very hard, and yet has a creative streak that keeps her bouyant.

(She grinned. “Like me and art. I used to paint but gave it up. I was never any good and never sold anything, and eventually I just got fed-up with the idea that I had put my heart and soul into something no one would ever see”.

Jet widened his eyes in a sympathy expression and it made him look sad. Annabel put a hand alongside his cheek and kissed him again.

“We are not far from a great art gallery. Would you like to go?” Jet asked.

Annabel shook her head.
“I have no hankering to keep in touch with art Jet, but there is a fantastic Egyptian archaeology exhibition I would like to see in the next town. Is it too late to do that?”)

She is just what Jet needs with her love of sex and also for Jet.
The Excerpt

The weekend was coming up and Falcon had told Jet that he was expected at the pub for the cricket club’s annual celebration. Jet no longer played cricket but Falcon did and so he felt obliged to support Falcon. Jet considered the event thinking how it usually entailed most of the club drinking themselves silly and acting the same. He sighed as he thought about it, and then realized he could take a relaxing evening being silly and didn’t need the beer to do it.
Falcon reminded him frequently to get down to the pub early on the Friday night, because before the high jinks they gave out all the little trophies such as best and fairest player, as well as ability related plaques. Jet grinned as he told Falcon he would walk down and have a sandwich, so he would be sure to be there early.
It was about ten that night when Jet made his way into the pub garden, trying to escape from the uproar that was happening everywhere in the pub, even in the restaurant specially hired for the evening by the cricket club.
He stood with the tomato juice he had in one hand, and leaned against the wattle fence, which separated the veranda part of the pub from the lawn area. The sky was bright with stars and the moon hung there like a great big marshmallow. It was not cold despite the clear sky as the day had been comfortingly warm.
Suddenly Jet felt someone lurch against his back, and he half-turned to catch them before they fell into the adjacent flowering shrub, which he knew from experience had thorns.
The ‘someone’ was a young woman. She was clearly under the influence of a few alcoholic drinks and as Jet caught her, she put her arms around his neck simultaneously dropping her drink into the shrub, where the glass chinked lightly on the branches.
Jet was pulling slightly away when she reached up, and with surprising strength pulled his head to hers. She started to kiss him and Jet tasted what he knew was whisky. He could not be harsh or unkind, and tried gently to pry her from his body, but she clung on tight and whispered something against his lips.
Jet couldn’t make it out mostly because he was so worried about the girl. She had to be about his age he decided and he let her kiss him. She kissed him more. He smiled a little as she tried to push her tongue into his mouth, and then she let go of his neck with one hand, and grabbed his right hand from where he had it loosely on her waist.
To Jet’s shock she pushed his hand between her legs and leaned onto him. He swallowed then and felt a frown of concern furrow his face.
“Hey, stop it”, he whispered to her. “Come on you’re not thinking straight”, he told her, and tried to move completely away without hurting her.
She was having none of it, and without Jet knowing how it had happened he felt her damp, and bare against his fingers. She managed to push his fingers into her and moved against his hand making little sounds with her lips against his.
Jet felt complete shock, but at the same time he felt himself becoming hard, so when she kissed him and whispered, “Please just stay there” to him, before kissing him again, Jet left his fingers in her and kissed her back.
He felt her move on his hand and couldn’t bring himself to do anything other than let her do what she wanted.
He heard his own voice soft and husky.
“Okay just take what you need” and he wondered where that had come from.
He let her kiss him, and after dropping his glass onto the grass he put his other arm around her shoulders to support her as she came onto his fingers obviously with great pleasure, because she stopped kissing him and whispered. “That was so good. I really needed you. I’m sorry; no I’m not. You’re lovely and kind. Your kiss is like heaven”.
Jet let her move his fingers from her, and he took a deep breath because he couldn’t believe what had just happened and because he was hard as hell.
“I hope you don’t do this often because it’s dangerous. You must know?” He told her softly and questioningly, and let her continue to hold his hand. She sighed and leaned against him putting her other hand against his chest.
“I have no excuse except that I saw you come out here. I have had a couple of drinks but I know what I am doing, so you needn’t feel bad. I thought you were just gorgeous as I watched you all evening and I thought what the hell I’m so lonely. No guy ever refuses a girl, and yet you seemed too decent to kiss me back at first and so I, well I did what I did”.
Jet looked at her face turned up to him. She was about a head shorter than he was, but then he was tall. He looked around.
“There’s no one out here”, she told him, and Jet wished she would take more care because he could be some ruthless man who would right now throw her down and take his own release.
He sighed and she smiled slightly. He noticed her hair was dark and in a thick braid down her back. Her eyes were probably blue but he couldn’t tell for sure in the dim light. She was very pretty, her nose rounded and her mouth well shaped. He blinked; maybe he was dreaming he thought.
The girl sighed then.
“I’ve shocked you. You think the worst of me. I’m sorry”.
Jet felt his head shake in denial, and wondered how it had happened because he was shocked in reality.
“I’m just concerned for you. I’m glad you chose me because I know a few unscrupulous guys here who might have taken complete advantage of you. They’re not bad, but they would have taken what you did as permission for the whole shebang”.
The girl started to laugh, and Jet looked at her as if she was demented because what was funny about that.
She stopped laughing and mouthed, “shebang” at him.
Jet didn’t catch on for another few seconds and then he grinned.
“Well she didn’t, but please I’m serious”, he told her.
She smiled then, a lovely smile which started in her eyes and spread to her mouth. Jet was captivated by her look.
“I’m Annabel, thank you for your kindness. May I buy you a drink?” she asked him and Jet nodded.
They went back into the pub hand in hand. Jet led them to the bar and ordered after she said, “Just iced water for me”. He picked up his own glass of tomato juice and her water to find somewhere to sit. As he looked around he saw Falcon waving to him from a large table in the corner of the pub. There were three free spaces on the bench seat, and he led Annabel over.
He introduced her to Falcon and the others at the table as if he had known her forever, and he had a smile on his face as Falcon gave him the look they reserved for each other to say a girl was attractive.
Annabel slid along the bench seat until Jet could sit next to her and she turned to him. “Thank you”, she said softly, and Jet realized he hadn’t told her his name.
He leaned close to her ear and whispered, “Jet, my name, it’s Jet”.
Annabel leaned into him and said, “Lovely”. She tugged at the skirt of her dress and Jet noticed it had ridden high up her thighs. He realized it was a short dress to begin with. One of those jersey dresses that had no zips because they just were pulled on and off like a long T-shirt. He had been right about her eyes they were blue and very close to his own shade of blue. Her lashes had mascara on them but were noticeably naturally long. She had a line of dark blue pencil under the bottom lashes and it made her eyes look sultry as she stared right back at him. He realized she was about his age and certainly not some real youngster, which made him feel thankful and happy at the same time.
If she had been the worse for alcohol previously she showed no signs of it now and began to talk to him quietly, and earnestly. He needed to lean close to her to hear properly and he could see she liked that.
“Tell me about yourself Jet”, she said, and Jet shrugged.
“I live in the village. I work in a place just outside the next town. I’m twenty-five. Falcon is my twin”. He stopped and smiled at her sparkling eyes.
“I could tell”, she informed him, presumably about Falcon and then she nodded.
“Go on”.
Jet didn’t know what to say and his glance stole down to her thighs again where the dress had exposed them.
Annabel followed his gaze and murmured, “Sorry I must have left you a bit in need”. Jet looked into her eyes.
“It’s okay”, he said.
They each took a sip of the drink they had in front of them, and Jet noticed that as he and Annabel had been talking, Falcon had left the table and was over by the bar talking, and laughing with a couple of the cricket club members.
Annabel watched him and thought about what she had done.
It was totally outrageous and she was lucky he had not been unpleasant about it all. She really liked Jet and she hoped they could get to know each other. She thought she might have put him totally off her and it wasn’t entirely true that she had not drunk too much. She had three whiskies in a short space of time and felt emboldened, lonely, and desperate. It had been a fraught few weeks. She was alone in the village and had only just got over a broken heart. She was over it though she thought and now just felt terribly in need of affection. Right then as she watched Jet seek out his brother with his eyes, she wished he had just taken advantage, and they had gone onto the lawn and had sex, that way she would have known she was not the only one who was a Friday night, three whiskies easy target.
In the city where she had lived until recently, her group of friends often did take a guy or a girl home for the night. It seemed the only way to get through the stressful existence most of them led. She had no excuse for that now; although she worked hard, her life had taken a turn for the better.
Jet had turned back to her.
“I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, but would you like to walk home with me and have some coffee, just to talk away from this racket? I don’t live that far away just up the road really”.
Annabel nodded. “I would like that Jet”, she said.
They passed Falcon on the way out saying goodnight to him, and others hanging about at the bar still yahooing and telling sporting prowess stories.
Outside Annabel put her arm through Jet’s and they walked companionably up the road. Jet had walked that route so often he couldn’t say how many times, but tonight he noticed the scent of roses and honeysuckle as they passed the big thatched cottage, and then the row of smaller cottages before reaching his own.
When he unlocked the door and opened it wide for Annabel to go ahead into the hall he felt as if something significant was about to happen.

'Two of Them' is available on Kindle US, and Kindle UK

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