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We all need to indulge now and again. Chocolate, sexy underwear, buttery popcorn, shopping for shoes, or just shopping, even spending the whole night chatting on Facebook.
The list could go on and on,
and it's all about what helps you relax. 
Life can be fraught and frenetic; we all need some downtime to recharge and be able to then step back up and do our best.

For some nothing is as indulgent as collecting your favorite nibbles and curling up with a good book. 
Make that sexy, hot, romantic, full on HEA, erotic book. 

If you've not met sexy, dishy August yet, here's your chance.
He's naturally gorgeous and such a sweetheart, just about as luscious as a chocolate dipped strawberry.

 From the book Millie Reinvented 

It was raining when they both arrived at August’s house that evening. He went to Millie’s car to help her with her suitcase, and they took it into the house. Millie brought her grip bag and toiletries, and then went back for her work portfolio. August followed her and picked up the few things on hangers. He ran back to the house with them so that they would not get wet. 

Once inside Millie saw that he had put her things on the desk and her suitcase was next to it. He stood back and looked at them.
“Millie is this it? This is all you want from your apartment?”
She went to him and put her arms around him.
“August there is nothing I want that remotely compares to being with you. You really are all I want”.

August’s blue eyes darkened as he looked at her. He picked her up and laid her on the sofa. “I feel the same about you Millie. I never expected to have this kind of love, and now I do have it I can’t get enough. I can’t imagine how I coped without you, and how I would if I lost you”.
He was kissing her and undressing her. 
Millie kissed him back.
“August I don’t think that will happen, ever”, and she had to stop talking because August was kissing down the inside of her thighs as he removed her underwear. It took her breath away. 
When he opened her legs with his fingers Millie thought he would put them into her, but he moved his head to kiss her there, and Millie felt his tongue stroke her, and then move into her. She gasped and held onto the sides of the sofa to stop herself thrusting her hips it felt so good. 
August drove her to the point where he knew she was desperate to have him inside her, and he kissed up her stomach to her breasts where he grazed her hardened nipples with his lips before he found her mouth.
 Millie was unbuttoning his shirt and unzipping him. She was kissing him with little needy kisses, August stood up, and took off his clothes. Millie sat up and pulled him towards her intent on sucking him for at least a few seconds.

August let her. He could feel her need to do it, and then he gently lifted her head to his and kissed her tenderly. 
He sat down and brought her to straddle him. As Millie sheathed his hardness, she whispered into his mouth. “August come for me darling. I want that for you”.
August had no idea how sexy his own words were until she said them to him, and he thrust into her until Millie was gasping with pleasure. 
August felt her take over as she rocked her hips and teased his tongue with hers. They both felt the rush of release at the same time and stilled against each other’s lips until the last wave of exquisite pleasure subsided. Millie rested her face against August’s, and closed her eyes sighing.
August held her clasped to him. “Millie my love, I think I left the front door open”, he told her. They looked at each other and smiled.
“No August I closed it”, she said, and kissed him.

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  1. Hi,
    I enjoyed the excerpt Elodie, sexy and hot. ☺
    Patricia ♥

  2. Hi Elodie,
    I loved your excerpt, your story sounds awesome.
    Patricia ♥

  3. Here are other comments which cannot be featured singly because of the email address included but I did want to acknowledge these lovely hoppers who left comments and will now be in the draw for one of the three kindle copies of Millie Reinvented.

    From Elizabeth H.
    Indulgences are books and David Gandy! Thanks for the hop and the chance to win!

    From Carin
    Thanks for the excerpt, my indulgence is totally steamy books. Thank for also being part of this hop.

    From Renee
    What a great hop. My indulgence; Chocolate&Erotic PNR books! And not feeling guilty about it at all LOL I m a sucker for the Happily Ever After. Romance books almost always have the HEA and I love them because of it. I especially like the PNR books with hot sexy alpha male heroes and kick ass heroines. Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win.

    From BookAttict
    My indulgence is a hot bubble bath, dark chocolate, a good, dry white wine and a good book (ideally at the same tie) followed by a massage! Thanks for the giveaway !

    From Susanmp
    Books and chocolate! Millie Reinvented looks really good!

    Thank you for hopping by and have a lovely day :-)

  4. Kelly R has left a comment :-)
    Thank you for the giveaway, the excerpt was great..

  5. From Miriam
    Love the blurb thanks

    From Cassandra
    Love to indulge in books and cheesecake, thanks for the awesome giveaway

    posted by Elodie without email addresses, thank you and you will go into the draw to win one of three books.

  6. This comment from Kaylyn, posted by Elodie so as not to post email address
    I love to indulge in a huge glass of Merlot. It helps a bad day fade to the background. Thanks for the give away Kaylyn

  7. Thank you to everyone who has so far left a comment and entered the prize draw, mine and all the blogs participating in this hop. It's so lovely to read what everyone has to say about the hop, about their own indulgences, and about the excerpt here on my blog. Thank you and I hope to see you all for the next hop. WE can hop and bop at the hops together. :-)

  8. Here are more comments that I need to post without the email address,
    Books are my indulgence! I cant resist them. I see them and want them. When i read them, i want even more! lol And chocolate is high up there too! :D Thanks for the awesome hop and giveaway! :) shadow

    My indulgences are books, chocolate , pepsi , watching True Blood and sleeping in (last one is usually in the summer when my son doesn't have school). vampiremistress

    I like chocolate. bn

    Thank you very much for the excerpt on "Millie Reinvented". I loved it!Jessie

    LOVED The excerpt! Over here fanning myself! I indulge in a bubble bath with a hot book and hide away from the world until the water turns cold. Chris

    I will be announcing the winners shortly :-) Thank you again for entering the blog hop.

  9. WINNERS drawn ARE:
    elizabeth (attict)

    Sorry no other names available. I hope the email addresses you left are okay to gift the books to.
    Your kindle copy of Millie Reinvented will be winging it's way to you ASAP.

    Thank you to all who entered the draw and for the lovely comments.
    Please hop over here again and try for other books. :-) Elodie


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