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The Naughty or Nice Giveaway Hop was organized by Nat @ Reading Romances!

Who's to say what's naughty or nice when it comes to romance books, and in fact romance? I write contemporary, erotic romance and always with a little twist in the tale.
Right now my work in progress is 'The Last Time' it contains some naughty, and some nice. 
Seth Carbery is an actor, and is on location making a movie. He and many other cast members start receiving threatening letters. After a few weeks of the movie security team investigating and getting nowhere with finding the perpetrator, The Black Agency is engaged to track them down.
Bethany Snow is an agent with The Black Agency and along with Jake another agent she is assigned to the case. She's not very impressed to find she's protecting Seth until she meets him in person, when romantic sparks are going to fly.

Here is an excerpt from The Last Time for you to decide for yourself if it's naughty or nice, or both.

Bethany was looking at his mouth. She wanted to kiss him.
Seth was thinking about how her nipples had felt under his palms the night before, and then his eyes drifted down to look at them. Bethany was wearing a white T-shirt under her jacket, and as Seth looked at her breasts, she felt her nipples harden in response. Her breasts began to ache for his mouth on them.
“Seth”, she said softly, and he raised his eyes to hers.
“Will I spoil your make-up if I kiss you?”
He smiled a little. “It will be re-applied, and anyway there’s not much done for these scenes because lots of effects will be added in post-production”.
Bethany put her hands around his face and kissed him as he finished telling her this.
They kissed each other gently until Bethany, letting go of Seth’s face pulled her T-shirt and the stretchy top she wore under it up to free her breasts. She still had her lips to Seth’s, and he had a hand in her hair holding her, but now she took his hand and brought it to her breast. “Seth I need your mouth on my breasts”, she whispered.
He left his face against hers for just a moment as a shock of desire spiked through him and started an erection. He kneaded her breast softly, and then moved to take as much into his mouth as he could and swirl his tongue around her nipple.
Bethany gasped and began to undo the pants he was wearing. She was desperate to hold him and feel the shape of his erection as it grew in her hands. She couldn’t make them open and so she unzipped her jeans. She pushed them apart and down so that Seth could the see the junction of her thighs, and he moved his hand to trail his fingers from one of her hipbones across her stomach to the other, just missing but wanting to dip his fingers into the triangle.
Seth drew back from her a little.
“Bethany we are out in the open here, if you want to we could make it to the trees over there?”
He smiled almost apologetically and Bethany kissed him.
She looked over her shoulder to the little copse of trees about twenty yards away. She was damp with need, her breasts still aching for his touch.
“Let’s go”, she said, and pulled her clothing over her breasts, picked up the laptop from the seat beside her, and held out her hand to Seth.
He was grinning at her, but all he could think of was pushing his now very hard cock into her, and hearing her gasp in pleasure.

Look for The Last Time released in December on Kindle or check back to the blog for other snippets posted on the work in progress tab.

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  1. Love the excerpt, looking forward to the book, Tess

  2. Wow, Elodie what a sexy snippet!

  3. Posting comments minus their email addresses,
    from Elodie :-)
    I think nice. Thanks for the giveaway! TammyAnn

    I think Seth will turn out to be naughty! Jessie

    Well hmm can he be both? lol I'll go with nice Jessica

    I think he turns out to be very naughty..which is very nice! Angie

    oh I hope naughty!! LOL Thanks for the hop!! Donna

    I'm guessing naughty but that is the way my mind ends up :) vampiremistress

    I think he will turn out to be naughty Jean

    I think naughty naughty naughty Wanda

    Woohoo! Great theme for a hop! I like the “Naughty” books. The naughtier the better. :) I think Seth will turn out to be nice though I hope he turns out naughty . Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win. <^_^> Renee

    I am hoping Naughty because what fun is Nice!! Susanmp

    I'm going to say he's naughty. Jan D

    I bet that Seth is naughty to a point and by the end is nice. Kelsey

    Thank you for the comment so far it's great to read what you all think. :-)

  4. Posting comments without email addresses :-)

    Maybe naughty with a dose of nice? Yvette

    This looks like a nice read! Thanks! rfg

    What an excerpt!! Wow, wow, wow!! I think Seth will be a little bit of both, Naughty and Nice!! Ashley A
    I think naughty! morales

    naughty :) hkaufman78

    I think nice. Thanks for the giveaway! tammyann


  5. I think Naughty ;) at least I hope. on


    at 12:44 PM
    More comments posted via Elodie

    Teresa at 9:32 AM

    This book sounds great...I think he will be nice.. ronn

  6. More comments,
    I'm gonna go with naughty, just because naught is better, lol. Thx for the giveaway.

    I think Naughty ;) at least I hope.


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