Gearing up for Halloween and today's guest author Tessa Stokes brings along her vampires

Welcome to the blog Tessa

Tessa likes to write erotic and paranormal romance as well as contemporary fantasy as she says this gives her more scope for happy endings, which she thinks we all crave. 


The Ruthin Trilogy : Adult content and graphic sexual scenes 18+

Devon Ruthin and a Vampire in Love: Volume one of The Ruthin Trilogy

A contemporary paranormal romance.

When a girl looking for love meets a lonely, but strange man, she has her suspicions about him, especially since he doesn’t seem to eat.
He’s not what he used to be, he’s totally reformed and lives amongst a group of ancient magical beings. Just what is he besides, gorgeous, sexy, intelligent and totally in love with her?
He’s a dress designer, a dot com businessman, a good friend, courageous, and he’s four hundred and some years old.

Fate has some weird twists in store for this couple but above all else it has a delicious love story.
Devon Ruthin finally hears from his very dangerous brother after twenty years. It’s not the reunion he would hope for, when Drew takes a liking to the girl Devon loves.
It’s not the reunion Drew might have hoped for either, because he discovers the woman he’s always loved lives in the same town as Devon, and begins a quest to win her back.
Drew Ruthin is a vampire and one of the worst kind, he's also selfish and egotistical, he's dangerous and not just because he's out for someone's blood, but because he's subconsciously very unhappy. He knows his vampire community finds him pathetic; he's losing power and status. His pain comes from his aching need for acceptance and love.
He has a funny way of showing it.
Attempting murder of his family members.
Seducing and draining any pretty girl he finds in his path.
It seems he will stoop to nothing when suddenly into his 'undead life' comes a girl, who although not destined for him, sets off a chain of events that does bring him everything his secret heart longs for.

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Excerpt: Meet Devon

Bliss watched Devon for twenty minutes as he walked up and down the length of his garden. He seemed to be able to do it very quickly, unless he turned and came back as he was in the dark part, where the garden lights petered out. What was he doing out there she thought and then she decided to go down to him. She wanted to be with him, she had come looking for love, and she thought she had found it. She was dilly-dallying around for no good reason. She pulled on the T-shirt she had worn that evening and her jeans. She put her feet into her canvas shoes and combed her hair, which was still a little wet from the shower. She went down to the kitchen and found the massive window only open by a meter. She went through it and waited for when Devon reached her.

Devon knew she was there even before he exited the dark area of the garden. He slowed down a little and concentrated on sensing her presence. Sometimes after he had drunk his health shake, he felt more in command of sensing a person’s emotions. She was definitely in love with him. She wanted him. He sighed in relief.
As Devon came out of the gloom Bliss walked towards him and put her arms around him, he put his arms around her. He felt her hair midway down her back still damp, and he held it in his hands savoring the softness.
“Bliss what are you doing down here is something wrong?” he asked her because he didn’t know what else to say. She shook her head, moving her arms to around his neck she kissed him. She molded her body against his.
She kissed him until she felt that overwhelming urge to tell him she loved him and then she did.
“Devon I love you, I have to tell you, I need you to know”, and then he was kissing her again and smiling. Then kissing her, and as he held her very tightly he whispered, “I love you too”. Bliss smiled before she kissed Devon again, and they stood close together holding each other’s face and kissing each other tenderly. Bliss began to unbutton the shirt Devon was wearing. She moved her hands across his smooth skin along the muscles of his chest. He felt cool and strong. She traced around his body with her fingertips, and Devon kissed down her throat and her shoulder.
Bliss moved to his lips to kiss him. She whispered close to his lips, “Come back inside let’s go to bed Devon, I want to be with you”.
Devon was captivated by this. He smiled and kissed her. “I want to be with you too Bliss”, he told her.
Holding hands, they went inside and Devon locked the window. He was thinking about his bed, was it actually made up, he couldn’t remember the last time he had lain in it. He generally slept for short periods in his chair or sometimes on the lawn. As they went upstairs and he put his arm around her waist Bliss felt very happy. It had been the right thing to do, to tell him she loved him, it seemed to her that he had been waiting to know how she felt about him.
Devon had decided that if his bed was not made up he would tell Bliss he was about to change the linen and had forgotten to finish the job. This was not good he thought; he didn’t want to lie to her right then.
When they went into Devon’s bedroom Bliss was struck by how empty it seemed. There was a bed on the side opposite the huge windows, and she noticed a chair set up so that Devon could sit and look out of them. Devon’s bed was made up with white linen that looked ironed. His quilt, also in a white cover was rolled at the bottom of his bed as if he did not use it. Devon held her face and kissed her so lovingly she felt like liquid. They undressed and held each other close suddenly desperate to feel each other’s body closer, and their kisses became more urgent.
Devon ran his fingertips along her skin and cupped her breasts in his hands. Bliss arched to him as he took a nipple into his mouth and a little moan escaped her it felt so good. She reached down to feel his erection in both hands and almost sighed with relief at finally being able to hold him like that. Devon groaned and found her lips with his. His kiss was hungry and he held her then around her hips to raise her as he put a finger into her moistness. Bliss gasped with pleasure and moved on his finger until Devon put another finger into her. His tongue was in her mouth and she was grasping him tightly and then stroking his erection wanting him inside her.
He laid her down on the cool bed and moved over her. Bliss put her arms up around him to press him to her body as she opened her legs wide for his entrance. She whispered her need to him and Devon wanted to give her what she asked for. He surged into her and they moved together as if they had always known each other, as if they were made to fit together and it felt so good they were both softly moaning.
Devon told Bliss he loved her so much over and over as he made love with her. Bliss was carried along in a wave of pleasure. She sought out his lips if he moved them from hers to her cheek or shoulders. They whispered to each other and groaned into each other’s mouth as the sensations overwhelmed them.
They didn’t let go of each other for a long time. Devon felt that he couldn’t let Bliss go. He needed her in his arms close against him. Bliss wanted that too, and she moved so that her face was against his, and so that she could kiss him as they whispered to each other. Devon held Bliss very close until she was asleep, and then he closed his eyes, and sighed. He wanted Bliss with him always. It had to have been fate that brought her to him. She had told him how she had set out to find love, or something that would change her life and arrived at the cafĂ©. It was meant to be he decided. He kissed her and gently traced a breast with his fingertip. In her sleep Bliss moved towards him, wanting him. He moved his hand to rest gently on her lower stomach, his fingers almost against her moistness and he sighed. Everything felt so good.


Drew Ruthin and The Blood of Changes: Volume Two of The Ruthin Trilogy

Drew Ruthin wakes to find he doesn’t remember a thing but at least his old friend Greta is there to help him remember.
They do a little hunting and Drew likes it.
He’s in for a shock when as the days go by after his reawakening he starts to change into of all things, a good guy.
It’s the legacy the ancient magical being Elise left him, but she doesn’t know it, and neither does he. He only knows he loves her and is desperate to get her back.
Drew’s journey from a dangerous being to what he becomes for Elise is full of angst, killing, and finally tenderness.
Can he win her back and what does a warrior mage have in mind for him?
In this second book of The Ruthin Trilogy Drew and Elise share some hot love scenes. Some tender moments and as she turns against her own people his brother Devon, who swore to kill him has a change of heart.
In the background the lovely, ancient, warrior mage Balthazar Crane finds love of his own and starts to mellow.

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Excerpt : Meet the vampire Drew

Drew smiled his charming, disarming, sex laden smile and they were lost.
Nicole was the first to try to take him from Leah. She waited until he had gone to the bar for drinks, and then excusing herself from the table where Leah was being quizzed by the others as to how she had met such a hot guy, she followed him and stood very close. The bar was crowded and Drew let her press against him as she said, “Hi Drew, thought I would come and help”.
He leveled his gaze on her as she pressed her hip further against his thigh.
“I’m already somewhat warm”, he said as his eyes burned into hers. “Is there one of those garden things here to cool off in?”
Nicole licked her lips before she answered. “There’s a patio and a pool out the side. I could show you”.
Drew flashed his eyes and whispered, “Lead the way”.
Nicole looked around to check if Leah and the rest could see them, satisfied they couldn’t, she grabbed Drew by the hand and pulled him through the crowd around the side of the packed dance floor, and out of the sliding glass doors, which were already open to the patio and pool.
Drew was not in the mood to beat about the bush, he pulled her to one side where a huge potted palm obscured the view and kissed her.
He started to pull her short dress up and kissed down her throat, and then back to her lips. His kisses were intoxicating and he whispered to her as he pulled her underwear away. “I need you”.
Nicole unzipped his jeans, and pushed her tongue into his mouth as he felt her warmth with his fingers gently and then took her to the ground.
Nicole was very willing and they had finished quickly. Drew was disappointed; the experience had not satisfied him. He would take her back and get another from the group he thought.
They stopped at the bar and bought the drinks. On reaching the table, Drew saw that Leah looked a little hurt.
“You’ve been gone a long time”, she said, and Drew gave her a sweet look.
“It was crowded”. He sat next to her and ignored Nicole who nudged the next girl along and pouted.
Drew noticed the girl sitting opposite him quietly. She had short dark hair and her eyelashes were laden with black mascara. She eyed him speculatively and Drew felt the challenge. When Leah suggested dancing, he stayed at the table as most of the girls went to dance in a circle leaving him to guard their belongings. The mascara girl stayed behind.
She leaned across the table and as the music was extremely loud shouted, “Hello, where did you meet Leah then?” Drew didn’t need her to shout but moved across to sit by her side as if he would like to hear her better.
“Just around”, he informed the girl, and noticed that she had dark blue eyes behind the black fringes, and that her face was a pretty heart shape.
He let his eyes linger on her lips and then looked straight at her breasts pushed up to show the cleavage in her dark blue, velvet dress.

Drew smiled at her and sighed. The mascara girl sighed too. She liked his looks, he was delicious she thought, pity Leah had met him first.
Drew rested his face on his hand and leaned on the table so that he was close to her. He looked longingly at her lips and then he put all his vampire charm to work.
“I don’t know your name but I’d like to. Shall we go outside for a few minutes just to talk?”
Mascara girl looked over at the group of friends. They seemed to have gathered a couple of boys who were showing off with some street dance moves.
“Okay but not for long”, she said just giving in to the temptation before her.
Drew swept her along out to the front of the hotel and around to the semi-circular garden of daisies and clipped hedge.
He really needed sex right away and he pulled her to him kissing her as if his life depended on it. Mascara girl responded. She put her arms up around his neck and pressed her whole body against his with a need that might have matched his. This was different Drew thought. Nicole had screwed him to get at Leah this girl wanted sex.
He unzipped her dress and pulled it down her shoulders to reveal her dark blue, lace underwear and he undid the clasp at the front to cup her breasts as he continued to kiss her. He licked her nipples one by one. She undid his shirt and trailed her fingers over his chest and down the sides of his body until he found himself sighing slightly. He pushed down her underwear and ran his hand over her lower stomach kissing her deeply. Drew put his fingers into her and she made a little sound into his mouth as she arched against his hand wanting more. Drew shivered with pleasure when she wrapped her hand around him having undone his jeans and freed him up to the night air. He took his fingers away and gliding down to the daisies and grass between the hedges, he pulled her on top of him bringing her face to his, and kissing her lips as she started to rock her hips and then slide along him.
Drew moved his hands to her hips and helped her until he knew she was satisfied, and then he rolled her over and took his own pleasure as his lips moved against her throat, and he started to suck just a little. He did not pierce her skin just tasted her blood as it rushed to the surface of her skin under his lips. She groaned with pleasure.
He sat up with her and they arranged their clothes. He cast a glance at her, she had been good he thought, passionate, and he felt better than he had with the girl called Nicole.
“We should go back”, she said, and he nodded at her.
Inside they found that the circle of friends were still on the dance floor and were flirting heavily with the boys who had joined them. Leah too Drew noticed. Mascara girl felt guilty when she looked at Leah and went to join them.


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