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A warm welcome to guest author Lucy Felthouse

Lucy is a graduate of the University of Derby, where she studied Creative Writing. During her first year, she was dared to write an erotic story - so she did. It went down a storm and she's never looked back.

 Lucy has had stories published by Cleis Press, Constable and Robinson, Decadent Publishing, Ellora's Cave, Evernight Publishing, House of Erotica, Ravenous Romance, Resplendence Publishing, Sweetmeats Press and Xcite Books. She is also the editor of Uniform Behaviour, Seducing the Myth, Smut by the Sea and Smut in the City.

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Hi Lucy I'll hand over to you now.

Firstly, I want to say a big thank you to Elodie for having me on her site. I'm delighted to be taking part in the hot couples feature! So, without further ado, I'll introduce my couple.

Annalise and Damien are a couple from my erotic romance novella, Off the Shelf. They met in an airport bookshop, and as Annalise is afraid of rejection and Damien is very shy, they took a while to get it together.
I think they're hot because they're so different. Annalise is no nun and has no trouble finding men for casual fun, but she struggles to find someone she wants to have a meaningful relationship with. Damien is definitely not your typical romance hero; he is geeky, has long curly hair, glasses and isn't particularly muscular. He is what many would call a beta hero. But regardless of that, Annalise has the serious hots for him but is too scared to do anything about it to begin with. However, when the two of them finally start to be braver, sparks start to fly and a fun and very sexy story ensues.

Here's an excerpt:

They were silent as Damien pulled on to Annalise’s driveway. He killed the engine and they were both out of the car and at her front door in a matter of seconds. Annalise had already fished her keys out of her bag on the journey home, so there was only a small pause as she unlocked and opened the door.

Once they were inside, she locked the door behind them. When she turned, Damien was standing in the middle of her hallway fiddling with his shirt cuffs again.

‘Uh-uh,’ Annalise said, shaking her head at him, ‘no more of that shy business. Please.’

He snapped his hands to his sides, looking suitably chastised. The dimple in his cheek appeared, along with a slight blush, when he said quietly, ‘Upstairs?’

‘Ohhh yes.’

Annalise dropped her handbag, kicked off her shoes and dashed up the stairs. Damien took off his shoes and followed closely behind her.

Flinging open the door to her bedroom, she snapped on the light, then crossed to the window and drew the curtains.

‘We don’t want to scare the neighbours now, do–’

Turning from the window, her words were cut off by Damien standing right in front of her. Annalise took a tiny step forward, and they were touching. She thrilled at the sensation of his body heat, and couldn’t wait to feel the same heat, yet skin to skin. Sucking in a deep breath, she almost drooled at the scent. She could smell a mixture of shampoo and cologne, and it was good.

There was some tacit agreement that they’d now passed the point of no return – despite still being fully clothed – as Damien put his hands on Annalise’s hips and pulled her more tightly to him. He said just one word before leaning down and capturing her mouth in a kiss.


The plural hadn’t been lost on her, and the frisson of heat between her legs sparked into a full flame. Fuuuuuuuuck.

‘Mmm-hmm ...’ she replied, twining her arms around his neck and kissing him back. He was a damn good kisser. He had just the right mixture of confidence and skill, which made the butterflies in her tummy transform into crazy zings of lust and zoom wildly throughout her body.
The delicious feelings increased tenfold when Damien opened his lips and she felt his tongue try for access to her mouth. She gladly admitted it, and the hot caress of his tongue against hers caused a trickle of juices to slide from her pussy and soak into the gusset of her pants.

She was suddenly very glad she’d gone with her earlier instinct and worn not only matching, but very sexy lingerie. Not that she was going to be wearing it for much longer ...

Annalise shuffled forwards, gently pushing him. Damien took the hint and they moved as one towards her bed, falling onto it with her on top. Just as she leaned down to kiss him again, he stopped her. Removing his glasses, he gave a wicked smile and asked her to put them down on her bedside table.

‘Don’t want them getting in the way, do we?’

Climbing off him, Annalise carefully deposited his glasses on the bedside table. Then, agreeing with Damien’s logic about things getting in the way, she quickly removed her earrings, necklace and bracelet. Finally, she opened her top drawer and retrieved a condom. Turning to face him once more, she saw that he’d moved so he was now positioned with his head on the pillows, and his hands behind his head, waiting. He raised his eyebrows.

‘Oh, I’m sorry,’ Annalise said, her voice dripping with sarcasm, ‘was I taking too long?’

‘Yes,’ Damien replied without hesitation. ‘Now come here.’

Annalise clambered across the bed and straddled Damien. She felt the bulge in his trousers pressing against her arse and wriggled against it. Dropping the condom on his chest, she said, ‘I think you’re going to be needing that.’

‘You think?’

‘Shut up and give me a kiss.’

‘With pleasure, ma’am.’

Grabbing the condom packet in one hand, he reached up with the other and pulled her down on to him. Annalise opened her mouth immediately, eager to have his tongue in her mouth. Not to mention certain other places.

Shifting slightly, she transferred her weight from her hands to her elbows. Her breasts were crushed tight against his chest, causing them both to moan at the sensation. It was nice, but it hadn’t been Annalise’s end game. No, she’d freed her hands so she could do what she’d been longing to do for a very long time.

She tangled them in his hair. It felt every bit as good as she’d imagined; springy yet soft. Annalise had to restrain herself from yanking on it and getting to work on his exposed throat, like she had in one of her daydreams.

Maybe later.

For now, she was going to hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

Their kiss grew more heated, and Annalise’s hips rocked almost involuntarily with every sensual slip and slide of their tongues. Of course, each and every movement was grinding her clit against Damien’s erection, making them both more and more frenzied. Their tongues clashed increasingly violently, and Damien jerked beneath her, pushing his hard cock more forcefully against Annalise’s vulva. She growled, and thrust back. By now, she could feel her sodden knickers clinging to her pussy and could think of little else but Damien fucking her.

Sitting up suddenly, Annalise didn’t bother to answer Damien’s confused, ‘What’s up?’ She thought her actions would make her intentions perfectly clear. Too impatient to turn around and get Damien to undo the zip, she grabbed the hem of her dress and tugged it over her head, dropping it to the floor beside the bed.

Damien didn’t say another word. He didn’t need to. His face said it all, as his gaze caressed her body; from her tousled hair down to where her crotch was pressed against his. She didn’t think it was possible, but the more he stared the more aroused she became, until her stiffened nipples were chafing almost painfully against the cups of her lacy bra and her cunt felt like molten lava.

Annalise couldn’t take it any more. Without a word, she reached down and undid the belt of his trousers. She tried to pull it from the loops, but because she was still astride him, he struggled to raise his bottom enough to help get rid of the belt.

Huffing impatiently, Annalise rolled off Damien and flopped down beside him. ‘Get them off,’ she said crossly.

He laughed, but did as he was told. ‘Horny, are we?’

‘What do you think?’ 

At 35, travel writer Annalise is fed up with insensitive comments about being left on the shelf. It’s not as if she doesn’t want a man, but her busy career doesn’t leave her much time for relationships. Sexy liaisons with passing acquaintances give Annalise physical satisfaction, but she needs more than that. She wants a man who will satisfy her mind as well as her body. But where will she find someone like that? It seems Annalise may be in luck when a new member of staff starts working in the bookshop at the airport she regularly travels through. Damien appears to tick all the boxes; he’s gorgeous, funny and intelligent, and he shares Annalise’s love of books and travel. The trouble is, Damien’s shy and Annalise is terrified of rejection. Can they overcome their fears and admit their feelings, or are they doomed to remain on the shelf?

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