This Sunday I welcome author Alexandra O'Hurley and her soon to be released erotic romance Mr. Wham Bam

Alexandra O'Hurley was born in Maryland, but was brought to the seven cities of Virginia when she was young. Alexandra is surrounded by a loving family as well as a plethora of fun friends who like to dance with her to rock music and share a few beers whenever the time is found.
When she isn't working, typing, or dancing, Alex loves screaming her head off with her daughter on roller coasters, traveling, skiing, watching scary movies in the dark, painting, and reading trashy romance novels (besides her own, of course).

Coming October 8, 2012!

Mr. Wham Bam

Kensington Clarke is career-driven and completely focused, so when she meets Jace, or as her friends call him, Mr. Wham, Bam, Thank You, Ma’am, she ignores the attraction she feels. His charm is wasted on her. She doesn’t want to be another notch in his bedpost and doesn’t have time for his attentions, even if he’s the sexiest man she’s ever seen and the mere mention of his name makes her panties wet. Romantic entanglements just aren’t on the agenda.

Jace Briarfield is accustomed to women throwing themselves at his feet. He’s not egotistical; it’s just a horrible fact of life. All the women are the same and only want him for his face, his package, and his bank account, not the man he is inside. When he meets Kensington, he knows she’s different from the rest, especially when she ignores him. Having to chase a woman is a new experience, but one he is prepared to face head-on. He’s ready to be the relationship kind of guy.

When a drunken text from Kensington starts them on a roller coaster of emotional and sexual combat, he doesn’t do the obvious thing, much to Kensington’s chagrin. She wakes up in his bed, hung-over and grumpy, ready to run from him once more.

Jace refuses to let her hide again, making her face the assumptions that threaten to ruin their chance at happiness. Will she ever let down her walls and let Mr. Wham, Bam, Thank You, Ma’am catch her?

Excerpt from Mr. Wham Bam
“I gotta do this, Michelle.”

Her friend stood staring for several heartbeats, a myriad of emotions running over her face. Kenzie knew Michelle would do anything to save her from herself, but in this moment, she needed no saving.

“I don’t want any phone calls from you crying the blues when he’s done and then left you like he’s done to the rest.” Michelle’s ire was back, an evil glint in her eyes.

“I know. I love you.” Kenzie stepped backward as she spoke, knowing she would have done anything for Michelle not to see how low she’d fallen tonight.

“No you don’t, or you’d listen to me.” Michelle turned to walk back inside. Pausing at the door, she cast a look over her shoulder. “And you know your ass can call me, no matter what. I love you. Be safe.”

Kenzie turned to look back at the Rover and jumped as she spun right into a big, wide chest. She hadn’t even heard him exit the car, let alone get all ninja up in her space. She looked up slowly, trying to hold back the moan that threatened to escape her lips. He smelled so damned good; the subtle scent of clean, fresh man and expensive aftershave filled her nose. She inhaled deeply, letting the scent tattoo itself on her soul.

Tonight might be all about one night of pleasure, but damned if she wasn’t going to remember everything about it. If he really was that good in bed, hopefully it would erase all the bad experiences she’d had in the past.

Kenzie had never been lucky in love. She’d dated some nice boys, had some sweet relationships, but nice and sweet didn’t equate to hot and steamy in the bedroom. Her past lovers had never been able to satisfy her, as she had a dark side she was afraid to admit to. Those good, sweet guys, who seemed to only know the missionary position, would have left her if she’d opened up about what she really wanted them to do to her.

Images of Jace tying her to his bed, as he’d promised, rushed through her mind. He promised her a night she’d never forget, and she was going to hold him to it, while she had the liquor in her system to strengthen her resolve, of course.

Her hand rested on his chest, put there when she crashed into him. His heartbeat was slow and steady under her fingers, the complete opposite of her erratic one she feared he could see pumping out of her chest. Her legs felt like rubber, and she wondered if it was the desire she felt or the shots she’d drunk over the course of the night. Maybe a little of both?

The fact he seemed cool as a cucumber made her feel even more ruffled. She needed to get it together, but the world started to spin a little. Getting it together was nearly impossible.

Kenzie felt the warmth of his breath fanning her face; a hint of peppermint hit her and mingled with the tantalizing musk of his cologne. She lost her balance and bowed into him, and he reached out to grasp her hips, pulling her closer to him. Heat from his body bled into her, and she sighed in delight. The night was quickly getting colder the longer she stood outside.

“Hi.” His deep voice rumbled through her, and she shivered. “You’re cold. Put your jacket on, silly.”
He tugged the balled-up cloth from between them and spread the material over her shoulders as she leaned into him. He then pulled her cell phone from the death grip she had on the device and slipped it into one of her coat pockets.

“So just how drunk are you?”

She eyeballed him, trying to gauge how much advantage he was going to attempt to take tonight. “Just a little.”

He chuckled when she pinched her forefinger and thumb together in front of him. “I’d say you’re more than just a little.”

Opening her mouth to disagree, she wobbled. He rested his large hands on her rib cage, settling her.
Yeah, more than a little.

“How about I get you home?” He turned to stand beside her, a warm palm going to her lower back as he escorted her to the passenger side. He then opened the door and lifted her into her seat. She wasn’t short by any standards at five-seven, and didn’t need his help to get into the SUV, but the macho display of him lifting her into the vehicle definitely got her pistons firing.

Boy, he really does know how to play a good game. The charm is thick. What the hell? Let’s get lost in his little world.

When he reached in to grab her buckle and pulled it over her, his knuckles grazed her arm, sending little tingles up it. Jace turned his head as he began to click the mechanism in, and his face was mere inches from hers. His lips were so perfect, not too large, but full enough that she knew she would enjoy his kisses. He smiled at her again, and she felt her heart stop for a second.

Jace leaned in, his lips moving closer to her own. She held her breath, waiting for him to brush against her. Closing her eyes, she readied herself for the touch.

That never came.

She opened her eyes. He was still mere inches from her. His clear gray eyes seemed to seek her gaze before locking on to it. His intent look seemed to penetrate her, waiting for a response, a thought, a whisper … something; she knew not what. But his stare heated her blood, made her yearn for all the things he’d promised and more.

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