Tingle Tuesday and my guest to make us tingle today is Tonya Kinzer

Welcome to Tingle Tuesday!! One way or another we are out to make you tingle on Tuesday, fright, excite or delight, you will tingle. This week we begin with guest author the fabulous Tonya Kinzer, talking about her brand of BDSM.

Tonya Kinzer is a self-published erotic romance author whose books are quickly climbing the charts at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If you’re looking for a romance with a little more spice than the average hot read, you won’t want to miss taking a look at her work. She writes erotic romance for readers who love to become a silent character within the story! You will be pulled into scenes to partake of the activities along the lines of soft bondage and Dom/sub relationships, to feel what her characters feel and taste what they taste...strong sexual desires much like your own! Be prepared to enter a world you'll not want to leave and can't wait to get back to…worlds where new 'submissives' and demanding 'Doms' entice you to read more!

Her series, The Boss's Pet, will take you on a journey alongside Nick and Sondra as they venture into a lifestyle that pulls them deeper into a world of sensuality and submission. You'll not want to miss any of the books in this series so stay locked on her website to know when the next books get released.

When she isn’t writing, she’s the pet for her own Boss, where she works a few days a week. Her day job is seasonal so this allows her to write during the off season as well as design covers, websites, and promo items. She also enjoys helping other authors where she can with their editing and being a critique partner when time allows as well as offering guest interview spots on her Blog.
       Bk 1 - The Contract    Bk 2 - Office Training   Bk 3 - Sharing Among Friends   Bk 4 - Their Submissive Switch 

Hi Tonya I'll hand over to you now, 
Hi and welcome to Tingle Tuesday,
Ms. Elodie has allowed me to take over her blog today so that I can make you tingle. I just hope you’re ready! Now before we get started, some get ‘tingles’ in different ways than others so let’s discuss some of those. 

Take for instance…just a few words of erotic romance between two people touching each other without mentioning a word about sex is all some need as they like to let their imaginations go crazy. Then there are those who like to read about everything that goes on under the covers in detail from licking their way up the body to inserting hard hot cocks into holes…while another group likes to read about their characters being tied down for a good teasing with feathers, oils, toys and a light flogging - just enough pain to take their minds off the pleasure for a moment to extend the erotic sensations.
The soft bondage readers realize that even a tiny bit of pain, as in nipple clamps or plugs, enhances the sexual excitement. I find that erotic and it takes lots of trust between you and a partner before any of that can happen. Please understand that - do NOT allow someone to tie you down whom you don’t know or trust! 

Now one of the extreme groups of readers must be able to connect with characters who are tightly restrained and gagged, receiving pain as in a cane, a wooden paddle, a whip, or even a Cat O Nines! This group loves to read that pain has to be achieved before arousal can happen. I love those readers, too, but my books aren’t strong enough for that group, I’m sure!

I’m not into that type of bondage but I know some readers are and there are books out there for them. 
I’d like to introduce you to book four in my series, The Boss’s Pet, title Their Submissive Switch, where Sondra gets the opportunity to use some of the training she’s been given. Now understand…before that happens in book four, Sondra gets her first experience with a Domme! She truly thought she wouldn’t be affected by another woman touching her…that was her first error! The Domme is determined to prove to Sondra that everyone has a point of no return, regardless of who is doing the touching!

Have I whet your appetite for 'tingles' yet? I do hope so. If you’re curious about book four, you can read an excerpt HERE but understand….it’s not a read for those not into soft bondage! For those who’ve not read my series yet, please visit my website for more information - Book 1 in the series is FREE at all online stores to get you started….and hooked! * wicked laugh * Oh, and book five will be out in June of 2013.
While you’re on my site, be sure to check out the upcoming series of erotic westerns and those sexy cowboys! Book one, Come Tame Me, will be available in March 2013. I also have a post on my blog introducing you to the characters and plot of Come Tame Me.

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Xcite E-books:  http://tinyurl.com/3v96wo4

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