My guest this Friday is author of vampire mystery romance, Deborah Palumbo with her hot off the press book, 'The Banished One'

Hi Deborah welcome to the blog.

Well everyone, I am really happy to be here with all of you. I am a self published author with books available in eBook and paperback currently available exclusively on Amazon.

Anyway, It was a long journey to get here; something I've always wanted to do since I was a little girl, but didn't until fate stepped in and during a long period of illness and confinement I wrote books. Now I have 9 published and many more are sitting in files ready to be dusted off!
I wrote a screenplay with acclaimed actor/writer Jordan Rhodes which is my claim to fame. LOL. I loved the experience of screen writing especially with Jordan, but my true and first love is writing novels.

So, here we are together today thanks to Elodie, ready to discuss my vampire series The Undeparted, 
and in particular book 3 The Banished One. Yeah, I've already finished book 3 which means you have to promise me you'll rush to Amazon and buy all 3 books and get caught up on the paranormal mystery/romance series and the characters, Quentin, the father of all vampires who is in an emotional transition, the beautiful and once mortal Cassandra, Quentin's sidekick since the 1200's the sexy and mean spirited Christian, and the vicious and evil Lucius. 

Here's an excerpt:
Lucius escorted Patty into the Jeep and then slid in behind the wheel. He glanced at her sitting beside him; she was fidgeting with her hands; ringing them together nervously. "Don't be nervous Patty. I'm gonna make you feel things that you couldn't even read about."
That moist feeling between her legs spread through her whole body and tingled her spine. She couldn't have written the story any better and the fact that she was the woman in the story this time, well, it melted her like hot wax. She looked at Lucius sitting so close beside her in his tattered jeans and bad boy t-shirt and tattoo. She loved how the faded jeans hugged his masculine thighs, the white fray around the knees added this rugged element that turned her on. Yeah, he was a bad boy, the kind her mother warned her about, the kind her father would boot out the front door, but she had to be rational about things; there just weren't men knocking at her door on Saturday nights, so she had to relinquish the knight in shining armor fantasy and face the facts.
Suddenly, Lucius reached over and grabbed the seatbelt, brushing her breasts with his arm. Her body responded immediately. Her nipples swelled, begged to be touched again. He buckled her in. She could feel his hot breath on her neck. He wanted to sink his fangs in at that precise moment, but something in him wanted her to experience the touch of a man; the touch the mortal way.
Irrational thoughts stormed her brain with him being so close; he could be some psychotic killer, a serial rapist, but then again, he could turn out to be the man of her dreams; the man she's waited for all of her life. Her body was desperate for the touch of a man. She wasn't normally a gambler but he was so hot and she was so horny. The statistics of him being some masher were so minimal, and she wanted to feel a man inside of her so desperately, she decided that she made the right move getting into his car. Besides it was too late to protect herself now; she was buckled in. Oh, when he brushed against her breasts she knew she needed him, wanted him.
Suddenly as if reading her thoughts, he licked her neck, sending shivers down her body and he grabbed her one breast, squeezing it until her head fell back against the headrest and her eyes shut. She had been touched there before but only one time, and it never ended in love making. She was afraid to expose her body that first time, afraid of rejection or an ugly sneer. But Lucius made her feel perfect and beautiful and alive. He leaned in and kissed her while kneading her breast. He slipped his tongue into her mouth which caused this instant physical reaction deep inside of her. He pulled open her shirt, exposing huge mounds of flesh. Her excess weight was beautiful there. Lucius admired her for a moment before pulling her breast out of its harness. It dangled over the cup of her bra. He leaned in and suckled her. She moaned and pressed herself deeper against his wet mouth and swirling tongue.
He lingered there for an eternity before driving them to a secluded part of the park. He forced her out onto the ground and stripped her bare naked just like in the novels she read. His eyes roamed her flesh, pleased with the curves. She felt alluring and desirable for the first time in her life. When Lucius bit her neck the euphoria mounted and she begged him to enter her hard. He obliged, slipping his rigid manhood into her tight, warm place.

The Banished One. For 18+

The Banished One: love, murder, sex and VAMPIRES.

A sleepy little town has a secret: there's a serial killer vampire on the loose.

Lucius, is still wreaking havoc on the sleepy town in Tower City, and since he's supernatural he can't be captured by normal police procedure.

A frustrated Lieutenant Welby refuses to believe that the one responsible for those dead bodies in his town, is a vampire; that defies logic. There's got to be another explanation for those fang marks in the victims' throats.

Welby remains a staunch disbeliever in vampires until a series of preternatural events and the coroner's scientific evidence causes him to change his mind. Welby then follows the old town rumors right to Quentin, the father of all vampires and his gothic castle to enlist Quentin's supernatural aid in capturing Lucius.

Will Quentin, the only one who can stop Lucius' vampire tirades, help the Lieutenant or make him one of The Undeparted?

Will Quentin battle Lucius and send Lucius to the bowels of hell for eternity, finally ensuring that Cassandra is safe from her old beau? Will the old coal mining town be safe at last?

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did and falls in love with the series! Thanks everyone for letting me chew your ear off for a few minutes!
Deborah Palumbo

MY BOOKS ARE AVAILABLE ON MY WEBSITE, ebook and paperback, AND on:

Would you all join me tomorrow 12/1 on my blog for my celebrity guest Jordan Rhodes?  He's stopping by to help celebrate The Banished one. There will be plenty of giveaways and fun!


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