Tingle Tuesday with guest author Trish Dawson and Trish is here to give us a fright

Tingle Tuesday is here to excite, delight or give you a fright.

Welcome to Trish Dawson who has brought along her book 'Dying to Remember', to give us a fright.

Trish was born and mostly raised in San Diego, California where she lives now with her family and pets. She's been writing short stories and poetry since high school after an obsession with Stephen King's 'The Stand'. After over fifteen years of crazy dreams and an overactive imagination, Trish began her first book 'I Hope You Find Me' in December of 2011. When Trish isn't writing, she's homeschooling her amazing daughter and mildly autistic son, reading whatever she can get her hands on, or enjoying the Southern California sun. As a strict Vegetarian, Trish holds a special place in her heart for animal rights and dashes into the backyard weekly to rescue lizards and mice from her mini-lab/cocker spaniel mixed dog, Zoey...who is always getting into some sort of trouble.


In the follow up to this summer's Indie Hit, "Dying To Forget", Piper Willow is faced with new challenges at The Station. Is there life after death? Is there love after death? And what lies beyond? Piper seeks out the answers for these questions and more as she continues her after-life journey with her friends at The Station.
EXCERPT from Dying to Remember
"Let go!" she screams.
This has gone from a pleasant swing ride to an abusive ex-boyfriend so fast that I'm not sure how to respond at first. But then my instincts and my training kick in.
Use your nails, use your elbows, use your feet…use whatever you can to get away from him!
She forces an elbow into his side, causing him to lose his breath and also loosen his grip on her hair, but he still has his arm around her the neck.
Nails; scratch his face!
Seconds later a scream pierces through the forest around us, and he finally let's go of Jess. Stumbling backwards with his hands covering his bloody face, he trips on the wall he was just recently sitting on, and topples over it backwards. Jess is panting, and has one of her slender hands at her neck where the boy was holding onto her. No doubt she'll have a bruise there tomorrow. The bastard!
Woohoo, girl! You did it! Now let's get the heck out of here before he gets up!
But he's not moving on the other side of the wall, or cursing, as I was expecting. And Jess notices this too. She takes a tentative step toward the wall against my better judgment. I mean, come on, Jess! Have you not seen even ONE scary movie? He's going to pop up at any second, so the further away you get, the less likely he will KILL you!
I'm holding my breath as best as I can considering I can't really breathe while I'm inside Jess's mind, and I know she's not breathing either as she places her dusky-pink manicured hands on the top of the wall and peeks over the side.
The boy is lying awkwardly on his back, with his feet resting straight up against the layered rock wall. His arms are extended away from him like he's about to do a snow angel in the grass and he's staring, unblinking, up at the sky. One of his eyes is badly scratched and bleeding, but it's not the small amount of blood on his face that has me wanting to puke out my stomach lining; it's his neck. It's bent in such a way that his head is awkwardly parallel with his right shoulder.
Oh, sweet Jesus. We just killed a man.


Book 1 of The Station series: DYING TO FORGET - Available on Amazon here http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008S2RKAU

Book 2 of The Station series: DYING TO REMEMBER - Available on Amazon 12/12/12
Author Link: http://www.amazon.com/Trish-Marie-Dawson/e/B008CQGASU

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