To make the Yuletide a little sweeter here are some of the pics of the male muses for some of my erotic novles

This guy, taken from a friend on Facebook, has to be 'Dominic Reed' from 'The Horoscope Writer', one of the sexiest characters ever. Those hips and stomach mmm...
Thanks to another Facebook friend, who knows I have a wet men fetish, we have the above 'muse'

The gorgeous (character name), proved so popular on the last blog hop, I thought I would give him to you again.
Look out for the next blog hops coming soon for New Year celebrations


  1. Kim has left a new comment on your post "To make the Yuletide a little sweeter here are som...":


    Those are some really nice pictures. :)

  2. K. April

    This post completely distracted me from commenting on the New Year's blog hop! Wipe drool!! Happy New Year indeed!


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