Wicked Wednesday guest author is Tom Covenent

Tom Covenent brings Wicked Wednesday to you today with his special brand of erotica

 Tom is a typical middle aged fifty something husband and father, living in suburban Southern England and looking forward to an early retirement that never seems to be in his grasp. Married forever to a wife he loves, he is a little different from many, because he still fancies her! In fact, he has found that as he matures, so does his taste in women. The sad thing is he gets hornier every day while his wife suffers hot flushes and a severe reduction in her sex drive. Comforted by the belief that one day she will return to him sexually, he continues to admire her from the other side of the King sized bed, turning his attention to creating erotic situations that often include her, or women who are strikingly similar to her.    

Scanning the internet into the early hours, Tom soon realized that there were plenty of opportunities to relieve pent up sexual pressures. Turning to erotic literature as the safest outlet, he was disappointed in the dearth of literature that matched his particular tastes. Already an author, he decided to fill the void. The result is his first collection of erotica short stories, Tales of Masturbation and Imagination.

 Rated R

Tales of Masturbation and Imagination.

These six hot erotic tales are shaped just right to spice up those lonely nights alone, or maybe add a little extra fun to those not so lonely nights with your partner. Why not snuggle down to read together? Wives, husbands, lovers, everyone will find a story to suit, in this hot first volume. 

Excerpt from Amateur Porn Wife

..."No Jo,  I'm not going to let anyone other than hubby fuck me." 

Jo was smiling as usual. "I know Mrs D, your rules. Bob will just make it look as if he is going to fuck you for the camera, but he won’t penetrate you." She watched as Bob continued to approach her and stretched out one hand and gently replaced Bob’s had with her own, continuing to stroke his cock. As he moved slowly forward, she directed his cock toward her exposed pussy, the panties still framed one side of her pussy lips in petrol blue. His cock edged closer and closer until the end was almost touching, then it was touching, resting between her lips. She used his cock like a dildo and slid it along the wet furrow between her lips, her eyes were closed and she continued to thrust her thighs.

"That’s great," said Jo, "It will look so good on screen." Harry was still filming, very closely between her legs and occasionally up between her breasts to her face. It would be easy to see who this woman was on the video. 

"How about he pushes the end in a little?" suggested Jo, "Just a little bit so the end is inside you?" Once again my wife took the initiative and found the entry to her pussy hole with the end of Bob’s cock. But she didn't just push the end in, because Ben made an unexpected thrust just at the wrong time. With an obscene wet slurp, his cock slid right into my wife’s cunt, the entire shaft slid wetly in, then out and then in again as she thrust against him...  

Six erotic tales for the nights you find yourself alone...

1. Amateur Porn Wife

When their sons work colleagues come to call, they find Frank and Carol prepared for a Friday night of passion. After watching a TV channel dedicated to amateur porn, their visitors convince them that they could do better. Soon it’s lights, camera – and action!

2. A Greek Orgy
It was the first time he had seen her go topless on the beach, he never imagined it would be like this!

3. Walking in the woods
To escape the boredom of a Bank Holiday, they take a walk in the woods. Another couple may have had the same intention, but their walk turns out to be far more far more interesting.

4. A Husbands Tale
She didn't know what dogging was, but she does now!

5. A MILF Exposed
She went along to support a project, only to find she was the project.

6. Coming out
A fetish shared is a fetish doubled.

Where to find Tom's book,

Also available from iTunes

Tom is currently working on a new project, 'The Princess of The Fall', an erotic tale set in a fantasy world, the coming together of his two favorite genres!

Find Tom online:

 "The Very Inspirational Blogger Award"

The blog was awarded the Very Inspirational blog award by Kameron Brooks. A lovely thought and thank you to Kameron on her blog Dirk and Kam's place.
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I don't think there would be any inspiration in the middle of winter without a hot male on the blog, so here's a winter warmer. Don't tell me you wouldn't like to warm your hands on those......shoulders.
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Seven Things about Me

  1. I'm allergic to dairy so I never get to eat ice-cream and some chocolate.
  2. I rarely eat any meat other than chicken.
  3. I love flowers and the countryside.
  4. I love TV shows and movies derived from Comic book characters.
  5. I live in the countryside near a city, but on snowy days I get snowed in.
  6. I love technology and have many (ashamed to say exactly how many) computers.
  7. I never listen to music when I am writing though I know some authors say they love to. I can't because I love music so much it grabs me in and I have to listen.

My Fifteen Blogger Nominations:
1. Kelley J Nightrose

This weekend we have the final visit from Australian author Bec Botefuhr, enjoy

For her final visit Bec has brought us a preview of Vengance Pirates 3

Jax has been gone only a mere few months after Jade’s devastating betrayal, and Jade doesn’t know how to cope. She will do anything for her family. She will do anything for her husband. She will fix it.

Just when things are looking up, Ben returns with Vengeance. He wants that treasure and he is willing to do whatever it takes to get it back. Jax and Jade have to make a choice, do they fight or run?

Jax’s instincts tell him to fight, he is a pirate, his family is in danger. Jade’s instincts tell her to run, she is afraid for her family, she wants to be freed of violence. When tragedy strikes, Jax and Jade will have to make the ultimate decision, do they fight as pirates or do they turn their backs?

“Jax!” I snap, and he finally rolls out.
When he sits up, he drops the spanner in his hand and hisses.
“I thought…” I purr. “You would like a going away present.”
He leans back on his elbows and gives me a hooded expression. “Oh yeah?”
“Yeah, and considering you run every time I look at you, I am going to make it painful.”
“Baby, I wasn’t…”
“Painful.” I cut in.
I look around the room and spot his stereo, my heart is thumping.
“Don’t move.” I say firmly, then walk over and flick on a song, a slow, sexy song.
“Jesus.” He moans when I turn and begin swaying my hips.
“Don’t…move.” I whisper, as I trail my fingers up my stomach.
“Kind of hard.” He pants.
“I want to see what it does to you Jax, I want you to touch yourself.”
His eyes widen, oh yes, Mr Watts looks shocked.
“Do it, or I walk out.”
I walk to the door and flick the lock, making sure no one can come in. My eyes travel over my husband on the floor, and all I can think is fuck. He is beautiful. He is panting and looking at me with such desire it nearly burns. His chest is heaving, his washboard abs are contracting.
“Jax, touch yourself.”
“Now.” I demand.
“Mate…you are killing me. I don’t want you to see me…”
“Come?” I cut in.
“Give a man some dignity.”
“Touch, or I leave. Let me help you out.”
 I sway my hips again, but this time I slide my hands over my breasts. Jax groans from the floor and his hand flinches, come on pirate, come on. I pinch my own nipple and moan; he does too.
“Now Jax.”
His hand slithers over his jeans and he undoes the top button. My heart kicks up a notch; this is erotic, so beautifully erotic. When he slides his hand in his jeans, I nearly pass out. The feeling is so sensual, so overwhelming. I am going to watch him make himself feel good, and that…oh that…is sexy. When he releases himself and wraps his hand around his erection, I whimper.
“Show me.” I say in a sultry voice.
He moves his hand and moans; I close my eyes as my body trembles. This is beyond hot. I slowly begin moving again, and not once do I take my eyes off his. He moves his hand slowly, his mouth opens slightly, and his eyes become hooded. His breathing is deepening, becoming shallow and fast. I touch my breast, and then slowly begin removing the teddy.
“Fuck.” He pants.
I drop the slinky material to the floor and run my hands over my front. He moans again and his hand moves faster. Oh yes. I put my fingers in my panties and begin a slow, seductive flick of my hips. Slowly, I slide them down until I am standing naked in front of him. He lets out a feral hiss and his hand moves even faster. I slowly move back up to stand, and then get an idea, I am squatting, and with a deep breath, I open my legs.
“Bloody…fuck.” Jax roars as he releases all over his own hand.
Oh…my…God. I am panting and watching him closely as he falls back against the wall. His head slants back and his chest is heaving with deep pants. I stand and slide my bottom up on a nearby bench. We aren’t done. His eyes rise to see me sitting on his work bench. He pulls himself to his feet and slowly walks over, flicking his own pleasure off his hand.
When he reaches me, he slides his finger into my mouth, and I moan. We have never behaved so badly before, and I love it. He grips my hair with his other hand and continues to push his fingers into my mouth. When he is satisfied, he pulls them out and slides them down between my legs, he doesn’t go gently; instead he thrusts his fingers inside me, and I open my mouth and groan.
“You are a bad little girl. It’s payback time.”
He grips my hand and puts it on his erection, hard again, very nice. He continues thrusting his fingers inside me, while forcing me to move my hand on him.
“Come, like you made me come.” He growls into my ear.
My breathing increases and pleasure shoots through me. I wrap my legs around him and he moves his fingers quicker.
“Jax…” I mewl.
“Come.” He hisses.
I moan again, and he slants his mouth over mine, driving his tongue in and causing me to explode around him. In seconds, before I even have time to process it, he is inside me, hard and fast. I grip his shoulders and he attaches his mouth to my neck and slams me with desperate need.
“Jax,” I whimper. “Jax.”
He is cursing and moaning into my ear, my legs are tightly wrapped around him, and my hands are supporting my body on the bench. He slides his mouth down to claim my nipple and bites down on it hard, I come again. He continues driving into me until I have released three times. He is sweating; his bronze skin is glistening. I trace my tongue over his shoulder, tasting the saltiness.
“You want me to come again?” He growls.
“Yes,” I pant.
“How much?”
“Please, please.”
He slams so hard the bench creaks, then his muscles bunch, and he roars a release, gripping my hips so hard it stings. When he finally slows, we are both covered in sweat. I can’t breathe properly, let alone talk. His green gaze meets mine, and I force out a weak smile.
“That. Was. Bad.” He breathes.
“You shouldn’t run from me.” I pant, leaning my head against the wall.
“I had plans, a nice evening…wine…roses, but no…you come in here dressed like that and un-man me.”
“You un-manned yourself.” I grin.
“There will be revenge for that, hard core revenge.”
I smile and kiss his hot, sweaty lips. He moans and deepens the kiss until we are deep in passion. I pull back, panting yet again.
“Stop, there is only so much I can take.” I whisper.
“I am done for an hour or so…”
I raise my eyebrows. “An hour or so?”
He gives me a wolfish grin. “Oh baby, that was just the beginning.”



“Travis.” I whisper, gripping his shoulders. “I am dark, I am no good for you. She is right about that.”

“Sometimes all darkness needs is a little of the right kinda light. I am your light Mischief.”

Find Bec online: