Flame Friday comes to you today from this week's guest author Bec Botefuhr

Bec has brought along books from her Pirates series to throw the flame on the blog today. Enjoy........

Jade knows what it is like to be different. To be alone. She is gifted, special. She can heal others. She is a princess. She is being forced to marry a man she can't stand, she has no way out. Until Jax.

Jax is a pirate and he knows how it feels to be betrayed, he has lived a life of betrayal and he trusts no-one. When he meets the princess next door, who threatens to capture his heart, will he run?

When the two are faced with gifts, curses, pirates, raw sexual need and a jealous ex-lover; will they get past it? Will Jax break down the barrier that covers his heart? Or will it ruin everything?

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“It is,” His green eyes meet mine, and I shiver. “I will go back out soon, I have things to finish.”
“Don’t you become bored, living life on a ship?”
“We don’t just float around kid, we fight, we kill, we search for treasures.”
“Fight? Who?”
“There is another two bands of pirates out there, one is my enemy. I have battled him for years. He has something I want; I have something he wants. Eventually, the fight will come forth, and we will battle it out. One will die.”
I whimper and sound somewhat like a wounded puppy. “You could die?”
“I could die every day I am out there.”
I look down, feeling pain rush through my chest at the thought. He takes my chin into his hand and raises my face. “I am a pirate, it is risky.”
I nod, swallowing repeatedly to stop myself from crying.
“Now, don’t look like that…” He mutters, pressing a small kiss to my lips.
“I can’t help it.”
It begins to rain lightly, I hadn’t even noticed the clouds rolling in. I look up, then back at Jax and know at that moment, I wanted only one thing.
“Jax…I want you.” I whisper.
He tilts his head. “What here?”
I press my body against his and he pushes his lips onto mine. Hot sizzling emotions tear through me; his kiss is desperate, hungry and he tastes so damn good I would have happily died right there. He groans and presses my body further into his, dragging his lips down over my jaw and neck. I take hold of his shirt, yanking at it in a poor attempt at getting it off. He lets me go, slides it off then pulls me back towards him. His skin is hot; I press my hands to his chest, feeling his muscles move beneath them.
“God, you’re so gorgeous.” I moan, trailing kisses over his shoulders.
He makes a feral sound, then yanks my shirt up and over my head. Slowly, he reaches around and unhooks my bra, tossing it on the ground. My skin touches his, and the contact makes me shiver. He lowers his hands to my shorts and yanks them down; I step out of them just as he runs his fingers along the inside of my panties. I press myself closer to him. Suddenly, he lifts me and slams me against the closest wall. Managing to hold me, he lowers himself so my legs are around his shoulders and his head is directly between my legs. Oh God.
“Jax…please….” I whimper.
I can feel his hot breath on my flesh. He taunts me with a long, slow lick and I moan, throwing my head back. I tangle my fingers into his hair, yanking him closer. Another lick, then another, until I am gasping and begging. Fire erupts through my veins, jolting my body back to life and causing an orgasm to tear through me. When he finally stops, and I am still dazed from his maddening mouth, he lowers me so I am now on his hips. He somehow manages to shuffle from his pants, then he thrusts inside me.
I groan at the sting, but I know how incredible it will feel in mere seconds. He presses a kiss to my lips; his breathing is ragged and his muscles are tense with anticipation. He pulls me lower, until I feel the sensation of him being fully inside me. I whine, squirming and panting. He doesn’t move his hips; he just lets me sit there in desperation. I look into his green gaze; he is watching me, admiring me. I slide my tongue across his lips, and he groans.
“Oh Jax, stop teasing me.”
“It’s all part of the fun, baby girl.” He whispers into my mouth, then with one hard thrust, he is driving in and out of me. Finally.
My screams echo across the water as he begins his intense pace. He holds onto my bottom, using it to drive each pump of his hips, to take him deeper. I grip his shoulders, my nails tearing at his skin. Having sex with someone else, could surely not be better than it was with him. He takes my nipple into his mouth, biting down on it hard enough to make me yelp.
“Pain’s good.” He groans, sucking the hurt he just made. He does the same to my other nipple, until I am writhing against the wall.
I can feel the heat rising inside me, my body preparing itself for a massive release. He feels it to because he quickens his pace, his moans mixing with mine to make a magical sound. I grasp his shoulders and yank him to me as my release tears through my body, causing a guttural scream to erupt from my throat. He yells out with his own release, then begins slowing his pace until he stops. I am panting heavily, and we are both drenched from the rain.
“We are soaked.” I whisper. I don’t dare mention that he found his release without me hurting him.

Jax is back with a mission. After being away for five years, he finally runs into Jade. He has been searching for her and his daughter. He has a problem though, he has moved on and met another woman…

Jade has struggled to move on, to find another lover and forget the pirate that sunk his way into her heart. When he returns, her world is tipped upside down, and he is determined not to let her get away again…

With his return, Jax not only brings back old memories and lust, he brings along some drug lords and a pirate after her fathers treasure. When the pirates contact her and tell her they will kill her daughter if she doesn’t bring them the treasure, will she betray Jax’s trust and his crew to save her child?

“You make me real proud baby girl.”
I look up at him. “Why pirate, I think that’s the nicest thing you ever said to me.” - BETRAYED

He brings his hand down onto my bottom again and at the same time he drives into me. His roar fills my ears as he begins his delicious pace. I love this position; I can feel all of him, and boy does it feel intimate. He pulls out and then drives in again, laying another slap over my bottom. I scream and erupt in an intense orgasm. I feel myself tighten around him, and I can hear myself screaming. He stops hitting me and just drives into me with intense force until his moans tangle with my screams and we release together.  – BETRAYED

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