The book title results......

Thank you so much to everyone who commented here or sent me a message on Facebook about the book titles. 
Melissa won the gift card in the draw run of Rafflecopter. It was a pure draw and nothing to do with the content of the comment. Her gift card will be sent by the end of the day.
I'm sure everyone wants to know which title was liked the most. It was The Last Time. I saw a few duplcated posts and obviously only counted one vote from those. You can see the comments still on the post and count too if you would like to. A button still exists on the sidebar.
I had a couple of interesting comments sent to me, one posted, 
from Adam (email address left) who said,
"Of those two, I think The Last Time is a better title. If this is a standalone, then Falling for Trouble? Of course, if you intend to bring the characters back (and I could see that easily!), then something with 'Black' in the title. 'Black Undercover' maybe."
It's so interesting to hear about other title thoughts so thanks Adam.
Thanks too to Kelley who messaged me on FB and said they liked neither that's valuable too. 
Thanks again everyone.



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