Wicked Wednesday guest author is Tom Covenent

Tom Covenent brings Wicked Wednesday to you today with his special brand of erotica

 Tom is a typical middle aged fifty something husband and father, living in suburban Southern England and looking forward to an early retirement that never seems to be in his grasp. Married forever to a wife he loves, he is a little different from many, because he still fancies her! In fact, he has found that as he matures, so does his taste in women. The sad thing is he gets hornier every day while his wife suffers hot flushes and a severe reduction in her sex drive. Comforted by the belief that one day she will return to him sexually, he continues to admire her from the other side of the King sized bed, turning his attention to creating erotic situations that often include her, or women who are strikingly similar to her.    

Scanning the internet into the early hours, Tom soon realized that there were plenty of opportunities to relieve pent up sexual pressures. Turning to erotic literature as the safest outlet, he was disappointed in the dearth of literature that matched his particular tastes. Already an author, he decided to fill the void. The result is his first collection of erotica short stories, Tales of Masturbation and Imagination.

 Rated R

Tales of Masturbation and Imagination.

These six hot erotic tales are shaped just right to spice up those lonely nights alone, or maybe add a little extra fun to those not so lonely nights with your partner. Why not snuggle down to read together? Wives, husbands, lovers, everyone will find a story to suit, in this hot first volume. 

Excerpt from Amateur Porn Wife

..."No Jo,  I'm not going to let anyone other than hubby fuck me." 

Jo was smiling as usual. "I know Mrs D, your rules. Bob will just make it look as if he is going to fuck you for the camera, but he won’t penetrate you." She watched as Bob continued to approach her and stretched out one hand and gently replaced Bob’s had with her own, continuing to stroke his cock. As he moved slowly forward, she directed his cock toward her exposed pussy, the panties still framed one side of her pussy lips in petrol blue. His cock edged closer and closer until the end was almost touching, then it was touching, resting between her lips. She used his cock like a dildo and slid it along the wet furrow between her lips, her eyes were closed and she continued to thrust her thighs.

"That’s great," said Jo, "It will look so good on screen." Harry was still filming, very closely between her legs and occasionally up between her breasts to her face. It would be easy to see who this woman was on the video. 

"How about he pushes the end in a little?" suggested Jo, "Just a little bit so the end is inside you?" Once again my wife took the initiative and found the entry to her pussy hole with the end of Bob’s cock. But she didn't just push the end in, because Ben made an unexpected thrust just at the wrong time. With an obscene wet slurp, his cock slid right into my wife’s cunt, the entire shaft slid wetly in, then out and then in again as she thrust against him...  

Six erotic tales for the nights you find yourself alone...

1. Amateur Porn Wife

When their sons work colleagues come to call, they find Frank and Carol prepared for a Friday night of passion. After watching a TV channel dedicated to amateur porn, their visitors convince them that they could do better. Soon it’s lights, camera – and action!

2. A Greek Orgy
It was the first time he had seen her go topless on the beach, he never imagined it would be like this!

3. Walking in the woods
To escape the boredom of a Bank Holiday, they take a walk in the woods. Another couple may have had the same intention, but their walk turns out to be far more far more interesting.

4. A Husbands Tale
She didn't know what dogging was, but she does now!

5. A MILF Exposed
She went along to support a project, only to find she was the project.

6. Coming out
A fetish shared is a fetish doubled.

Where to find Tom's book,

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Tom is currently working on a new project, 'The Princess of The Fall', an erotic tale set in a fantasy world, the coming together of his two favorite genres!

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