The countdown to the release of A Celtic Tapestry begins

Eight writers, erotic and enticing new work out 
March 21st.

A Celtic Tapestry
A story for every season

   Livia Elllis-Beltane
Tara Stogner Wood-Lughnasa
Miranda Stork-Samhain 
  Laura De Luca-Imbolc
Carolyn Wolfe-Midsummer
Hunter S. Jones-Yule
 Elle J. Rossi-Spring Equinox
 Elodie Parkes-Autumnal/Fall Equinox

Monday always needs a boost and if coffee can't do it then try a snippet from my short in the erotic anthology.

Ava watched him as he stood up and stepped closer. She had never felt the kind of sexual attraction she felt right then. Morgan could feel it too. The young woman before him seemed to be radiating need, and he soaked it up. He liked it. He looked at her and he wanted to fold her in his arms and kiss her. It was a good feeling and one he hadn’t felt for a long time.
They stared at each other. Morgan thought nothing of being without his shirt. Ava thought only of running her hands along his smooth skin, and perhaps even letting her fingertips follow that little line of fine dark hair that started low on his body and dipped into his jeans.

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