Welcome to the guest author this weekend Lucy Pireel

Welcome to the blog Lucy, tell us about yourself,

I’ve always been a story teller, but nowadays I like to see myself as a writer.
A little background for the ones among you who like to know things about the writer they read.
I’m an avid reader and writer. Love my dog and baking. If I need to unwind you can find me outside walking the dog, or inside twisted into a pretzel while doing yoga, or I might be trying to bake a multi-layer cake. You’ve got to love those cakes!
My favourite genres are most definitely all of them. I hate it when people try to stick me in a box, so I do my best not to fit in any and yet I feel at home in all.
What do I write? Romance, Fairy Tales with a twist, horror, sci-fy, and fantasy. You see? I told you so, not just one genre for me, I like to write it all, except YA. For some reason I haven’t gotten much love for that, or dystopian novels.
That’s me in a nutshell, if you follow my blog, you’ll come to know me better over the course of time, no doubt.

Lucy has brought along her new release for us today,

Bound Lucy's latest addition to what she hopes will be a long list of book

Lucy talks about Bound, 

It was a story that had been playing through my mind for a long time, but I never thought I was the right person to write erotica. As it turned out I am, because I enjoyed writing it very much and reading it back I have no regrets whatsoever.
It’s erotica with a kink. As you can see on the cover it’s about bondage, but it’s also a romance. And there’s a happy ending.
A one sentence synopsis might be,
Young, successful woman who’s into BDSM crosses path with a man she’d like to play with, but where will there games end?
This book is self-published. I’m working with a very good editor who makes sure there’s no SPaG left and all is how it should be. Neat and tight.
I think it took me no more than a month from first word to last period, or full stop, to write
Life inspired it. Life and the way of the world as it is now. You know people openly talking about their kinks and whatnot.

Lucy's other works are, 

Red Gone Bad

A small collection of twisted fairy tales in which the heroines are not what you might expect from them and no happy endings are to be expected.


 Heaven's Closed 
The first one is about a woman on a deserted road. Does she have an encounter with the devil or is it all in her mind?
The second one is a tale of angels and writing witches. Whose powers are the strongest and who will get what they want?

Find Lucy online:

Sample Bound
Buy the book:

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