A Celtic Tapestry released today

Eight authors bring you an erotic adventure
from Moon Rose Publishing
The Picnic from Elodie Parkes
Ava McCartney relaxes from her stressful job by walking in the woods. One day she chances upon Morgan Green. He's hypnotic in more ways than one and Ava doubles back to take another look at him. A mystery man, an enigma, sexy as hell, Morgan just might be the man Ava longs for.
Morgan discovers his home is under threat from developers, and decides to fight back.
His beauty and gentleness hide a powerful man. Who is he really?

 Exclusive excerpt preview

As they stood close but not close enough, surrounded by beautiful trees, the heavens opened and the trees gave up their role of umbrella. Huge drops fell, splattering around them. Ava tried to get her jacket hood up. It was secured by the backpack she wore and wouldn’t move. Morgan grinned, and took her hand.

“Come on,” he instructed, and they sprinted to the Land Rover. Morgan opened the back door and helped Ava into the cabin. He got in and closed the door just as the rain got even heavier.

They were both laughing. Morgan ran his hand through his wet hair and it spiked at the front. Ava was trying to take the backpack off so that she could sit on the car seat properly. Morgan began to help her and leaned close. Their faces were almost touching. Ava closed her eyes to savor it. Morgan moved a little and noticed. He gently held her face and kissed her.

He had no idea what to expect, so when she put her arms around his neck to hold his head to hers and began to kiss him back, he felt the kiss all the way to his thighs. She didn’t want to stop. The kiss was soft and yet firm and she moved her nose against his. Morgan held her head, his hands in her hair and his eyes closed. He began to trace the seam of her lips with his tongue, and when she opened her mouth to him, the feel of her tongue sliding against his gave him an intense tingle of longing.

They didn’t stop kissing each other for a few moments. One kiss led into another and they trailed their fingertips along each other’s face. They held each other, clasping handfuls of hair, and then to catch their breath they rested their cheeks against each other’s.

Morgan kissed down Ava’s neck. He moved aside her jacket collar to kiss further down her neck and sucked the tiniest bit at the soft part where it met her shoulder. Ava made a little sound of pleasure, and moved to him, wanting more.

She ran her hands along his chest and felt his muscles through the denim. Morgan groaned hoping she would unbutton it and put her hands on him. He took her face in his hands again and kissed her deeply. The kiss made Ava throb with pleasure between her legs. She felt wet and needy. She opened Morgan’s shirt as they kissed again, and traced her fingertips along his chest and then down to the top of his jeans. Morgan wanted her badly but he had to let her take the lead. He couldn’t risk frightening her or taking advantage. His heart was hammering, and all he could think of was if she would take the chance and open his jeans. He wanted her cool fingertips there tracing down to his cock.

Ava took one of his hands and brought it to her breasts. Morgan opened her shirt and cupped her breasts in his hands, moving her bra aside as he kissed her again. They both let out a soft moan, and then to Morgan’s surprise Ava began to smile against his lips.

“Morgan, this feels so good. I’d like more. I’d like to make love. I need to. I need you.” Her whisper against his lips made his cock stir and his erection began to strain against his jeans.

Ava unzipped his jeans and freed him to her touch. It made Morgan gasp, but he started to unzip her jeans and push them down her hips. He kissed her and whispered to her, “Ava, your kiss is delicious. I only want what you want. I need you too. Let me take your jeans off.”

Resting his face against hers, Morgan tried to breathe properly, then helped her take off her jeans kissing her as much as he could. They both pushed Morgan’s jeans down so that Ava could straddle him. He didn’t let her guide his cock inside her until he had felt her wetness with his fingers. Morgan teased her so that he could feel her throb of pleasure against his fingertips, and he muffled her moans with a kiss as he pushed a finger into her.

“I really need to,” he whispered, as he moved his lips to her breasts, and sucked.

Ava thought she might come right then on his fingers with his mouth on her breasts, and so she held his erection and kissed along his neck where she could reach.

She whispered into his ear, “Morgan, I need you inside me. Morgan.” Her breath sent sensations coursing down his neck and he brought his head up to kiss her, lifting her with his hands around her hips to ride him.
Copyright Elodie Parkes and Moon Rose Publishing 2013 all rights reserved.

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