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Welcome to the blog. Tell us  a little about yourself.
I was born in Mt. Kisco, NY, grew up in Dutchess Co., and now live in Greene Co., NY. I have been writing since about age 13, but I have never had anything published. I played soccer for 28 years, I enjoy watching sports, I have owned my own business twice in the past, and I enjoy a simple life. I have one brother, one sister, and two wonderful nieces.
I am using Pubslush as a way to generate support for my book, it is a crowdfunding site.  The link to my book is http://www.pubslush.com/books/id/201

This is the first book I have ever written and it is not published yet.  I am hoping to raise enough support through Pubslush to be able to fund the publishing, editing, and cover art fees.  I guess right now you could say it is in it's rough first stages.  Also, I have been trying to find beta readers and reviewers that would like to read the book and provide me with honest feedback and criticism.  The book is a non-fiction romance, possible chick-lit also.

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She was named after the Goddess Cerridwen, the Goddess of rebirth, transformation, and inspiration. She was all of those things to me. Everything I had ever dreamed of finding in a woman, she was perfect for me in every way. Every way except one.

Cerridwen and I met online. I never had much luck with dating sites, but Cerridwen really had everything I was looking for. She was kind, caring, she had her own home and her own business, she was smart, and funny, and she was very sexy. I would've taken her out to dinner the first week we met, but we couldn't decide on a good place to meet between New York and Australia.

Yes, that was the one draw back, she lived in Australia. I know a lot of people would be skeptical, believe me I heard it all from my family and friends, but there was just something about her, something I could not let go of. I desperately looked forward to each morning when I could go online and learn more about the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

Can two people meet online, fall in love, and plan the rest of their lives together without ever having met in person? Is it possible? What about all the obstacles there were to overcome? Could it be done?

Read an excerpt 

It was early October 2007 in upstate New York.  The weather was cold, my heart was dark, and I was lonely.  The last few years for me had been very depressing and dreary.  I had been through a couple bad relationships, my business was failing, and I was in debt up to my eyeballs.
Winter would soon be approaching and business had begun to slow down for the year.  The thoughts of having to struggle through another winter and thinking about all the money I already owed really started to get me down.  I was becoming more and more depressed and increasingly less motivated to do anything about it.  With everything in my life going so poorly I just needed to find a way out.  I needed a fresh start.
I needed a change in my life, I needed something, I couldn’t go on like this much longer.  One day I decided to try an online dating service, it is the 21st century and although I never had much luck with them before I figured I would give it another shot.  I knew some friends that did have some luck with them so I figured why not.
* * * * * *
When I first set out on my search I was hopeful, but that was fading fast.  It was now late

November and I figured that I wouldn’t find anyone.  Over the next couple of weeks I got a  few

hundred more profiles, but nothing, until one day. 

The woman’s profile did not have a picture, but she seemed to have all of the qualities I was

 looking for.  I sent her an email.  She mailed me back within a couple of days and we started to

correspond.  We went through all of the typical questions that eHarmony sets up for you and I

remember that every question she answered, she answered in just the right way.  I found myself

growing increasingly more interested in her. 

Her name was Cerridwen, 30 years old, very interesting, a very nice person, and we enjoyed a lot of the same things, movies, music, camping, the list goes on.  The one draw back was that she lived in Australia.

* * * * * *
            An email from Cerridwen to me dated 3/12/08, subject line: Hi:

Hi baby,
          I have a little time before work this morning so I thought I would write you this e-mail.  I feel that maybe I should try and explain my feelings and thoughts about you and our relationship now that I am not as tongue tied and I am able to formulate sentences a little better. You have such an effect over me that when it comes to trying to define how I feel and think about you my senses seem to melt and abandon me.  Never in my life have I ever known anyone like you, you have such a way about you.
I look at you and I am amazed by the depth and strength of the love and joy I feel toward you, which is why I find myself speechless at times when we are talking.  It is also why at times I am so overwhelmed and a little scared of where this will all lead.  After my husband passed away I truly believed that I would never love anyone again.  Then I met you and I found myself suddenly swept away with such a strong desire and need to be with, and to build a life with, someone again.  But with you it is so different and so much more intense then what I have ever felt before.  Which is why I guess I am a little scared, everything I think and feel toward you is something I have never experienced before and I never want to loose that.  You are like dream to me and I guess I’m scared that I will wake and you will be gone.  Well baby I shall leave it there.  I don’t know how well I have explained all this to you, but I hope well enough for you to understand what the meaning is behind my being overwhelmed and a little fearful.
                                                                             Forever Yours,
                                                Cerridwen  xoxo

* * * * * *

I didn’t say much in the email, but I did make a short video for her using my web-cam.  In the video I said hello, told her I was missing her, and was looking forward to talking to her soon.  I so wanted to tell her ‘I love you’, but I didn’t.  I began to think that I would tell her the first time I met her.
I could picture it now.  I would get off the plane, a bit tired from the long flight, but so alive and excited to see her.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to contain myself for very long.  We would see each other across the terminal and run towards each other.  Our eyes would meet, quickly followed by our lips and a warm embrace.  We daydreamed about this a lot together, but the one part I never told her was that I planned to tell her I love her the first time we would meet.


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