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Sarah O'Hara is female, thirty, and married. She grew up in the states somewhere in the bible belt. These days Sarah lives across the pond with a man she found there and eventually married. She works part time at the local post office and says it's completely true what they say about postal workers. 

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Three romantic short stories all rolled into one!

 Karen’s work life is stressing her out so her friends attempt to take her mind off of it, but her boyfriend is distracted and then her Grandmother starts acting strange. If only Karen knew The Simple Truth.

Something strange is happening at Leanne's workplace, and a handsome police officer shows up to prove Love Wears a Uniform.

Amy's ex keeps calling her even after she's found a new boyfriend, what’s really going on with Her Persistent Ex?


Amy pressed her finger tips to her mouth while digesting what Derrick just told her. He kept talking. "It took me this long to realize I never should have left, and I then I found out you were dating again. So I thought maybe we could be friends at least. That didn't work out so well, I found myself back where I was six months ago, helplessly falling for you all over again. And then that jerk butted in and I decided I'd come over and try to convince you to leave him and well... here I am."

"Derrick..." Amy couldn't form the words that danced on her tongue. Her mouth seemed to have gone dry. Derrick took one of her hands in both of his.

"Do you think there's a chance for us? We could start again from the beginning. Take it slow and easy. I promise I won't run away this time." He stroked the back of her hand while Amy continued to stare at a spot over his left shoulder.

She blinked hard and then once more before throwing herself across the couch and into his arms. Amy kissed him hard. He kissed her back with the same amount of energy.

Derrick came up for air first. "Is that a yes then?" Amy was still trying to catch her breath, but mouthed a silent "Yes" and nodded. He hugged her tight to him. "I love you Amy. I'll never leave you again."

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