A big welcome to author Kelley Nightrose and his fabulous new book Love and Terror in the High Andes

Welcome to Kelley J Nightrose,
Kelley writes erotic romance novels. They range from paranormal / horror, action adventure, sci fi, to sweet and sentimental.

Kelley brings his new release with Breathless Press to the blog today, already a hit Love and Terror in the Andes is sure to thrill you.

Angela, a young British journalist, tags along with a scientific research team into the high Andean forests of Peru and finds herself the lone survivor after a vicious attack by bloodthirsty predators. Her only hope lies with Jason, a gorgeous wild man. Unable to communicate verbally Angela and Jason discover that, sometimes, words are unnecessary. The most important things are best when experienced. In the midst of their desperate struggle to stay alive Angela finds the one place she belongs; in Jason's arms. But saving her could cost him everything.

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Amazon: Love and Terror in the High Andes: http://www.amazon.com/Love-Terror-High-Andes-ebook/dp/B00BJG1Q16

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Blog: http://www.kjnightrose.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kelley-J-Nightrose-Author/215496245242973
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As morning gave way to afternoon, Jason began to stir. He opened his eyes and glanced about, obviously checking the situation before arising. When his gaze fell upon me, a broad smile spread across his lips, and aching desire flared in his eyes. Thus far, I had barely seen him express any emotions other than agony and concern. I considered that perhaps we had moved off far enough to escape the dangerous beasts that had been harassing us, and he finally felt comfortable enough to relax. 
His lustful gaze filled my body with searing heat. Never had a man looked at me with such intense longing, and never had I wanted any man as much as I wanted Jason. I took his hand and coaxed him to his feet. My body reeked with the stench of sweat from days without so much as a sponge bath. The stream behind the cabin opened into a small pond-like section, perfect for rinsing away the grime. I strolled in that direction, discarding my borrowed blouse, which was actually a man's work shirt, as I went. I pulled my T-shirt over my head and carelessly let it fly. As I approached the stream, I heard Jason's stalking behind me.
I sat and removed my boots and socks. Jason stopped a few steps away. I glanced over my shoulder, smiled seductively at him, then stood and dropped my trousers. Jason took a step toward me, but I held my hand for him to stop. I crossed an arm over my breasts and turned to face him. He hadn't bothered undressing, so I motioned for him to follow suit. He quickly unfastened his clothing and began stripping it off. I faced the stream, depriving myself of a look at his naked body.
My desire had risen nearly to the limit of my ability to control my actions, but I wished desperately to retain my composure for just a while longer. Jason's composure was another matter altogether. The sooner he lost it, the better. With that in mind, I grasped the waistband of my knickers and without bending my knees, dropped them to my ankles. I didn't hear him coming, just felt him seductively caress my bare bottom.


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