Sexy Seven Saturday from A Celtic Tapestry

Sexy Seven Saturday from The Picnic, A story from A Celtic Tapestry.

 He had no idea what to expect, so when she put her arms around his neck to hold his head to hers and began to kiss him back, he felt the kiss all the way to his thighs. She didn’t want to stop. The kiss was soft and yet firm and she moved her nose against his. Morgan held her head, his hands in her hair and his eyes closed. He began to trace the seam of her lips with his tongue, and when she opened her mouth to him, the feel of her tongue sliding against his gave him an intense tingle of longing.
They didn’t stop kissing each other for a few moments. One kiss led into another and they trailed their fingertips along each other’s face.!a-celtic-tapestry/cayu

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