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Welcome to Wicked Wednesday 

 Shewanda Pugh is a native of Boston’s inner city, though she now lives in sunny Miami, Florida. She has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Alabama A&M University and a Master’s in Writing from Nova Southeastern University. Fueled from a young age, her passion for crossing societal boundaries like race, class and culture, is the inspiration for both her cluttered bookshelf and her writing. When she’s not busy obsessing over fiction, she can be found traveling, nursing her social networking addiction or enjoying the company of loved ones.

Shewanda has brought along her new release today 
Crimson Footprints two: New Beginnings

 Read a hot excerpt:

Kenji lay awake for far too long before falling into a deep and uneven sleep. When he woke, it was to Lizzie, tucking in next to him. No doubt she’d had another bad dream. So he made room, muttering something sleepy and incoherent, before returning to abstract shapes and a hopefulness he couldn’t quite understand. When morning came, Kenji woke to find that he and Lizzie fit together easy as lovers. Her snoring and partway on her stomach, legs spread; him behind her and to the side, a leg draped lazily but parting her thighs. His hand cupped one rounded breast through fabric of his orange UM shirt. It rode high enough to expose the swell of her ass, clad in simple white panties. Kenji swallowed at the sight of all that flesh. Cursing himself for waking from a sleep so sweet, he pulled away in regret.           “Don’t,” Lizzie said. “Not yet at least.”
She rolled onto her back and sat up, moving in so close that their noses nearly touched.
“No?” he said, gaze locked on her mouth.
She licked her lips.
“Kiss me.”
He did as he was told.
Mouth claiming hers in slow and thoughtful fashion, he took his time with her, moving in when her chin tilted upward and climbing atop when she leaned back. Light and teasing painfully, he reeled from the taste of her. She was unbelievably soft beneath him, and he stirred, nibbling at her lips, relishing deliciousness.
How bad had he wanted her? Fear had kept him from knowing. But he knew now. Hunger escalating to madness, Kenji’s open mouth feasted on Lizzie’s, lapping, longing, pressing for more than even this. She swallowed his kisses as if desperate for them, tugging on his shirt till he tore it off, pulling off hers and returning again. She wrapped arms around him and drew him in quick, as if even his brief parting was too much. Her kisses were slow and drugging, urging him as she parted legs for him, encouraging with a hand in his hair as she leaned back.
He could kiss her forever that way; easy, indulgent, savoring the velvet of her mouth, or hard and hungry, grinding and surging fire through to their very cores. It was almost as if she’d never been touched, never teased, as every whisper of flesh against flesh brought a never-ending surge, an ambush of emotion. Lizzie had no answer for how a whore could quiver from the caress of a man, or find tears at words that were sweet. After all, hadn’t she been told she was beautiful before? Perfect? Worthy of worship?
She hadn’t.

Copyright by Shewanda Pugh

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