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Tell us a little about yourself,

I’m Coey Cain and I write romance mainly. Drama, Suspense, Paranormal, Thriller, Adventure, Comedy, Family… I’m dabbling all over the place. (Did that sound dirty?) Okay, a little about me… I’m including my bio because it took me about a month to write it. Who knew summing yourself up would be so hard to do? It’s accurate without telling my life story of woe and bullshit, if you know what I mean.
I grew up in the Midwest, hating every moment of it, until I turned eighteen and ran like the wind. I moved west and started my brand new adult life in California, up in the mountains of Tahoe. Fast forward to now, and I’ve moved too many times to count. I’ve been all over the country several times, living life and playing by my own rules. I’m a rebel by nature, always been that way, and will likely always will be a free spirit.
I started racing cars when I was fifteen. Hot Wheels and Barbie, that’s what I was into growing up and I started sneaking my parent’s car out every time they went out of town. Everyone would meet on the strip and we would race on the weekends. Street racing was a lot less complicated before The Fast and the Furious came out.
I honestly didn’t think I was going to become an author. I’ve been writing novels since I could form sentences, but that was just a hobby. I never thought in a million years I would make a career out of telling stories. Back then, you had to create your own entertainment. My parents refused to order cable until I was almost in high school, so I wrote to entertain myself.
I thought I would become a truck driver like my dad. I got hired by a major trucking company in 2004 and decided it was good money so that’s what I was going to do.
I don’t want to take up all your time, so here’s my bio:

Coey Cain is a dedicated author who began writing novels as a means of entertainment at the tender age of eight. Never intending to publish or pursue a career in the field, she chased other opportunities and gained knowledge in a plethora of interests. She spent most of her adult life out West, living a fast-paced lifestyle and appreciating every minute of it. With a great love for fast cars, and with sixteen years’ experience in racing and precision driving, she dreams of rally racing cross-country one day.

Coey is an adventurist at heart who’s unafraid of new endeavors. She believes that danger and risks are what make for the best experiences, and ultimately better stories. Currently, she’s maintaining a quiet lifestyle while focusing on her writing career. Her passion for writing and storytelling has stood the test of time and she feels obligated to herself to make her dreams come true in every aspect of life.

What book have you brought along to tell us about today?

The Elite: Unveiled
Everyone assumes that Joelie Baudelaire lives a charmed life. She has a generous benefactor in Warren Jardine, and a glamorous lifestyle in the exciting city of Las Vegas. Everyone is wrong.

When Warren is arrested, Joelie has the ability to escape the emotional jail he's held her captive in for two years. Her father's house should be her refuge, but it's another kind of prison altogether. All Joelie wants is a normal, peaceful life. Discovering that she is one of The World Elite, a genetically superior race, puts a whole new set of shackles on her life.

Her destiny is planned, and her future marriage is pre-arranged. While Joelie still remembers her childhood crush on the Elite, Sender Stelle, it isn't easy to accept a betrothal to a man she barely knows beyond his photograph.

Warren doesn't want to release his control over her. The World Elite would force her to fulfill her destined duty, and Sender has gone from resigned acceptance to benign co-operation with the powers that be.

Freedom is just out of reach. All Joelie must do is defy some of the most powerful people in the world, and survive.

Are you working on another book right now?

I always have several going at the same time. I’m writing The Elite II and ten other books. Could be more by the end of the month.

What do you enjoy most about writing?
What do you like the least?

What I enjoy most about writing is being able to exercise my God-Complex. I’ve always wanted things the way I want them and this is the best outlet I could think of to make it so. I understand real life isn’t going to go my way all the time, I’m living proof, but my creation does.
What I least enjoy? I hate writing blurbs and summaries with a passion. I’m more than happy to hire someone to do that job.

Would you like to see any of your books as movies?

I want to see all my books as movies! I’m a major movie buff and it would be a dream come true to see my visions play out.

Can you name any actors you would like to see as the lead characters in your book.

I had to do this the other day. I spent hours on IMDB “casting my movie” and it’s wicked hard. The biggest problem I had was, I was being too literal about everything. Are they the right age, right height, do they have the wrong accent? At the end of the day, I had to pick actors as close as I could get to what they look like in my mind and ignore minor details. None of them were spot-on, but close enough. I ended up choosing the photos of actors that best resemble who I see when I’m visualizing my characters. Therefore, I can’t say my character looks like so-and-so, but I can say, “My character looks like so-and-so in this picture right here.” Make any sense?

What things do you like to do to relax?

Oh! I like to take a combination of Valerian Root, Melatonin, and aspirin at the end of the day. I start working around 8-9am and I usually don’t stop “doing something” until about 10-11pm. I’m rightly exhausted by that time, which is why I end up quitting for the day, but my mind is still trying to chug along.  I queue up a movie or whatever TV show I’m into and veg-out. lol.

Do you have another job as well as writing?

Nope. But I must point out, between writing, promoting, marketing, and everything else us writers do to keep people interested in us, that’s three full-time jobs right there.

If you could have one super power in your existence, what would it be?

You know how Mary Poppins could snap her fingers and the mess would clean itself? Well, I want a power like that, only, anything I can dream up or wish for, I could make it so with the snap of my fingers. I want to be rich? ~snap~ I want to be in Hawaii right now? ~snap~ You get the idea… I want to be my own genie.

If money were not an object, where would you most like to live?

Well, I have a gypsy nature and I like to move around a lot. So, I would want to spend time everywhere. Anywhere I want, for as long as I want, and move along when I feel like it. Of course, I would need a home base somewhere… maybe Hawaii. Maybe Florida. Definitely on a beach somewhere.

What kind of car would you have if money was no object?

First, I would have a chauffeur and most of the time, he would drive me around in my Rolls Royce Phantom. I would have a plethora of exotic cars to choose from in my Jay-Leno-type garage that I would match with my mood and outfit on all other days.

What’s your favorite food?

Today I’m craving some steak, I think. Steak might be my favorite food. Filet Mignon.

Favorite color?

I love colors! Black is my go-to color for everything, though. It’s not because I’m dark or “goth” or anything weird like that, it just fits with everything. I’m not a flashy person, my personality is wild enough, so a big red couch is just out of the question. Black cars are extremely hard to keep clean. This is a hard question. What is the object and I’ll pick a color. lol.

Can you think of a song or piece of music that could be your theme tune?

Madcon – Beggin’

Just answer these questions as quickly as possible.

Chocolate or vanilla?-----

Dog or cat?----

The film or the book?-----

Jeans or dress?

Beach or Snow resort?

Heels or flats?

What do you love best about yourself?
My sarcastic humor.

What do you like least?
My hateful, emotionless humor.

Do you have anything to share with other authors that might be a help?

I’m not a seasoned author who’s been publishing books for twenty years. However, some bit of useful advice I have for other publishing authors is this: Don’t take bad reviews and negative feedback so seriously, and don’t let it affect you. Who you are is not defined by someone’s negative point of views. What are opinions, anyway? Who cares? If anyone is in this business to please everyone, you’re in the wrong business. Please yourself. Do what makes you happy and to hell with the views of other people. People have views on everything. You can’t please everyone all the time, but you can please yourself. Shoot for that goal and don’t worry about the rest.

Is there anything you would like to say to your readers?

My readers are awesome. My fans inspire me every day. My personality doesn’t fit in a box, and I’m blessed to be surrounded by people who get me and appreciate what I’m bringing. Which is, I’m an advocate for being myself and no one else. I don’t live to please anybody and I’m fortunate to have people around me who understand that I mean no insult by that.

Can you share one of your favorite parts of one of the books?

Oh, I’ll try… I hope this is spicy enough for you…

“I’m not going to be a prisoner here. I’m a grown woman. If I want to go out, I go out. That’s what I would be doing if I wasn’t here. I’m only here because my dad practically kicked me out of his house to make me stay here. It’s a free country. I can leave whenever I want to. You’re treating me like I’m on house arrest.”
Sender looked at her, unsmiling. “Okay.” He leaned closer to come face to face with her. “Either you agree to stay on this property until I get back, or I can show you what being a prisoner is really like.”
Joelie swallowed hard, leaning back as he came nose to nose with her. An answer escaped her, and her eyes widened as she looked directly into his icy gray eyes. “So… you’re just going to bully me into doing what you say?” she asked, her voice barely a whisper.
She felt his breath on her chest when he sighed heavily. In a flash, his mouth claimed hers in a deep, passionate kiss. His giant forearm wrapped around her lower back, holding her in place. She was too shocked to move or struggle and her arms were crushed against his chest. She reacted just in time to push her hands against him.
Shock ran throughout Sender’s body in regards to what he’d done. He maintained the kiss before he backed away slowly. His heavy chest rose and fell, and he noticed hers was doing the same, the mounds of her breasts straining and tantalizing. He swallowed as he noticed her startled expression, having enough sense to fear her wrath. He didn’t know what had come over him to take such liberties. He had been aching to kiss her, but he had surprised them both in doing so.
Joelie was stunned. He looked just as bewildered as she felt. Her blood was racing through her veins. He started to back away slowly. She fisted the front of his shirt within both of her hands, dragging him back to her, kissing him as passionately as he’d kissed her. He responded with no hesitation. The excitement and desire she felt was ineffable. Her pulse was singing his praises as she slid her hands to his neck, and he deepened the kiss even further. His hands pulled at her hips, coaxing her to spread her knees apart as he pressed his thighs between her legs. He curled an arm around her lower back once more, and buried his fingers within her hair.

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