Wicked Wednesday guest author is J. Rose Allister

J. Rose Allister is an award-winning story writer and the author of more than twenty-five romance and erotic romance novels. She lives in Southern California with her actor/author husband, Michael Jade, and their 9-year-old daughter. When she isn't writing, she enjoys movies, reading, and working hard on an invention to give her more hours in the day.

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Peter is eager to win a coveted job at Wellington Enterprises. When he catches the eye of the sexy, yet dangerous heir to the empire, Jarred Wellington, he gets a far different position than he imagined--as mate to a man with a full moon secret. There is a price to pay for the passion between them, however, including secrets Peter must be willing to accept as well--even about himself.

 Read an excerpt:

He’d meant to let Peter sleep undisturbed for as long as he needed to. The man would need plenty of downtime in order to help tame the changes in his body. But the sight of him stroking himself in Jarred’s bed roused the sleeping wolf, and his baser instincts took hold.

Jarred tore off his towel, flinging it onto the floor before sliding silently under the sheet beside his new lover.
“My turn,” he said, and he climbed on top of his still-slumbering mate’s thighs.
There was indeed a pair of boxer briefs between them, as well as the hand Peter had shoved inside them. Jarred impatiently pushed both out of the way and stared at the man’s body. His chest had a nice smattering of hair, with a thinner line that trailed down his flat stomach to the thick curls around his red, pulsing cock.
The urge to rake his nails along that sensual flesh called to him, and Jarred gave in. He made sure to drag them over the tiny brown buds of Peter’s nipples on the way down.
“Wakey wakey,” Jarred said in a smoldering tone, and then he leaned over to pin both of Peter’s hands over his head.
The nipples he’d dragged pink nail marks across tightened, and he couldn’t resist. He pulled one into his mouth and bit down gently.
Peter moaned lightly in his sleep and shifted his hips.
“Wake the fuck up, Peter,” Jarred said around that little hard nub. “Time to pay the price for dirtying my good suit this morning.”
When he lifted his head, it was just in time to see Peter’s eyes snap open. When they did, they fastened on him with a wickedly supernatural azure glow.
“Then you shouldn’t have threatened to force your way into the bathroom stall,” he replied hoarsely. His biceps flexed with effort as he attempted to pull out of Jarred’s grip, but he clamped down on the man’s wrists tighter.
“You know you have zero control,” Jarred said, and with a tiny smile, he lifted himself up and scooted forward so he was restraining Peter’s arms with his knees as well as a tight grip. “Which is why I will wind up in charge.”
I have no control? I was minding my own business, sleeping here all innocent, when you decided to hop on and hold me down.” His smoldering gaze slid erotically along Jarred’s body. “Not that I’m complaining.”
“Your definition of ‘innocent’ needs work. You had a choke hold on that magnificent, long dick of yours. I was practically forced to take action before you started coming all over the clean sheets I just changed this morning.”
He slid his hips forward until the tip of his straining cock nearly touched Peter’s lips.
The man licked them and spoke in a harsh whisper. “And did you change those sheets because you’d been dreaming about me, Mr. No Control?”
“Shut up and suck my cock.” Jarred gave Peter his best dirty little smile. “Bitch.”
The feral gleam in Peter’s eyes dialed up even brighter. “Suck mine and I’ll think about it.”

Peter and the Wolf

by J. Rose Allister
Siren Bookstrand ManLove Classic
MM/Erotic Romance/Paranormal (werewolf)

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