Wicked Wednesday on the blog with author Samantha Holt

Welcome Samantha, thank you for visiting the blog today

Tell us a little about yourself

Hi and thanks for having me, Elodie! I live in Warwickshire, England with my husband and twin girls who are seven and I write medieval romance. I’m a huge romantic and a bit of a history buff so I love being able to blend my two loves together in my writing.

What book/s have you brought along to tell us about today?

I’m sharing my latest title, Borderland Bride from The Borderland Legacy series. It started with the idea of creating a communication barrier between two people and went from there. It all takes place in Northumberland, England, in the 14th Century when life was very tough and dangerous. It also has two very sexy brothers in…

Are you working on another book right now?

I have just finished Borderland Beauty, which is the next book in The Borderland Legacy series and now I’m working on a fantasy romance. I’ve never written anything other than medieval romance before so it’s fun. It is still in a medievally sort of world but it’s nice being able to throw the rules out of the window. It involves a God, a mortal woman and the end of the world!

What do you enjoy most about writing?

It’s hard to pinpoint. I love getting sucked into a romantic bubble. It’s definitely a form of escapism for me and in a way it relaxes me, a bit like reading. If I spend a few days not writing, I really miss it.

What do you like the least?

The frustration that sometimes comes along with it. I think most writers go through real lows of self-doubt and it’s really annoying, especially when you have words in your head but they won’t come out onto paper.

Would you like to see any of your books as movies?

One of my earlier titles, A Summer Siege, was based around a real siege that happened in Kent in the early 13th Century. I tried to follow real events as much as I could and the odds that they faced were amazing. I would love to see that made into a movie.

Can you name any actors you would like to see as the lead characters in your book.

I kind of pictured Chris Hemsworth (Thor!) as the lead male, Tristan. I love him! The heroine, Madeline, is a little trickier. She’s a very strong woman so she’d have to be someone who can throw a punch. I’d have to think about that one, I think!

What things do you like to do to relax?

I am terrible at relaxing. I love to read but I have to make myself sit down and do it. My girls are good at distracting me though and spending time with them is (most of the time!) relaxing.

Do you have another job as well as writing?

No, writing is my full time job. That and being a mum.

If you could have one super power in your existence, what would it be?

To give everyone a happily ever after! My hubby is very much my soulmate and I feel very lucky. I’d love to be able to give everyone that.

If money were not an object, where would you most like to live?

I don’t think I could leave England, so ideally a castle in the middle of the countryside. I’m not fussy about where, as long as I’ve got a castle!

What kind of car would you have if money was no object?

I’m not really bothered by cars, never have been. I’d probably buy a Ferrari or something for my husband.

What’s your favorite food?

That really depends on my mood but good old-fashioned English fish and chips are one of my favourites.

Favorite color?

Purple! Regal but vibrant.

Can you think of a song or piece of music that could be your theme tune?

Oh dear, I love so many songs. Maybe ‘One Night’ by the Goo Good dolls. It’s a love song essentially but also it’s about living life now and showing the world what you’ve got.

Just answer these questions as quickly as possible.

Chocolate or vanilla?-----


Dog or cat?----

Cat. I have two - they drive me crazy but they are good company.

The film or the book?-----


Jeans or dress?


Beach or Snow resort?


Heels or flats?


What do you love best about yourself?

I genuinely like to help people. I get so much satisfaction from helping others out. People don’t always do the same in return but I always shrug it off as I’m a big believer in karma so I know the world will pay be back some day.

What do you like least?

I’m a control freak. I don’t know how to relax and I’d love to be able to just be satisfied with what I’ve achieved for the day and just chill out but I always feel like there’s more I should be doing.

Do you have anything to share with other authors that might be a help?

There’s so much advice out there but really just keep writing. The more work you have out there, the more likely it is you will be found by readers and also it will hone your craft. And don’t take yourself too seriously. Have fun still!

Is there anything you would like to say to your readers?

Gosh, I could say so much! Mostly just thank you for reading. I’m blessed with some amazingly supportive readers who frequent my Facebook page mostly and they are so much fun. I hope they enjoy my latest title - I’m very proud of it.

Can you share one of your favorite parts of one of the books?

As soon as his name left her lips, Isabel could not fail to detect the darkening of his eyes. Her skin tingled as elation turned to lust and she glanced down at her bare body, the heat of the water doing little to stop the shudder that coursed through her.
“Say it again,” he murmured as a hand came up to cup at her cheek.
“What?” she breathed.
“Say my name.”
His thumb pushed across her damp face and her lips parted as her heart pounded faster.
He groaned and pulled himself up so he could lean across her. His lips joined with hers in a rush of movement and her breath caught at the sudden heat of his mouth upon hers. Intuitively falling into a motion that was both so familiar yet so excitingly new, she kissed him with enthusiasm, enjoying the way his breathing stilted as their passion increased.
His tongue swept inside her mouth, searching for hers, and Isabel entwined her wet fingers around his neck, forcing him closer. His tunic dipped under the water and brushed across her breasts but he paid little heed, instead bringing his other hand up to support her head, his fingers digging under her damp braid.
As the kiss deepened, they both moaned and her hair loosened while his fingers delved through it, sending it tumbling over the edge of the tub. A splash resounded through the room as his hand left her cheek and dove under the water to grab at her body. Jake’s fingers curled around her ribs, drawing her closer to him and she let out a gasp.
Jake’s hand froze briefly but Isabel drew a hand from his neck and placed it over his, pinning his hand in place. He relaxed and dragged his lips across her cheek to her ear.
“What are you doing to me, lass?” he whispered.
She quivered as his breath grazed over her ear and his hand continued to massage at her bare skin under the water.
“No more than you are doing to me.”

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Borderland Bride

In the wilderness of 14th century Northumbria, Lady Isabel discovers just how dangerous the borderlands can be. With the loss of her voice and her hearing, there is little hope left for her. But when a brooding knight rescues her, she vows never to become a victim again and buries the secrets of her past in the hope that those hunting her will never find her in the borderlands.

Jake is astonished to come across the beautiful Isabel, near to death, on his brother’s lands. Bringing her back to his brother’s home, he finds himself longing for something more from the courageous woman, something that he thought he would never want again. Isabel works her way into his scarred heart and opens Jake up to loving once more. But will Isabel’s secrets destroy their bond? And with his charismatic brother, Dominic, charming her, does he even stand a chance?


  1. Thanks so much for having me, Elodie! It was a lot of fun!

  2. I absolutely adored the excerpt! And l LOVE this cover! Can't wait to read it!


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