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J. Rose Allister is an award-winning story writer and the author of more than twenty-five romance and erotic romance novels. She lives in Southern California with her actor/author husband, Michael Jade, and their 9-year-old daughter. When she isn't writing, she enjoys movies, reading, and working hard on an invention to give her more hours in the day.

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When Nature Antillean, aka Nate the Crate, poses as a male stripper to arrest a sexy-as-hell fugitive, he has no intention of taking his disguise all the way—until he meets her. Lydia Franklin is more than eager to take her gorgeous strip-o-gram for a wild ride, considering how desperately life on the run sucks. The resulting encounter is explosive, but ends with Lydia handcuffed and Nate honor-bound to take her to jail. The fireworks aren’t over yet, however, for Nate discovers he is now a victim of the same setup that got Lydia accused of a crime she didn’t commit.
With both of them declared fugitives, Nate must work with the woman he swore to bring to justice in order to defeat the plot and reclaim their lives. His hot body and stellar moves give Lydia plenty of motivation for teaming up in more ways than one, but she knows that the criminal he hopes to protect her from is one she must face—alone.

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Sweat beaded on his forehead as Nate felt reason slipping away. Stop her, you idiot, he shouted mentally. Push her away and identify yourself. Identify yourself now.

That’s when he heard his zipper open, and her hand snaked right inside his G-string. Her gasp wasn’t the only one in response to her warm fingers curling around his throbbing dick.

“God,” she said, “please tell me this is part of the special birthday package.”

She sank to her knees in front of him while he tried to cling to what little flotsam of morals he had left. Jesus, he wasn’t more than ten steps in the door and the sexiest woman alive was seducing him. If he let her, she’d probably fuck him where he stood. He could bend her right over the table beside them and ram his cock inside her, thong and all.

Or, he could stop thinking with his tool and do what he’d come there for. He should bend her over the table while he cuffed her hands behind her back, not so he could give his dick what it so desperately wanted.

She yanked the pouch aside, and the second his cock sprang free, wet, hot lips closed over the swollen head. The moan he let out was equal parts lust and anger at himself, and while his hands automatically grabbed for her head to pull her off, her skilled mouth and wicked tongue drove him to do something quite different. His fingers threaded into her hair while he thrust deeper in her mouth, cursing under his breath with each press of his hips. This was wrong, so very, incredibly wrong. But it had been so very, incredibly long since he’d felt anything this good.

His slacks were still on while she mouth-fucked him, but her hands kept tugging on his belt until the buckle came free. His pants slid down around his knees, and he shook his head in a futile attempt to deny what was happening. He couldn’t do this, no matter how bad she obviously wanted it. No matter that she was apparently in the same boat as he was romance-wise. And that this was probably the last sex she’d get outside twisted prison guards and lesbian cellmates.

With a growl, he yanked himself away and pulled her to her feet. “Facedown on the table,” he commanded, and he bent her over until her tits and the side of her face was pressed flat against the whitewashed wood. “Hands behind your back.”

He went through practiced motions, pulling her wrists together and holding them firmly at the small of her back while he used his legs and feet to spread hers wider. If he hadn’t completely lost his mind, this would be the time to admit he was a bail enforcer and cuff her while simultaneously frisking her. But there was no place on her almost-naked body to conceal any weapons, unless she had something dangerous buried in her pussy. Something he was highly inclined to investigate.

Two distinctly different parts of his personality went to war, fighting for the right to dominate the situation. The bounty hunter had Lydia right where he wanted her, and all he needed to do was finish restraining her while informing her of his identity and authorization to take her back to Colorado. The horny-as-hell, deviant male in him also had Lydia right where he wanted her, however. And all he needed to do was give in to what she was so fucking hot for that he couldn’t stand it. He couldn’t have both. At least, he didn’t think so. Thinking wasn’t going so well for him at the moment.

A mantra was playing in his head to the tune of handcuffs-handcuffs-handcuffs, but for the life of him, he couldn’t figure out which of the two warring factions wanted her restrained more.

She wiggled her ass, which was nicely spread for him given the position of her parted thighs, and she let out a sexy moan. “Please tell me you stashed about a hundred condoms in that bag of yours.”

His cock jumped in response. Fuck. What a naughty vixen, weakening his resolve.

Nate shoved her wrists together higher on her back, holding them tightly in one hand while he reared back with the other. “First things first,” he said, and he brought his palm down across that soft, tight ass.

She let out a squeal and wriggled harder. “What was that for?”

“I believe the birthday girl needs a good spanking.”

Nature's Bounty by J. Rose Allister
Ellora's Cave Moderne/On The Hunt series
Erotic Romance/Contemporary

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  1. What a marvellous excerpt. I think this is definitely 1 for my TBR list. All the best with it it

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, Julie! And Elodie, thanks so much for having me here today for Wicked Wednesday. :)


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