Sneak Peek Sunday Blog Hop

Sneak Peek Sunday Blog Hop

From The Winter Girl to be published by Hot Ink Press June 2013

Lily sighed as she switched off the television. She’d been watching a romantic comedy. A movie that had caught her attention as she sat with her laptop and finished some of the work she was now doing from home. She stopped working and watched the movie. Usually it would have just played in the background, but Lily liked the looks of the male lead and when he kissed the main female character, Lily watched. She hoped that the movie would show them making love and it did eventually. Lily made coffee and sat down again at her laptop.

She stared into space thinking about sex. She missed it. She considered how she could possibly meet someone. The town was full of couples. She grinned as she thought this, but it was true. She’d been to the local pub a few times for lunch and once in the evening when she had been particularly lonely. People talked to her. The people serving at the bar talked to her. Everyone was in a couple.

Lily couldn’t work. She logged into Facebook and lots of posts from her friends built on the page. She scrolled down. One of her friends was an avid collector of photographs, usually of gorgeous men. There were three pictures of almost naked and very beautiful men amongst the posts. Lily gazed at each. Her eyes followed the line of their shoulder muscles. She stared at their hard flat stomachs. One of them was wet and she almost longed to lick the drops of water from him. She let herself imagine it and then because the photograph showed the very bottom of his stomach and pubic hair, she thought about what it might be like to hold him. To trace her fingertips down the bones of his hips in that so tempting V-shape and then take his cock into her mouth and suck.

She forced her eyes away from the screen for just a few seconds. ‘Hell Lily you’re losing it gazing at this guy,’ but she looked again, at his eyes and the day’s growth on his gorgeous jawline. She scrolled to the next photograph. Her friend had labeled it ‘sex unlimited’. She was right, this man was just perfect and Lily actually felt a throb of sexual need between her legs as she looked at the way the zip of his jeans revealed he was wearing nothing else, and the rip in the upper thigh almost showed his cock. Lily logged out and walked to the bathroom.

She stared at herself in the mirror. ‘Maybe I should buy a vibrator? Maybe if I gave myself orgasms I wouldn’t feel so lonely?’ She knew she longed for the real thing. The contact and the shape of a man’s body under her hands was what she needed. She cleaned her teeth. The peppermint taste assuaged her need for some reason.

Lily hadn’t let herself think about Ash, but now she did. She knew he was single. John Walker had told her and grinned. He’d been talking about a dinner party his wife would hold near or just after Valentine’s Day and said that she would be welcome to join them. Lily had smiled back and told him she was very single, commenting that usually it made people uncomfortable to have one young woman stuck out like a sore thumb at a couples dinner party. John told her Ash might be there.

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