Sneak Peek Sunday today is from my WIP a short .....18+

Sneak Peek Sunday and a quick look at my newest WIP a vampire erotic short

Beta teaser for Sneak Peek Sunday from my WIP.
I wrote this short for an anthology submission. I had an idea but couldn't see it as longer than a short story. As I wrote, I discovered I would have liked to make it far longer than the 10K limit. It's currently in editing. 18+ only

A Little Mysterious (Excerpt)


It took four weeks for the customer to speak to Daisy apart from giving his two orders. During those weeks, he watched her serve at the bar. She felt his eyes on her. When she was out at the tables clearing the used dishes she would secretly look at him. She found him so attractive her heartbeat would speed up when she saw him push the smoked glass door open, and enter the bar.

He was unusually pale. His hair was blond and his eyes a shade of ice blue so that the overall impression of him was ethereal. When he had first walked in six weeks ago, he wore square, black sunglasses. His overcoat was heavy and black too. His collar was turned up and the sleeves were so long they almost covered his hands. The weather had warmed considerably since then. He kept the sunglasses, but now wore a black jacket over his black jeans.

Daisy liked the way his eyes were fringed with long dark eyelashes. She thought he wore kohl until she was close to him talking, when she saw his eyelash line was naturally dark. He was very good looking. His mouth was enticing. Daisy longed to run her fingertip over those perfectly shaped lips. He was tall and muscled. He wore a gray marl T-shirt under the jacket. He never wore anything different. Daisy wondered if it was a uniform of some kind.

In the past two weeks, she had learned that his name was Dhruv. It added to his strangeness. Daisy had never heard the name ever before and found it exciting. He told her he was just passing through the town, and Daisy laughed saying he’d been around a fair few weeks to be passing through. They had not exchanged other personal information and only made small talk.

Tonight it was past nine when he walked in.

Chapter Two

He walked in behind a group of other people and straight to the counter. There were no free stools, but bizarrely as he stood in the gap between one row of four and another, two people stood up leaving their newly served drinks and left. Dhruv sat down and waited until she approached him. He declined service from her colleague and it made Daisy smile. “Hi Dhruv, what can I get you?” She gave him a special look. It said he could ask for anything he wanted.
 Dhruv waited for a few seconds before he answered. He leaned on the counter top with his elbows and returned her look. “I think you know, Daisy.” There was more said in his tone of voice than the words.

They gazed at each other. Daisy was mesmerized by his beauty. She gave an involuntary sigh as she looked at him. She wanted him so badly it made her dizzy. Each night she thought about him as she lay in bed waiting for sleep to overtake her. He would kiss her, not waiting long to put his hand inside her panties and feel her. Feel the throb between her legs, as she got wet wanting his fingers in her, wanting his cock in her. It made her needy and she sometimes had to reach her fingers down and stroke her clit for relief.


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