This weekend's featured author is Danielle Farman

Danielle Farman has just released her first novel, Blood and Milk, published by Vampasty Publishing.

Danielle Farman was born in Aberdeen, in the North East of Scotland and lives in her beloved bungalow with her boyfriend and several pets she likes to call her 'familiars'. She enjoys writing, reading, going on long walks while listening to music and modelling as her alter ego Jester Jinx. She also enjoys her job as a Support Worker for people with learning difficulties and disabilities. Danielle mainly writes paranormal romance and horror stories. It has been her dream since the age of five to be a published author. In November she is due to have her first child who she hopes will share her love for stories and the supernatural. 

Maya's quiet life changes beyond recognition when she meets and falls in love with Adrian. Just when she thinks her life of loneliness and pain is over, she learns that Adrian has a secret. The shy but sexy guitarist is tormented by blood lust. He and his fellow band members are vampires. Their leader, Nicholas, believes they are messengers of God sent to do His will by murdering the sinners of the world. Maya fights for her life and sanity as she tries to save Adrian from Nicholas' grasp.

Read an excerpt:

Bashful and anticipating, I searched his face for any signs that he desired the same thing as I did. His expression was serious as he looked into my eyes, and I returned the gaze. I found what I had hoped for. He moved his yearning eyes downwards to my lips as he slowly began to close the space between us. His hand left mine and made its way up to my face and gently caressed my cheek. My hand held onto his waist, lightly. Adrian’s lips softly touched mine as I closed my eyes, taking in everything. His lips were cold, but enticing and delicate. It felt like bliss as they moved tenderly with mine.

It was over far too quickly. His face pulled away from mine, ever so slightly.
Adrian breathed, contentedly, “This must be a dream…”
He moved in again.
A dream? Yes. It felt like such a sweet dream. I suddenly remembered the dream I had had. His blood mixing with my milk, tainting it. But in that moment…that was all I wanted.

Find Danielle online:

Twitter:  @Danielle_Farman

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