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Thanks so much for hosting me, Elodie. I love reading stories with Alpha heros and sassy heroines. Lately, I’ve been reading Domestic Discipline/Head of the Household romances and love the fact that each one I’ve read so far has an Alpha hero who is centered on loving and protecting his lady. LOL, even if it’s from herself. He doesn’t take away her spirit or her independence, but will have a lot to say if she places herself in harm’s way.

Callie Shaw was all set to enter into a Head of the Household marriage with Brandon Clay. What lady could refuse to be disciplined by the tall, hot, sexy lawyer? But first she needed to put her boss in his place. Her suspicions were all she had to go on but she wouldn’t rest until she found proof and Harry Bailey ended up in jail for sexual harassment.
Brandon was up to his neck in trouble and one tiny redhead with shocking green eyes possessed the tendency to get under his skin. He’d let things slide too far. But when Callie puts her safety on the line, Brandon intends to show her who’s boss.

The firm clip of footsteps echoed down the small hallway leading to her bedroom then the sound stopped abruptly and all was silent. Callie shivered.  He was in the room. The air around her took on a more masculine scent, but she was wise enough to keep her place. She didn’t need to see what he was doing. The rasp of a belt being unbuckled was enough to make her buttocks clench. She bit her bottom lip. He had yet to use an inanimate object on her body. 
“Please.” A tear slid down her cheek and settled between her unbound breasts. “I’m so sorry I lied to you.” Heat radiated from behind her. He was so close his breath skittered across the nape of her neck. Her nipples tightened. If she was smart, she’d be scared.
 “Make sure you apologize to Jenny and Rick as well,” he replied gruffly.
Callie’s shoulders slumped at the mention of her sister and brother-in-law.  Jenny was relieved to know her younger sister was quitting her job as a cocktail waitress. Rick was like the brother she’d always wanted.  All she’d accomplished with her recklessness was hurting the only two people she had left in her family. Most importantly, she hurt the man she loved.
“Turn around.”
 Callie did as she was told.
With belt in hand, Brandon reached the bed in three determined strides. He situated his large frame on the mattress and patted his thighs. He was a force to be reckoned with. No matter how much she cried there would be no reprieve this night.  Callie hesitated for a moment. Once more she pleaded by blinking her tear filled eyes but Brandon’s demeanor remained stoic.
“Don’t make me come and get you, young lady.”

About the author Mary Wehr,
Mary Wehr has always been an avid reader of romance novels and dreamed of someday writing one of her own. After years of dreaming about it, she finally did it. She lives in northeastern Pennsylvania with her husband, pet dove, and guinea pig. She has one grown daughter. Mary has a soft spot for animals. She’s a nature lover and when the weather is warm she can most often be found outdoors.
She'd love to hear from you. 
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