Dirty Birdies Flock Hop .....YAY.... and a giveaway

Dirty Birdies Flock Hop

This hop is all about Eye Candy, there are prizes on every blog and a grand prize to make this all more fun.

So let's get to the eye candy shall we, and since I write romance, erotic romance, I have to give you my lovely, my sweetest, sexiest, bad boy from the new release 'The Winter Girl.' It's none other than Starr Forrester better known as Ash (you can guess why).

Hi Ash, 
Thanks for dropping by the blog for this hop. Stop hovering outside the window... get in here.
I've been asked many times over the last few weeks as I toured with the book, if your book character has been based on a real guy. So will you tell all or should I?  

This is such fun to be here, so thank you for inviting me. I see you still have that pic of  me waiting for Lily at the window. (smiles) I'm real, real enough, I brought along a couple of pics to prove it, so here they are first.

Ash, don't you usually have a nipple ring?
Mmm, interesting you should mention that because Lily, sucked it off the other night, but here's a pic with it in.

It would be great if you shared one of your favorite parts of the book with us.
I think it has to be from a love scene. This book is the story of how Lily and I met and fell in love, plus of course that other weirdness, which I won't go into here.
So a little love scene action, 

She put her arms around him, giving him a hug before she stepped back and he let her go.
“Ash, I can’t pretend I haven’t thought about you, wanted to see you…”
He took her face in his hands and kissed her.
Lily pressed against him and kissed him back hard. She held his head to hers and didn’t stop kissing him until she had to take a deep breath.
They looked at each other and then started to kiss again. Ash picked her up and took her to the back of the shop. He put her down after he went through the gap in the counter of the café and he kissed down her neck.
“Lily,” he didn’t say more because she covered his mouth with hers in a kiss so exciting Ash felt a spear of desire harden his cock and he held her hips to his.
They undressed each other hardly leaving each other’s lips, kissing and stroking each other’s body as if they were re-discovering a treasure.
Ash remembered the front door was open and anyone might enter the shop. He couldn’t stop touching and kissing Lily so he pushed the thought away. They both dropped to the floor and Ash lifted her, spreading her thighs and thrusting his tongue onto her clit and then into her desperate to hear her moan with pleasure the way she used to.
Lily gasped and moved to him. She whispered his name and then as he tongued her hungrily, one hand holding her up to his mouth and the other stroking her stomach low and soft, Lily began to moan. Ash felt her thrust to his lips in a rhythm that he recognized. Lily was close to release. He moved and pushed his fingers into her, kissing up her stomach, licking her nipples until she held his head and guided him to her lips. She kissed him with her tongue tip against his.
Ash lay between her legs, and in one long hard stroke, he filled her with his thick hard cock. He groaned as her warmth and tightness fit over him. His lips on Lily’s he pounded into her for a few seconds, and then slowed down to slide almost out of her and in again, the pleasure nearly driving him to swear aloud. Lily was holding his face. He thrust again and she murmured against his lips.
“Ash, I’m desperate…I need it so badly…make me come.”
Ash groaned as her words sent a wave of raw sexual pleasure through his thighs, his stomach, his cock, and he lifted her under her soft bottom. Sliding against her clit, he thrust until they both had a shattering orgasm.
They couldn’t move for a few moments.
Lily became aware of the tiles under her back and Ash felt them against his knees.
He smiled against her lips.
From The Winter Girl Copyright EP 2013

Well after that we might need one more pic, and then I guess we should let you go back to Lily.
Yeah it was hot, and now I miss her... here's the pic.. this time Lily has to be with me...okay?

I hope that you've enjoyed this post, and meeting Ash. The giveaway on this blog is a kindle copy of 'The Winter Girl' and it can be gifted from US or UK Amazon.
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