June 9 Post 
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“We are finalizing the lease Dominic so maybe I can drop round later.”

Dominic nodded. “Yes of course, sorry. Pleased to meet you Cassandra, maybe I will see you around when you take over the studio.” He wanted her to turn those smoky eyes back on his face but she didn’t, instead she murmured a weak agreement to his suggestion as she faced Jeremy, and so Dominic left the room.

He didn’t want to go, he wanted to stay and talk to Cassandra. He wanted to feel the silk of her hair between his fingers, and yes, he would like to kiss those lips. He was shocked at his reaction to her because even though he knew he was lonely, he hadn’t expected to feel devastated by a woman just turning and looking at him.

Dominic stood in his cottage doorway and watched for Cassandra coming out of Jeremy’s office.

It was cold and his jacket wasn’t warm enough so that when she did come out, and start to stride up the lane, Dominic was freezing and was not very quick off the mark. He jogged a little to catch her up and as he neared her he called, “Cassandra.” He had no idea what he was going to say next and when she stopped, and turned to him she didn’t seem very pleased to see him.

“I know how bad Jeremy’s coffee tastes, and I was thinking maybe if you had the time I could offer you a decent cup before you ride out into the cold.”

It had just come out of his mouth and he was thankful for it. Cassie’s heart sank. She didn’t know what to say, or how to act. The gorgeous man in front of her was offering her something, but she didn’t know what.

Cassie had her bike jacket on and carried her helmet. She was not as tall as Dominic was, perhaps only just coming up to his chin in her biker boots when she turned to him. She was by necessity independent, and faced with the pain of trying to be sociable, or don her disguise of strength, she started to put her helmet on.

“I’m in a hurry sorry,” she said curtly because of her shyness.

Dominic’s expressive eyes exuded disappointment. He seemed crushed and Cassie felt sorry. Sorry that she was so shy, sorry that he was genuinely disappointed, and something happened to her, she wanted to be with him.

“You know maybe I will have some coffee after all. It is cold and exceptionally so once on the bike.”

Dominic broke into a smile of sheer happiness and glowed with it. Cassandra felt a wave of shyness because he was so beautiful when he smiled, but she fell into step with him as he led the way back to his house, and opened the door for her.


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