Teaser Thursday

Teaser Thursday
Today I am sharing a teaser from my WIP Swoop on Love, a paranormal, erotic romance.
His voice was suddenly wistful. She glanced his way again. He was looking out of the side window, so she couldn’t see his expression. Suddenly a strong wave of need washed over her. She wanted to hold him, kiss his incredible lips, snuggle against that muscular chest, and then…it made her sigh.
“That was a big sigh. You know you haven’t told me your name.”
She was surprised that it hadn’t occurred to her to tell him her name even when he told her his.
“It’s Jeanie, sorry.”
“A pretty name for a pretty girl.” His tone was tender. She felt a glow of hope that she could have met a man interested in her. They reached the restaurant and Jeanie parked her car. Nathan got out of his side and swiftly appeared at Jeanie’s door to help her. He smiled at her as she thanked him. He didn’t move away from her and they stood so close to each other that Jeanie was sure he would kiss her.
He bent his head to hers and whispered. His breath teased her ear and she felt her nipples harden. “You are so pretty…I’m so glad you came back…why did you…you never told me…”
She moved her face slightly and her mouth was a centimeter from his. She closed her eyes captivated by his nearness. He kissed her then, softly. It sent her into a spiral of desire. Her whole body responded to the kiss.
Please drop by tomorrow for a visit from Olivia Linden and her new release.

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