This weekend I welcome guest author Lily Rede to the blog

Lily has been writing since she was ten. She lives steps from the beach with a bunch of semi-feral cats and two goofy dogs who are forever tracking sand into the house, but she loves them anyway. She has lived all over the world and jumped into writing full time when her cubicle city became too confining.
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Lily brings along her hot romance today, 
PLAYING HOOKY (TEACH ME TONIGHT #1) by Lily Rede & Jane Gaudet

Middle school science teacher Molly Callahan is rebelling. For the first time in years, she’s skipping the annual family reunion and taking a real vacation to a tropical island, far from the exhausting Callahan clan and her sister-in-law’s enthusiastic attempts to set her up with her brother, famed anthropologist and writer Jack Roman – totally hot, totally obnoxious, and totally out of her league. Sun, sand, and maybe a little steamy island fling. Molly doesn’t count on her sister-in-law’s epic scheming, however, and is completely unprepared to find herself sharing paradise with the man she flew thousands of miles to avoid.

Jack Roman isn’t on vacation. His stay on this remote tropical island is all research, but how is he supposed to get anything done when maddeningly sexy Molly Callahan shows up to distract him? Suddenly, his research seems less important than making sure that the only man on the island she seduces is him. Summer heats up for Molly and Jack, but is this the basis for a relationship in the real world, or just a hot tropical romance that will burn up when reality comes knocking?

Read an excerpt 18+


By Lily Rede & Jane Gaudet

IT WAS BARELY DAWN when Molly woke, languidly stretching as she took a moment to orient herself. She pushed aside the mosquito netting to watch the sky slowly change color over the turquoise ocean, the only sounds the lapping of the water against the stilts that held her bungalow up and the distant shore, and the occasional early morning call of the sea birds. The resort had a main building, but she’d shelled out for one of a dozen bungalows that sat directly over the water, connected by a series of wooden pathways. It was private, it was quiet.

It was perfect.

Yesterday was a bit of a blur, and Molly had never been so grateful for jet lag in her life. After Jack had stomped away, leaving Molly in the hands of the concerned staff, she’d made it through the rest of the journey, let herself be ushered through check-in, and escorted to her bungalow, where she’d crashed, hard. Sleep was a welcome alternative to thinking about how Jack had dismissed her, or about the mind-blowing reaction of her body against his.

Molly groaned, rolling to her back.

He’d been hard against her, all over, and it was humiliating to realize that an obnoxious man who had no interest in her could still make every nerve ending sing without effort. It wasn’t like he was the first guy to dismiss her, but somehow this was worse – he didn’t like her, didn’t want anything to do with her, but that sinfully perfect body of his seemed to think that a sweaty tumble was a pretty damn good idea.

Sounds good to me, too.

But it wasn’t going to happen. Her fantasy about a casual island fling had been pretty much that – a fantasy. She didn’t make a habit of sleeping with strange men, or even familiar ones, though some harmless flirting would be fun.

Sex with Jack.

Even the though made her shiver, but her practical brain ran through all the perfectly good reasons the whole idea was nonsense – he’s a jerk, he doesn’t want you, if you fuck him you’re still going to run into him at every family function until the end of time.

Molly sighed. It was that last one that was the real bitch.

Why couldn’t you be some anonymous island hunk, instead of an arrogant, smart, practically related pussy-tease? she grumped.

And oh, how he could tease. Without thought. Without effort.

What woman could resist the press of all that golden muscle? He’d smelled terrific, too, something spicy and hot, and Molly had wanted nothing more than to nuzzle the golden stubble along his jaw and then taste the hollow of his throat with her tongue. It had taken everything in her not to rub her aching clit against his thigh, not to reach down to explore the huge shaft pressed against her.



Feeling restless and turned on, Molly reached over her bed for her purse and the little pocket rocket she’d just purchased as an impulse buy. She’d never owned a vibrator before, but it seemed like the kind of thing a self-confident, rebellious woman would do. Molly felt a naughty thrill as she turned it on and a discreet buzz broke the silence. Lying back, she pressed the little device to her collarbone, feeling the vibration skitter along her skin.

“Mmmm…Jack…” she murmured.

She shouldn’t be wasting any more time fantasizing about Jack Roman, the jerk, but he’d played a starring role in her wicked dreams for so long that it was a little hard to just go cold turkey. Especially now that she knew what he felt like. All over. This week, she’d work on dreaming up a new fantasy lover, but for the moment…

Molly pulled her silky nightgown off and traced the vibrator down to tease her nipples into tight peaks, moaning softly as she pictured Jack rolling them between his fingers, eyes filled with heat. She slid the little rocket lower, her hips arching as she found her clit and Fantasy Jack knelt up to drape her thighs over him, his voice husky and dark, his body tight with arousal.

“Ready for me, baby?” he would murmur.

“Shhh….” Molly murmured to her imagination, “Reality Jack is a total douche, so Fantasy Jack doesn’t get to talk. Got it?”

Her imagination nodded obediently.

Molly rubbed little circles into her clit with the vibrator, shuddering as sensation swamped her, her fingers growing slick as she stroked the hot, aching flesh. In her mind, Jack had a wicked smirk on his face, letting her watch as he slid into her, a thick, hard inch at a time.

So hot. So good.

Her imagination drove her higher as she pictured him fucking her, hard and deep and slow, getting as lost in her as she was in him, muscles rippling, hands tensed on her thighs, stretching her with every decadent stroke.

Against orders, Fantasy Jack opened his mouth to speak.

“Come for me, Molly.”

Helpless to resist, she did, swamped with shame and delight as his name left her lips in an audible cry.

That’s it, Molly Callahan. That’s all you get. Now move on.

Panting, Molly switched off the vibrator and savored the spasms of pleasure that continues to wrack her from head to toe, trying not to think about the fact that a few minutes with her imagination was better than the best sexual encounters she’d ever had.

Sighing, Molly pushed herself out of bed.

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  1. Thanks for having me, Elodie!!!

  2. I loved the “Shhh…Fantasy Jack doesn’t get to talk. Got it?” line. Made me giggle, because sometimes the very same thing happens to me!! They say something which completely breaks the momentum and rhythm of the moment! Loved it.
    I'm intrigued now to find out if this holiday romance moved on from vibrations to consummation.
    Xxx - K


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