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My name is Emma Styles. I am a married mother of two. I currently live between Kew, West London and Southern Spain. I have just completed my first book “First Tango In Paris”, which is a true-life account of my sexual experiences and adventures since stumbling into the very elegant but incredibly decadent and hedonistic Parisian swinging scene. The book documents intimately and often graphically many of the more salacious and debauched encounters over a ten-year period, whilst also portraying how I juggled the more predictable side of family/working life with my quest for even greater sexual escapades. Currently writing the conclusion, bringing it full circle, whilst working on a new series of four fictional novels in the “Bitch Boss” genre.

First Tango In Paris is a compellingly erotic true-life memoir of Emma, a normal English housewife and mother, who in 1991 went on a last minute weekend break to Paris with her husband. They by chance discovered a whole different level of sexual gratification in the elegant Parisian swingers clubs, one that she pursued with vigour over the following years. This true and accurate account explicitly documents many of the outrageous sexual situations she participated in and experienced on her journey to complete sexual fulfillment. From teaching her French lovers 18 year old son the art of lovemaking through to complete abandonment at the hands of a team of French firefighters, and being the muse to an elderly retired, distinguished French Diplomat, who arranges many of her more scandalous sexual scenarios for her to act out. All the time, juggling her family life in West London with her decadent sexual life in France and beyond. She takes you on a roller-coaster ride of sex filled exploits. A riveting and captivating sexually explicit read!

A new and inspiring Erotic Memoir of a married woman's sexual journey from housewife to fully liberated muse and plaything. Exploring her own predatory sexual instincts, both solo and accompanied by her husband in many and varied intimate liaisons in the many Clubs Privee's of Paris and beyond. Detailing many of her more exquisite encounters.

Read a snippet

After a short while, Yves told me my “slave” had been prepared and was waiting for me and that I should go and enjoy myself. He explained that he’d be watching, along with the host and hostess in an adjoining room, which had the viewing side of the two-way mirror that was in the boudoir… My emotions were already in turmoil, but now heightened with the added pressure of a small, but distinguished audience to play up to!
I unlocked the door to the room with the large brass key Yves had given me, and entered apprehensively, and there, spread-eagled and restrained to the large four poster bed was my prize. Lying there at my mercy was this gorgeous man, with the beginnings of the most enormous, gargantuan erection. I quickly realized that no words would be spoken, no small talk, just simple animal passion. I smiled and slowly and provocatively started to remove my gown, all the time fully aware of unseen eyes watching my every movement. By the time I’d carefully placed my gown over the large wingback chair in the corner. I saw with glee, that my undressing had given him the most colossal and pulsating erection, his body was completely hairless and very well toned. 

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