Coming August 23 from Hot Ink Press, The Old Star, red hot and with a plot don't miss this amazing story

Coming August 23 from Hot Ink Press and Elodie Parkes, The Old Star, red hot and with a fabulous plot, don't miss this amazing story beta readers are are saying gave them goose bumps, 'so sexy, so unexpected', 'I was just about desperate for my husband to come home after I read one of the love scenes', 'gave me goosebumps, couldn't put it down'...

Read an excerpt now R rated:
She locked the front door behind her and walked up the stairs.

Owen was sitting on the edge of the piece of furniture covered by a dust sheet when she walked in. She’d seen the item and realized it was a sofa or similar. She went to him and he stood up to hold her head and kiss her. She pulled at his T-shirt and he helped her take it off. Cathy’s eyes darkened as she ran her hands along his muscled chest and kissed down his chest to his stomach. His low-rise jeans showed the shape of his lean hips and a thin line of hair going down his stomach. She looked up into his eyes as she unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to his ankles. She kissed and licked down his stomach and then along his cock and saw it start to harden.

She hadn’t noticed before, but he was wearing slide on shoes with no socks, and now she got him to step out of his clothes and shoes, until he was naked before her. His erection was full now and she looked into his eyes as she kissed him and took hold of his cock.

Owen groaned. “Take off your clothes, now, Cathy.” He stopped her kissing him. “No more kisses until you’re naked. I want you naked.”

His words made her throb with pleasure between her legs and her nipples hardened. He took her T-shirt off and then her bra and dropped them gently to the floor. She unzipped her jeans and began to push them down. Owen knelt and pulled them down to her ankles. He put his fingers into the side of her panties and then kissed her stomach before he took hold of the front with his teeth and pulled them down slowly, his fingers sliding down her thighs and his lips brushing against her until she was moving her hips wanting his mouth on her clit.

Cathy closed her eyes and let the feelings flow over her. She wanted his tongue inside her, his fingers too, she wanted to suck his cock until he groaned and thrust into her. The need for sex had never been so urgent and so intense. He stood and lifted her onto his knee as he sat down on the chaise longue behind him. She felt his hard thighs against her bottom and he pressed her back so that she was open to him. He took off her pull on boots and then finished taking off her jeans and panties.

Cathy wanted his kiss and tried to sit up to reach his mouth, but he gently pressed her down and bent his head to kiss her stomach as he pushed a finger into her pussy. Cathy caught her breath as the feeling of his finger inside her and his mouth on her stomach completely overtook her. She moved her hips involuntarily to his hand and moaned as he pushed another finger into her. He lifted her then with his other hand around her shoulders to kiss her mouth. Cathy felt his fingers go deeper and she sighed into his mouth, the pleasure so great she couldn’t kiss him. All she could do was move to his gentle pumping and let him nibble her lips and slide his tongue against hers.

She tried to reach his cock, but couldn’t, and so she held his face to hers as he fingered her, kissing her every time she moaned.

“What do you want Cathy?” He whispered, as her fingertips moved over his shoulders and his chest. “Tell me.”

She was in a fog of desire. He had his thumb on her clit and she could feel the palm of his hand against her as his fingers moved in and out. She could hardly breathe for the sheer bliss of his lips on hers. His other hand around her body to keep her where he wanted her, gave her such pleasure, she felt heavy with lust.

“I want you. I want you so much…”

“Tell me again, tell me…” Owen kissed her, and it was so good, so sexy, she felt herself melt more where his fingers were. She had never felt so wet. She didn’t want it to end.


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