It's the Love Lust and Lipstick Stains blog hop

Welcome to the Summer Lovin' Blog Hop. 
Over fifty authors and bloggers have joined together to give you the chance to win an awesome bundle of books as well as read some great posts. Be sure to go to each blog  and comment with your email to up your chances of winning. Each comment counts as an entry! Our lovely bloggers are also offering individual prizes so be sure to check them out.
There's something about hot nights and steamy days that bring out the sexy in all of us. Less clothes, suntans, holidays...what is it that you love about summer? Join us in our blog hop to find out what gets our bloggers hot under the collar this summer.

The hop will run for 4 days until 8th August and our authors and bloggers have joined together to create a bundle of over 40 ebooks guaranteed to keep you up on these hot summer nights.

Be sure to stop by each blog for your chance to win. Each comment counts as an entry so that's over 50 chances to win! Bloggers will also be offering individual prizes on their blogs so be sure to leave your email address.

Summer, a lovely garden, the sound of the stream flowing and your lover...

Cassie found him there with his hands in the water humming again happily.

She had walked through his house to check if he was in the garden.

She called to him.

“Dominic I’m going into town, can I get you anything?”

He looked up, shook the water from his hands, and walked to meet her. He kissed her every time he met her even when they had only been apart for a short while and Cassie liked that. She closed her eyes, slipping her arms around his waist to hold him to her and prolong the kiss.
Dominic didn’t put his hands on her and she let go of him to catch hold of them.
“You’re wet Dominic,” she whispered against his lips, and he kissed her more, moving his face against hers, kissing her again, and then tracing the seam of her lips until she met the tip of his tongue with hers. She held his hands, and only became aware he was holding hers very tightly when he moved them behind her back, and deepened his kiss so that she murmured slightly as the sexual need he ignited in her made her feel damp and ready to make love.
“Are you?” he whispered as he grazed her ear with his lips causing her to tingle all the way down her neck to her breasts. Suddenly all she could think of was having his mouth on her breasts. She sighed with pleasure as he kissed back up her neck to her lips.
“Yes,” she answered him as he let go of her hands, and brought his around to raise her T-shirt and cup her breasts.
Dominic groaned just audibly at her answer, and pushed aside the lace that was her bra to touch her skin.
  From The Horoscope Writer erotic romance with a twist. Win the book for kindle in the draw.
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1. Love, Lust and Lipstickstains  19. Smoldering Heat  37. Indiana Wondered - Kyra Jacobs  
2. Samantha Holt  20. Author Raine Delight's World  38. Share My Destiny (INT)  
3. Wilde Romance  21. Sandra Sookoo  39. EVE RABI  
4. Cristina Phillips  22. Elodie Parkes erotic romance  40. Zee Monodee  
5. Nicole-Hurley Moore  23. Love is a Many Flavored Thing  41. Rhonda Lee Carver  
6. Summer Loving  24. Heather Geoffries author blog  42. Alexandra Anthony (US)  
7. Jennifer Lowery  25. Ali Atwood's Place  43. Lana Savage  
8. Memories in a Box - Ashley Nemer  26. Kelliea's Quips  44. Romance Blog  
9. The Conley Corner  27. Colette Saucier  45. Literal Hotties Naughty Book Reviews  
10. Author Blog for D.B. Sieders  28. Out of This World Romance  46. Victoria Embers  
11. Sundae With Nuts  29. Jessica E. Subject  47. Mandy Earles  
12. Tera Shanley  30. Dianne Hartstock  48. Rose Anderson  
13. Talking to the Voices in My Head  31. D'Ann Lindun  49. J.D. Faver  
14. Kathleen's Place to Reflect  32. Sheri Fredricks, Modern Mythic Romance  50. S.D. Bancroft  
15. Lyncee Shillard  33. Sharon Kleve's Romantic Ramblings  51. Leontii Holender  
16. Brynna Curry's in Shadows  34. Romance on a Budget  52. Marsha Casper Cook  
17. Natalie-Nicole Bates (INT)  35. From the Pen of Mae Clair  53. Lisa Chalmers  
18. Romancing the Highlander  36. Celia Breslin  54. Clare Dargin  

Take a look at all the awesome books we've got to give to one lucky winnner!

Borderland Beauty--Samantha Holt
Betrayed--Christina Phillips
Hardcore--Jennifer Lowery Kamptner
Blood Purple and Maverick Touch: The Cat--Ashley Nemer
Red Shoes for Lab Blues--D.B Sieders
Letting Go series--Jayn Wilde
Happily Ever After--Christina Cole
Coming Up Daffy--Sandra Sookoo
The Winter Girl--Elodie Parkes
Nordic Prince--Heather Geoffries
Vaquero--D'Ann Lindun
Remedy Maker--Sheri Fredericks
Weathering Rock--Mae Clair
Cherishing Destiny--Noelle Blakely
Betrayed: He'd get his girl at any cost--Eve Rabi
Second Ride Cowboy--Rhonda Lee Carver
Stone Kisses--Tessa Stokes
Fire's Ice--Brynna Curry
Earth Enchanted--Brynna Curry
To Take Up the Sword--Brynna Curry
Wait for the Wind--Brynna Curry
Sea's Sorceress--Brynna Curry
Kybernatia by Claire Dargin
If Tomorrow Never Comes--Lisa Chalmers
Misrule's Mistress--Nicole Hurley Moore
Hot Mess--Anne Conley
Highland Beauty--Krystal Brookes
Fan Girl and the Geek--Krystal Brookes
Dreamscape--Rose Anderson
Send Him an Angel--Tabitha Shay
See Me--Natalie-Nicole Bates
Walking The Edge (Corpus Brides #1)--Zee Monodee Before The Morning (Corpus Brides #2)--Zee Monodee Calling Home (A Destiny's Child Story)--Zee Monodee

Haven--Celia Breslin

Breaking Laura--J.A. Bailey
Hunting Laura--J.A. Bailey
Huntress for Hire--Ali Atwood
Armed With Steele--Kyra Jacobs
Second Ride Cowboy--Rhonda Carver


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