My Sexy Saturday August 24 post

Today's post is from my next release erotic contemporary romance
 Jake Snow
Those of you who have read The Last Time and love Bethany's brother, Jake, will be pleased to know I answered the calls to write his story.

There's even a sneak peek at the initial cover mock up....

Seven Sexy sentences

“He better not hurt you or he’ll have me to contend with.”
Something happened then that Jake hadn’t expected. Pixie moved to hold his face in both hands and kissed him on the mouth. She lingered over the kiss and at first Jake held her gently savoring it. He couldn’t help it and began to kiss her deeply, running his fingers into her hair to hold her for his kiss. It felt so good…it felt like coming home…as if they were a couple…lovers. Jake stopped kissing her and sighed as he left his cheek against hers. Maybe she thinks she owes me this for the photographs…I don’t want that.

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  1. Love the names of your characters! Thank you for sharing.
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  2. Yawza...smoking hot! What a sexy snippet.

    Thanks for sharing and being part of My Sexy Saturday!


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