Welcome to author Janna Yeshanova with her novel 'Love is Never Past Tense'

About Janna:
Originally from the former Soviet Union, Janna Yeshanova escaped to
the United States when persecution became violent during the
crumbling of the Soviet state. Arriving in the United States with her
mother and daughter in tow, $126 in her pocket, and knowing not a
soul, Janna’s talent and experiences have helped her become a
high-end organizational training and development professional. Her
exodus story is included in the book.
Founder and principal of Life-Spark, LLC, Janna is a dynamic and
powerful life coach, premier trainer and motivational speaker. She
leverages her passion and engaging style to help others overcome
adversity and spark the possibilities of their lives.

About the book:

A whirlwind romance on a romantic Black Sea beach turns into a quick marriage for Serge and Janna, only to have family, fate and foolishness tear them apart. If that weren't enough, the politics of post-Soviet Russia puts them on different continents. Never quite coming together, never quite letting go, their lives overlap and entwine as years progress.
Beneath the adventure and romance is a deeper story of achieving your dreams regardless of obstacles placed on your way. Janna Yeshanova draws on her own life to illustrate courage, persistence, determination in overcoming adversity.
This book is a story of true love, adventure, and suspense told by the enamored themselves. The story is about events seen through a prism of years lived separately and again lived together. It not only forces the reader to empathize with the heroes, but wakens the most gentle, innermost part of one’s soul and provides an answer to an eternal question – what makes life worth living?
This is why, when you regretfully turn the last page, you understand: if you do not love and you are not loved, life is not real – it’s missing that which makes your soul hurt and fly, cry and laugh, your heart sing or bleed profusely. Those who love will understand it. Those who don’t, will envy our heroes and will want to fall hopelessly in love.

Love Is Never Past Tense
... was published first in Russia and Ukraine
in 2009, and is now available in English. It is a fascinating,
adventurous, historical romance based on a true story

 Read an excerpt:
From the fireplace, orange light jumps out…

From the fireplace, orange light jumps out. Serge looks at a photo. It is dated 1982. A young woman … An open face … Her eyes are sad. As though they were inquiring: Am I alone? It’s difficult for me. And where are you, man of mine, for whom I still continue to wait? Behind her on the wall—is a portrait of Hemingway. This is their favorite writer. He looks at the woman, as though he wishes to tell her what ordeals lie ahead of her. She does not know yet what she needs to overcome. There are still six more years before 1988, and the beginning of her difficult wanderings. In front of him is her photo with the sad beautiful eyes. This picture has been around for many years. The same amount of time will pass, perhaps, or less, and the one who now looks at her photo will no longer be here. And the photo remains as a frozen moment of life. Even though the photo paper already turned yellow, it is capable of telling much about the destiny of the person who is captured there. Paleontologists can use hardened bones to reconstruct the whole world from the depths of millions of years. But the photo of a person is only a representation of their appearance. Something else is still needed …
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