Welcome to author Khelsey Jackson with her book Kallos Sorrow 2, from girl to goddess

Khelsey hails from the Sunshine State (California) but moved to Minnesota when she was 11 years old. Her grandmother raised her and her brother. When she was 18 she did what any sane teen would do and moved to the city of sin, Las Vegas NV. There she met her handsome husband and the rest is history. She loves to read, and will read almost anything guess when you have read just about everything, the only next logical step is to write

From Girl to Goddess

Kallos Dean’s life has gone from ordinary to Extraordinary. As a recently reincarnated goddess of love, you would think that she would have it all, but for Kallos, it’s the beginning of a long nightmare. The change has brought evil with it and Kallos experiences a powerful loss. So what’s a goddess to do when her soul mates, Sean and Ian, aren’t there for her? Get an Angel to help of course! The problem is, can she trust him and the others to keep her safe, or are they the ones out to harm her?

Will Kallos survive, death, heartache, secrets and sorrow?

Read an excerpt:

“Hey, babe, I want you to meet someone.”

The guy turned around and the first thing Kallos noticed was his eyes. They were huge and spring green, surrounded by dark lashes. His skin was slightly bronzed, and his smile was warm and very charming. Kallos had thought Sean and Ian were the hottest guys on the planet, but this guy was right up there with them. He was gorgeous.

He held out his hand in greeting. “Hello, sweetheart, I’m Gabriel Hudson.”

Kallos took his offered hand and felt his warm skin on hers. He didn’t feel normal. She knew he was something special. Curious, Kallos glanced at Sean, who was glaring at Gabriel.

With a smile, Kallos said, “It’s nice to meet you, Gabriel.”

He grinned at her and her breath catches in her throat. He was very handsome with his square jaw and beautifully sculpted cheekbones that made her just a little jealous. She’d always hated that boys always seemed to get the beautiful features; like long black eyelashes and beautiful high cheekbones.

Gabriel’s grin deepened. “No sweetheart, call me Gabe.” Still holding her hand, he winked. Deliberately, he began rubbing her knuckles with his thumb and she blushed as a feeling of heat spread through her body.

“I think that’s enough,” Sean bit out.

Kallos glanced at Sean again noticed his beautiful grey eyes were dark and stormy. Realizing Sean was getting angry, she pulled her hand from Gabriel’s, and held her hand out to Sean, who immediately took it and pulled her close to his side.

“Gabe, keep your hands off of Kallos,” Sean said, his voice tight and strained.

Gabe winked at Kallos again and looked at Sean with a grin. Kallos could feel Sean tighten his hand around hers and she rolled her eyes. “What if she wants me to touch her?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

Expected publication: August 16th 2013 by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly


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  1. The book sounds great Khelsey. Wishing you fantastic sales.


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